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We woke bright and not-so-early on Sunday which, for us, was going to be Star Trek day. There were SO MANY Trek costumes about on Saturday that the beau said he almost didn't feel like wearing his. I gave him a significant look because I'd spent the past week slaving over a confusing pattern with crappy instructions so that we could both be in classic Trek clothes. Luckily, he wasn't serious -- as he'd also spent the previous week slaving over his own frustrating patterns while also finishing the Stormtrooper blaster -- and we got dolled up in Original Series duds.

The Star Trek away team investigates the Vienna (VA) metro station.

[ profile] pirategirleee joined us -- as Luna Lovegood -- as did one of the beau's former coworker and we once again traveled downtown to the convention center. The crowd had thinned significantly and we were able to explore vendors and artists without being crushed. I was pretty chuffed when people asked if I was cosplaying Yeoman Rand; some people were even emotional about it. One little girl in a movie reboot costume was beside herself with glee when Sean and I had our picture taken with her; although, I think my letting her hold my phaser made her day.

PG and I took off in one way to shop and the boys took off in another. I proceeded to load up on NuWho companion action figures, pins, buttons, a couple of books, a Call of Catthulhu game, and a photo of James Marsters and John Barrowman from "Torchwood". I figured since James was at the con and John will be at Shore Leave, it would be cool to have both of them sign the photo.

As we wandered further into Artist's Alley, PG commented, "Oh, hey... there's Arthur [Darvill]." I looked up just in time to gasp and we made eye contact. My eyes went wide, I think I smiled, and I know I uttered a breathy "hi..." He crooked the side of his mouth and said, "Hi," in the coolest way I've ever heard. Not cool as in unfriendly; no, I mean cool as in The Fonz kind of cool. We passed and I went weak in the knees and broke out in gooseflesh. You know, I've always thought that Rory Williams was cute, but I had no idea the effect Arthur would have on me.

I recovered, eventually, and parted ways with PG so that she could run off to a panel on playing with worbla and so that I could meet back up with the beau for our picture with the only celebrity he would actually pay for the opportunity to be photographed with: George Takei. Now, Sean is one cool cucumber and he doesn't succumb to celebrity worship like some of us, but as the line brought us closer and closer to the photo booth, his excitement grew. He was very nearly, dare I say, giddy as we approached. He rarely smiles in photos so this is him beaming:

Sunday in the con with George.

It was pretty funny, though, that as we stepped up to him, George stated that he felt nervous about standing between two redshirts and hoped nothing bad would happen. After the photo, George shook Sean's hand and I think that threw him headlong into euphoria. While I left him to bask in his own personal afterglow, I raced over to James Marsters' booth for a signature aaaaand he'd already left. Dull surprise since it was 4:45pm and the con was minutes away from closing down. Ah well, maybe he'll be at Richmond Comic Con.

Both the beau and I decreed that our Star Trek costumes, including boots, were pretty darn comfortable for a full day at a convention and I've already got a better beehive wig on order. I'll find some matching loose hair to create Yeoman Rand's iconic basket weave hair style for Shore Leave.

Unfortunately, my phone wouldn't hold a charge on Sunday and I was unable to take any photos. I do have to share this one with [ profile] pirategirleee as Luna:


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