Dec. 14th, 2012 12:57 pm
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Thus far, today is a good day. It's a refreshing change from how the other days have been. I mean, they haven't been bad but they've been stressful for both Hubbyfink and myself. I've had good news about several different work projects which has almost made up for the (many) times over the past couple of weeks when I wanted to burst into tears from frustration. Hubbyfink's project from hell will HOPEFULLY be resolved today and then he can finally no longer be a wadded up bundle of stress. Happily, neither of us has been taking our respective stress out on each other.

I received confirmation last night that the Arkansas-bound and Tennessee-bound boxes of gifts arrived unscathed. All of my shopping is complete, wrapped, and under the tree. Unless he's been hiding things, Hubbyfink needs to start his shopping. That's not entirely true. He ordered a gift for my brother (who's name he drew) last week (because I wouldn't let up on nagging him about it). In other Christmas news, the cats have not destroyed any ornaments (as of this writing, anyway) and the sacrificial plastic ornaments fastened to the lower branches around the center of the tree have done a fantastic job of both keeping the four-leggeds entertained and reflecting light back through the bare spots amongst the branches.

Obligatory tree photo )

The tree doesn't entirely look like that anymore. I have compulsively rearranged the ornaments several times to fill in holes and blank spots. I spotted the most grievous hole while on the sofa last night and Scott actually physically held me down to keep me from jumping up to rearrange again. I wriggled away by claiming that I needed to get my dinner from the oven and then zipped around him to move one ornament from a less-than-ideal spot into the hole. Much better.

We took to calling Oreo "Smaug" and Margie "Little Smaug" because they both jealously guarded the bottom of the tree. At this point, neither can fit under the tree because of all of the gifts, so Smaug curls up on his favorites at the periphery. I know he'll be happy to crawl back into his tree cave in a week and a half.
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Oreo has put on a couple of pounds since his vet visit in February. At that time he was sixteen pounds. As of the beginning of August, he's eighteen pounds and I've been fretting that we're harming him by not keeping his weight in check. Today I've been reading up on Ragdolls -- which I think he is, at least partly, due to his nature and physique -- and he's right in the natural weight range for that breed.

What actually kicked off my research was finding out how a sleek cat could turn so fluffy. When we first got him, Oreo was long and lean.

A full yard of cat in April 2010.

But within a few months, he exploded into a ball of fluff with a lion-like ruff which needs trimming fairly often so that he can groom himself without getting fur caught in his mouth.

Passed out at the present pile in December 2010.

(Unfortunately, I do not have a current photo of him without a trimmed ruff or a current full body shot showing just how HYOOGE he is.)

Apparently, Ragdolls experience a tremendous growth spurt and fur explosion around the age of two -- which is when he fluffed out -- and can keep growing until the age of four. He's three and a half. I'm so happy that I can stop worrying about his weight and size for the time being.
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In less than twenty-four hours and within fifteen miles of riding with combo clipless/platform pedals, I decided that I'd rather have dual-sided clipless pedals. Luckily, based upon my enthusiasm for the new pedals, Scott decided Saturday morning that he wanted a set as well. En route to the shop, I asked Scott if he'd like my pedals on his bike and I'd get the new pedals for mine. Since both sets of pedals use the same style of cleats, switching them around wouldn't be an issue. He thought that was a great idea and the Spokes, Etc. mechanics were only too happy to set us up.

Circe at rest
Circe at rest.

Oh my gosh but the dual-sided pedals were even easier to use than the combo pedals! Scott used the platform sides for the ride home and I coached him through clipping in and out Sunday morning and he took off to practice with his new pedals and shoes on the W&OD. He came back all grins.

When he's ready to change his combos out for standard clipless, we'll move those pedals over to my Ariel so I can either clip in or wear regular shoes on commutes and shopping trips.

Kate & blossoms
Kate's a natural against cherry blossoms.

In slower and lower news, I love my cruiser so very much. I've decided to name her Kate because she's so spunky and all the Kates I know are overflowing with personality. I love that everybody smiles at her. Little girls gasp as I cruise by and even the two ten-year-old boys I pedaled past yesterday let out a breathless "Cooooool". Her only drawback is that my cable-and-string-eating cat Oreo wants her tassels so badly.

Ima eat your tassels.

Apparently plastic tassels are made of noms.
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A couple of months ago, I fretted about starting perimenopause due to night sweats and insomnia. Some people suggested a medication as the culprit and I pooh-poohed the idea since I'd been on those meds for months with no ill effects. Well, it turns out that the cause was a too-high dose of Cymbalta. My shrink cut the dose by a third to stop manic episodes last month and the night sweats disappeared after a week. Unless I'm exhausted, I still have a hard time getting to sleep but I'm sleeping more soundly these days. No need for replacement hormones just yet.

The car shopping is done. There's nothing out there right now that is more attractive than what I have right now, to be honest. I decided that since I couldn't get EXACTLY what I wanted, I should hold on to the devil I know and, for once in my life, not borrow (or buy) trouble. I am strangely relieved by this decision.

I don't handle death well. Navel-gazing and confessing. )

I don't want to leave this entry on such a self-indulgent point. Oh wait, it's LiveJournal; everything about this place is self-indulgent. Anyway, I have a couple of clothing issues:

Issue one: Oreo chewed through one of my nightgown straps yesterday. Thankfully, it was not on me at the time. I leave my nightgown on my pillow so I can find it in the dark after Hubbyfink goes to bed. Oreo finally noticed a string which needed chewing and I discovered a soggy, chewed up mess on my pillow. Thank goodness it wasn't the aftermath of a horking episode as I'd initially feared. Luckily, the nightgown came with a stupid bow that I'd snipped off and tied to make a headband so I have enough fabric to make a new strap.

Issue two: This may be the last public wearing of the jeans I currently have on. All that cycling to work in real clothes this past winter put a hurt on the seats and inner thighs of my jeans and this pair has gotten especially thin in a potentially scandalous area. Note to self: check those yoga capris I wear on long rides for similar wear and tear...


Mar. 7th, 2012 10:38 pm
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This evening was absolutely glorious. I got home from the orthodontist just before dark and had to take Circe out for a short ( >5 miles) ride. I rode through the neighborhood on the other side of the boulevard and picked up the W&OD for the return home. But as I approached my hopping off point, I had to keep on going. I could smell someone's dinner grilling. A choir of peepers sang as I flew past. I looked up and realized that the last light of the sunset reflected on the clouds in the west while the full moon in the east cast a pink glow on the wispy clouds in front of it. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to experience such beauty.

But it's not all sublime joy about these parts. I was gleeful to discover that I hit over 30 mph while going through the twin hills on the W&OD east of Sterling Blvd. Wheee! And that was before the flame job.

Flaming Circe
Flame on, you crazy diamond frame. Or something.

But that wasn't the only decorating. I couldn't neglect my trusty commuter. It's beginning to feel like spring and Rose needed prettying up with a garland of lilies and a floral bag.

Springtime Rose )

You'd think I'd use roses, but the white roses and greenery looked to "wedding-y". Hm. And now that I think about it, I might have to rename the Ariel "Lily". That feels more natural than "Rose".

Margie and Oreo helped out to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, that help consisted mostly of trying to eat the silk leaves. The internet is made of cats after all. )


Jan. 16th, 2012 11:02 am
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I found out last week how much the stomach flu sucks. You know, I've always thought that food poisoning was a quick and dirty unpleasantness, but it turns out that stomach flu is the quick one. I spent one day hurling and another day and a half doing the other symptom of stomach flu while burning and freezing with fever. I also lost five pounds in those two and a half days and got a trip to the ER where I was pumped with two bags of saline (or whatever solution they use), anti-nausea medicine and a painkiller. And then I spent Saturday and Sunday recovering. Oof.

When I wasn't clinging to the toilet bowl on Thursday, I was angry that I was so sick on such a beautiful day. I'd planned to bike to work but noooooo, my body had other things in store.

On the upside, I got a LOT of reading done. I started Feed by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) which is set in a world in which we've cured the common cold and cancer, but the virus created by the mixture of those cures has also made humans (and mammals larger than forty pounds) reanimate upon death. The story follows a team of bloggers who cover a senator's presidential campaign in this not-quite-post-apocalyptic world. Some of the technobabble is eye-rolly, but I've been staying up WAY past bedtime because the story is a page-turner. It took a lot of willpower to leave the Kindle at home this morning.

In other news, the kitties got poked and prodded by a profession cat poker/prodder on Saturday. Oreo was angel; Margie was a hissy-spitty-white-hot-ball-of-feline-fury, according to Hubbyfink. Oreo has the start of an ear infection. Aside from that, they are both in good health if quite overweight. Oreo's topping out at seventeen pounds. Oof. I'm going to talk with the vet about the best food options when I take O back for his follow-up.

That's all the news that's fit (or unfit in the first paragraph's case) to print. I'm happy to be upright and once again a semi-productive member of society.

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Thursday: Found mojo. Kicked @ss and took names. Got hairs whacked after work. )
Gave Margie her pre-dental cleaning antibiotic and took away food & water at 9pm. Cats behaved like I took away their birthdays. Stayed up late watching episodes of "Cat from Hell" on Animal Planet.

Friday: Cats Oreo woke me by knocking empty food bowls off kitchen counter in protest of kibble-deficiency. Made hair look approximately the same way it looked when I left the salon the previous evening. Cleaned up broken bowls. Secured Margie in carrier and provided Oreo with food and kibble. Dropped Margie at vet. Kicked more @ss and provided only positive news to Bossman and coworkers on three separate issues. Received call that Margie is recovering from anesthesia and will be ready for pick-up after 4pm. Heading out for my own orthodontic exam in a few minutes.


Apr. 21st, 2011 02:33 pm
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I had the most bizarre dream earlier this week: I was a serial killer. I attacked and killed my friends, disposed of the evidence, and evaded capture and suspicion. Toward the end of the dream I realized that I was dreaming and didn't want to be seeing and doing such horrific things. I don't remember exactly who I killed and even if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you because (1) I don't want the victims to worry and (2) I want everyone to feel paranoid. Heh.

As noted elsenet, Margie tried to kill me last night. I got up in the wee hours for a, uh, wee and realized the upstairs bath was out of toilet paper. I headed downstairs and felt something soft and furry underfoot on the first step. She squeaked, I eeped, and, thankfully, had enough presence of not-awake mind to grab for the rail before surfing down the stairway. Margie got away and I slid down only a couple of stairs. By that point I was wide awake. When I gained composure, I checked the shaken cat and determined she was okay. I was mostly okay aside from sore shoulder muscles. Perhaps she will learn that the next to top stair is not primo sleeping space when the humans are supposed to be in bed.

It's been a slow news week and I've been cruising about the blogosphere. I've found many fashion and home decor blogs, a few beauty blogs, and a handful of Fat Acceptance/Health at Every Size blogs. I find the FA/HAES blogs thought-provoking and they've caused some inner turmoil as I'm working to shed excess weight and inches. I'm torn because I feel like I should be satisfied and appreciative of the body I have now but I'm looking ahead to the smaller body I'll have later this year or next year. The brain meats are still percolating on this. I may try and explore it, or I may decide this is all too first-world-problem-esque and leave it be.
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Got up this morning and hit the neighborhood loop for a quick three mile walk. The daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, tulip trees, forsythia, ornamental pears and ornamental cherries are in bloom and so many yards looked like springtime fantasies with the riot of color. The skies were overcast and the wind chilly, but the colors were so bright and cheerful. Spring truly is amazing here in the mid-Atlantic.

Hubbyfink got home just before Margie's and Oreo's vet appointment and took on the role of Least Favored Human by corralling them in their respective carriers. Since my favorite vet left the practice Margie's been going to, we took them to the practice where Oreo was checked out before we brought him home last year. We had a good experience at Sterling Park Animal Park last year and had another great experience this year. I really like the vet who examined the cats. Margie hissed but she didn't bite or scratch, so I think she was (marginally) happy, too. Oreo, well Oreo is so laid back, he flopped down on the examination table and stayed in the same position throughout the examination and shots. Good kitty. He's also 15.6 pounds which means he's put on four and half pounds in the past year. Margie's put on half a pound. I think they're finding some of my lost weight. ;)

Now we're chilling out until it's time to head out to National to retrieve bestfriendfink. Can't wait to see him!
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Still feeling pretty high on life. Been kicking @ss at work today and impressing the heck out of Bossman. The cherry on the cupcake of my week is having tomorrow off so I can retrieve [ profile] zipmeister and boyfriend from the airport for a fun-filled long weekend.

This is the anniversary of Basil's death, right down to the hour as I'm typing. I felt fairly down about that earlier this week when I remembered his last good day before his quick decline. Today, though, I simply treasure the time I was allowed to share with that special and oh so fluffy creature. And today, I am blessed to have two loving and healthy oh so fluffy creatures who make me laugh every day and make my life that much more enjoyable.

Yesterday afternoon's weather was so beautiful, I would have been ashamed not to get outside and enjoy it. I took a quick walk up and over the Sully Road bridge and back home. There were scads of bikers and walkers and runners out. I even saw one guy jogging with his toddler daughter sitting on his shoulders; that's pretty freaking hardcore. I noticed a pathway from the trail into the Dominion Station neighborhood for the first time. It looked so inviting with flowering trees, almost like a secret pathway to a secret garden.

I'm so happy that it is finally spring. As an extra special bonus, my allergies haven't kicked in yet. *knocks wood* My JC consultant says that the multivitamins are good at keeping allergy symptoms at bay. I think it's more likely that I started my Zyrtec regimen at the right time. But it could be both; who knows? Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Five things

Apr. 5th, 2011 11:39 am
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If you thought the promos and hype for "Insidious" looked good, you were as fooled as I. Decent idea, poorly executed. PAINFUL dialogue. At several times, I thought about leaving the theatre because I was so bored. I should have waited to hear one of my horror podcasts review the movie first. Ah well.

Today I am dressed like a cherry blossom: pink/white/purple/black top, pinky-purple cardigan, and light grey slacks. I am also sporting pink lips, pink cheeks, and white & purple eyes. I don't like matching my makeup to my clothes, but browns and neutrals seemed so blah against the pink.

[ profile] zipmeister and boyfriend arrive Friday. Can't wait! There will be Legals Seafood, a Potomac cruise, a visit to the WWII memorial, a visit to the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space center, and sushi. I'm sure there will be other things as well, but these are Zippy and J's Must Dos.

It's yearly checkup time for the kittehs. I think I'm going to move Margie to Oreo's vet because 1) the office is closer and 2) the vet I really liked at Margie's practice left late last year. Gotta make appointments and figure out how to get Margie's records to the new doctor. I'm also very interested in seeing how much Oreo actually weighs. He's SO heavy.

Hubbyfink and I are going to see Cirque du Soliel's "Totem" in Baltimore for our anniversary. I know even less about this show than I knew about last year's "OVO".
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Oh, hey. I can move fairly easily today. My hips hurt and I've got a knot just above my left shoulder blade, but I can move. Hooray!

I got snuggles from both Margiekitten and Oreomonster this morning. Oreo even crawled under the covers and curled up next to me with his cheek on my arm. It's so funny how he calms down if we can get him under covers. Today is the 'monster's second birthday. I am happy that he's mostly moved out of the braindead teenager phase and slightly distressed that he's morphing into evil genius.
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I have so much work hanging over my head, but I can't do any of it until other puzzle pieces fall into place. I need cables in one site and cards in another, and entire routers in other sites. I'm going to be very, very busy in the next week or so but right this very minute I am quite bored. Yay.

In the "Internet = cats" category, Oreo has taken to sleeping in my closet. And not just sleeping in my closet, but sleeping on the incline of the closet floor which is the top of the stairwell. I don't know how he's comfortable, or even balanced on the slope, but that's his nighttime napping place of choice. I don't know why my boycats enjoy sleeping in the closet. Admittedly, Basil was gay (Hannah's boycats turned him), but Oreo is aaaaaaaall het, much to Marjoram's chagrin.

Margie has her own weirdness, of course. She's fascinated by the bedroom humidifier and spends all of her upstairs time staring intensely at the device as if she's trying to determine how it works. She'll stare at the front for hours and then she'll stare at the back, as if she's reading the warning label. Hubbyfink and I are convinced that Margie thinks her figuring out how a humidifier works will open the door for world domination. She will not be a kind and benevolent dictator. Fear her furry justice.


Dec. 16th, 2010 11:12 am
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It's the White Death. Everybody RUN!!!

Actually, the snow is rather pretty since I'm safely, and fairly warmly, ensconced at my desk. I got to work early this morning for a conference call and avoided driving as amnesia water fell from the sky. My plan for the day is to work and gaze at the snow shower until it's time to go home and take Wombiekins out for dinner.

I'm so glad I parked in the garage. I think the ice scraper and brush are still in the basement.

The kitties are being good, hence the lack of Daily Ornament Reports. It's a mixed blessing because I am actually amused to see what kind of antics they get up to, but on the other hand, it's a relief to see that nothing has been destroyed.

Speaking of the kitties, we've had both of them in bed with us every night this week. I'm happy with the extra warmth and it's so funny to see what position Oreo has worked himself into in his sleep. He's most assuredly not a dainty napper. He's like a human two-year-old who has to stretch every appendage to its fullest extent. Hubbyfink and I laugh at him a lot. And scritch teh belleh.

I'm going to get a crick in my neck from turning to look over my shoulder at the snow.
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2010 Daily Ornament Report - 1 wounding, but it was quickly recovered

As many have heard and/or read me lament, Oreo chewed through the wires in the bottom third of our pre-lit tree. Luckily, the tree-to-outlet portion of cabling was in the middle third of the tree and that section plus the top third were safe and sound. I purchased a set of lights to match those on the tree and Hubbyfink patiently removed the broken wires and lights from the bottom of the tree. While I was at Unevent this weekend, Hubbyfink secured the light cable with conduit cover and wire wrap and then wrapped the new lights around the bottom section of tree. I came home to a fully assembled and lit tree on Sunday afternoon. Hooray!

I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon hanging ornaments and garland, making sure to keep the precious and breakable ornaments well out of curious kitties' clutches. The tree is dripping with ornaments and I could be happier only if the tree weren't leaning so much. But, we're not taking it down again and it shows no signs of actually toppling over. I'm calling it good.

Yesterday, I pulled out greenery and candle rings and cloth items. The candle holders are bedecked and the dining room chandelier looks like a Santa Lucia wreath. The Christmas table cloth is on the table; although, it needs to be pressed in the worst way. When Hubbyfink got home, we scoured the local Targets and picked up the very last of the warm white solar LEDs in Loudoun County for the wreaths on the windows. When it's not nearly so blustery -- I'm not holding out for "not nearly so cold" -- I'll see about wrapping the lights around the wreaths and seeing if we can illuminate them.

Eventually, I'll start wrapping presents. But I've got to finish putting up decorations and put the plastic tubs away to make room for presents and wrapping paraphernalia. Oof. I hadn't thought about what Oreo will do to wrapped gifts... :/
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The front of the house is decorated with evergreen wreaths (each sporting a red velvet bow) on the windows and the storm door. Pine garland outlines the front door as well and a small spray of leftover pine boughs is tied up with another red velvet bow and bedecking the trellis. Battery- and timer-operated Jesus candles are in the windows. Hubbyfink and I are still hemming and hawing about putting up lights. We do have a package of white icicle lights, but I kind of like the simplicity of the wreaths and candles; although you can't really see the wreaths at night.

The tree is up and I'm giving the cats a few days to get used to the new "toy" before it gets covered in brightly colored and/or shiny objects. Oreo has already chewed through a wire, thus shorting out the bottom third of our pre-lit tree. Hubbyfink thinks he can fix the wire, though, and then we'll put more conduit cover on the exposed bits. Stupid cat.

We changed out the shiny brass door hardware and porch light for "aged" bronze hardware and "rusty" bronze light. I am deliriously happy with our new porch light. Now if I can just get the daylight sensor thingie to work correctly -- the light was still on when I left for work this morning -- I will be ecstatic. The door hardware is a huge improvement as well. We're just not shiny brass people. I still need to paint the door knocker and a backer plate on the coat closet and we'll just about be done. Oh, and Hubbyfink needs to put up new weather stripping. I cannot wait until we get a new door and storm door next year.

In fitness news, I was Mrs. Bundle of Energy most of the weekend. After a three mile walk/jog, I did three loads of laundry, raked the yard, swept and vacuumed, cleaned catboxes, and put away harvest decor. I don't think Hubbyfink understands why I feel like I'm going to climb the walls if I sit for too long. This is such a huge change in my personality. Now if only the terrible pain in all the diodes on my right side would cease, everything would be hunky dory.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 12:29 pm
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Oreo appears to be terrified of the shower. Or rather, terrified about either Hubbyfink or me being in the shower. He's just fine slurping up dribbles of water from the tap or lounging in the tub when it's dry. However, at six this morning he unleashed caterwauling and crying the likes of which I'd never heard and all because Hubbyfink was showering. Oreo howled and howled from the safety of our bedroom door and no amount of my hollering, corporal cuddling, or spritzing him with the water bottle would shut him up. Hubbyfink takes VERY long showers. He finally quieted when Hubbyfink emerged, unscathed, from the shower and I was able to fall back to sleep.

When it was my turn in the tub a few hours later, Oreo stood in the middle of the bathroom and resumed his howling and caterwauling. I peeked around the curtain at him to assure him that I was okay. I even tried coaxing him onto the ledge of the tub -- Margie's favorite hangout when I'm showering -- to no avail. When I was again out of his sight, he resuming crying and howling. When I finished and stepped onto the bath mat, he calmed down.

We need to fix this neurosis pronto.
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I have crawled out of my hidey hole to discover gorgeous weather and blinding sunshine. Actually, that's not entirely true. I climbed out of the hidey hole on Saturday and put in some marathon therapeutic cleaning and shopping time. I picked up more accessories for this year's Halloween cemetery in the front yard. I continued the shopping and cleaning therapy on Sunday and made time for a relaxing pedicure and manicure. Hubbyfink and I capped of Sunday evening with a viewing of the Robert Downey, Jr. "Sherlock Holmes".

It's still weird not seeing Kit in the windowsill or hearing her grumble. I noticed this morning that I didn't say "Good morning, Kit Kat" in my head when I opened the curtains. I don't know if Hubbyfink has stopped saying "Good night, Kit Kat" when he closes the curtains. I'm still surprised by the hole in my heart. Margie and Oreo are doing their best to close that hole little by little.

I'm thinking about adding some yoga from Wii Fit to my exercise routine. I won't see much change in the appearance of my core until I lose more of the flab, but when that excess is gone, I'll be that much further ahead in the toning department. I've got five more workouts left in the 30 Day Challenge of Wii Active and I'm trying to decide if I want start the Challenge again at the next level of intensity or do custom workouts. I don't have to make up my mind right this minute.

This weather is absolutely fantastic. I'm in the mood to prep the house for autumn and will pull out my fall decor this weekend. This is my favorite time of year. Some people feel sad as summer fades into cooler weather, but I feel energized and ready to put positive changes in place.
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Rest in peace, sweet Kit cat. May you romp with Basil and Brown in heaven.

Kit cat, circa 2003 Kit cat, circa 2003

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Hubbyfink did as promised on Wednesday and removed the carpet from the upstairs landing. He painted a couple coats of Kilz on the subfloor for good measure as well. Now that the soiled carpet and pad have been gone for a full day and the paint smell has disappeared, the house smells SO MUCH better. I put a second litter box (without a lid) in the bathroom and Kit is, thankfully, using that box now.

Last night's Wii Active workout didn't feel as difficult as Monday's or Tuesday's. I was able to do the side lunges and "inline skating" (crouching and then balancing one one foot or the other on the Balance Board) without discomfort or groaning. Climbing the stairs afterward didn't hurt and I didn't need to use a hot pad on my thighs at bedtime.

I'm thinking about some beauty time this weekend: a facial, pedicure, manicure. Gotta firm up this weekend's plans to see where my vanity can fit in.


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