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  • The song "Flowers in the Window" by Travis.

  • Speaking of flowers, tulip and daffodil leaves are pushing up through the mulch around the tree in our yard.

  • The song "Slowburner" by The Proclaimers.

  • Speaking of slow, I'm sloooowly getting better at the ukulele. Oh so slowly, but it's coming along. I might even be able to play for other people by Ravenstreet Beach Week time.

  • The song "This is not an Exit" by Beecake. (Yes, I'm in a Glaswegian band mood.)

  • Speaking of exits, no wait... that doesn't work as a transition here. Anyway, my orthodontist is VERY pleased with the movement of my teeth and can tell I've been particular about wearing the rubber bands. Today's verdict was "Not much longer; I know you're feeling impatient." Plus, I made the last payment on my braces today.

  • The song "Just Like a Chap" by Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer. (Egad, I want a banjolele, like whoa.)

  • There is sunlight when I leave the office. It doesn't quite outweigh the indignity of Daylight Saving Time, but it takes some of the edge off.


Apr. 12th, 2012 10:24 am
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I feel like I've been coasting, orthodontically-speaking, for the past couple months since I got a reprieve from rubber bands for a while and the only apparent movement was my bottom right canine being chained to a bottom right molar. Yesterday's appointment changed everything.

They put a thicker wire through my bottom braces and activated the living h%ll out of it. Dr. Izadi also set up a complicated tangle of rubber bands on both sides of my mouth that make me feel like my jaw has been wire shut. I can't open my teeth at all when the bands are in. Thankfully, I have to strap up like that only at bedtime, but the soreness continues. I ate six Advil in four hours last night. I'm so sorry, my liver; I'll miss you.

This will be worth it in less than a year (please please please let it be only another eight months). For the time being, though, I need to whine a tiny bit.
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Dental appointment on Wednesday. Teeth look good, but I could be doing a better job of flossing. Well, sure I could except for the braces getting in the way. The hygienist showed me how to work around the wires and porcelain. I'm having some sensitivity to sweet on a back, and luckily non-braced, tooth. I go back in early December to have my filling replaced. Good times.

Last night I finally kept an appointment with my hairdresser after cancelling appointments for the past two months. My roots and ends and everything in between was in DIRE need of attention. She applied highlights and lowlights and I'm back to attractively blonde rather than a horrific combo of brassy and mousy. Thank goodness. The also took two inches off the front and three off the back. My cute little asymmetrical bob which isn't quite a pixie cut is back. I was a little alarmed when she started styling my hair and had curled up and pulled out the sides. I looked like a freaking cartoon character. After the teasing and flipping, she tamed my hair into something fairly attractive. Hubbyfink liked it a lot. I'm grateful he wasn't home when I got out of bed this morning and discovered my hair going in every direction like it was trying to escape my head. That look would put most people off their morning coffee.

I also pulled clothes and hats and accessories out of the garb closet and stuck price tags on everything that's going to Holiday Faire with me tomorrow. I think I have everything priced to fly off the clothing rack and tables. I hope so anyway. It's not that I need the money; I want the space! Seriously, I've got 1/2 to 2/3 of my dresses that are up for grab. I couldn't bear to go through my stocking/sock drawer although that could use a good weeding, too. Long story, short: If you're going to Holiday Faire in Stierbach on Saturday, stop by The Ermine Mouse for gently (and not so gently) used hats and plus size dresses and ~stuff~. A couple other ladies are adding their items to my emporium and you should check out their offerings as well!

My teeth get tightened by the orthodontist in a little over an hour from now. I may stop by the nail place for a quick manicure before loading the truck tonight. We shall see.

Tomorrow is Holiday Faire, as I mentioned above, and Sunday is Cirque du Soliel's "Quidam" at the Verizon Center. That was my first Cirque show and Hubbyfink's never seen it. We're both looking forward to the show.
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Got my bottom braces tightened Friday afternoon. My front bottom teeth have straightened out but I have an underbite again. Dr Izadi assures me that this is a normal process and we'll get the bottom teeth pulled back behind my upper teeth in time.

I worked from home for a few hours after my appointment and spent the evening transferring laundry around, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, and moving camping gear from the dining room to the basement. Hubbyfink took care of dismantling some furniture in the basement in preparation of a dump run on Saturday morning. The house looked -- and felt -- so much better after our impromptu cleaning frenzy.

Saturday was post-Pennsic mani-pedi day with [ profile] psalite, [ profile] pirategirleee, and Abe. I have dark, dark purple toenails with adorable white and blue flowers and blue dots on my big toes. I chickened out of getting the same color on my fingernails. Maybe next time. Of course, every time I get a manicure, I tell myself that I'll get the dark color "next time". After some pool time, we roamed the aisles of Target enabling and not enabling each other to buy stuff we didn't really need. We're good buds like that.

On Sunday, I finally watched [REC], the Spanish-language horror film upon which "Quarantine" was based. Okay, more than based: "Quarantine" was a shot-for-shot English-language remake. To be honest, I liked Jennifer Carpenter's performance better than the Spanish actress, but I may be biased towards Carpenter. I also just barely made it to the first matinee showing of the "Fright Night" remake. Mmm... shirtless, leather-pantsed David Tennant. I found the movie slightly disappointing, though. The cast was good, the revamped storyline was okay, the CG effects were pretty bad. Sooo... it was better than "Cowboys and Aliens".

When Hubbyfink got home from his afternoon activities, I talked him into a "short" bike ride with me. I've decided that my favorite time to be on the W&OD is after 5pm on the weekends. Most of the families with dogs, the Lance Armstrong wannabes, and the dawdlers have finished their excursions and the trail is mostly clear. We rode up to Carolina Bros BBQ at Ashburn road (5 miles) and took a break. After I caught a second wind, we hopped back on the bikes and headed for Leesburg. We got into the city limits and rode until mile post 32.5 where we turned around and headed back to Carolina Bros for another break. We were just past Loudoun County parkway (about mile 17) when my legs decided they'd had enough. I fought through the wall and pushed myself over Rte 28, under Church, and into our neighborhood. My legs felt like jelly and I was huffing and puffing, but I did it. And we did it really fast, for us anyway. According to my tracker, we rode 20 miles in an hour-forty, averaging 12 mph. I need more training, though, before the Backroads Century next month. We're biking the 30 mile "extended quarter century" this time. I bet we're up to a full century by next year. Or at least the metric century.
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I decided at midnight-thirty that I would bike to work. And so I scurried about getting everything, including my work laptop but minus my lunch bag, packed in my trunk bag and panniers before hitting the proverbial hay.

Rose was pretty light when I bought her, but I've attached the trunk rack and bag plus, pump, bottle cage, tools, and lights. The weight adds up, and then it increases by a LOT when I add the laptop. However, she was still lighter than a fully-loaded C.C., and I sailed up and down the hills to work.

It was such a glorious morning with the exact right mix of sun, breeze, and humidity, and the trail use reflected the beautiful weather. There were more commuters going in the same direction as me, plus snotty racer types who usually aren't out until later in the day. Lots of walkers and joggers used the bridle path which was nice because that meant I didn't have to dodge pedestrians.

I'm excited to see how Rose handles the long uphill climb of Rte 28 on tonight's return trip. I already know she can handle my neighborhood's hills with ease.

In Hubbyfink bike news, he broke down and bought a Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc yesterday. He's been agonizing over the options he wanted versus the price he was comfortable paying. The main point of contention was being able to lock the springs on the front fork which was available on the Sport version only. I didn't understand why locking the front fork was such a big deal as my most recent bikes have had springy front forks. Hubbyfink took a ride on Rose and realized that all of his bikes have been rigid and he did. not. like. the springiness. He felt like he was going to topple forward the whole time he rode. That, and a conversation with two bike nuts at work who assured him he was getting a primo deal with the Sport Disc, convinced him of which bike he needed. He brought his as-yet-unnamed bike home and took it on an extended tour of the neighborhood last night. His grin could have split his face when he finally came back home. Yeah, he bought the right bike.

In braces news, I finally got my anchor brackets installed yesterday. The bottom teeth weren't too bad but the taste of dental adhesive has NOT improved. The top teeth were much more difficult since the band on one side goes on a crown and the band on the other side goes on a tooth that presses against a crown. There was much whimpering and squirming by me and apologizing by the assistant. We finally got those suckers in and molded and cemented in place. The appointment itself was pretty uncomfortable, but I haven't been in pain. I dosed on Advil before bed and awoke only slightly tender. I've been able to eat breakfast and my snack with no discomfort. Hooray! Just another twenty or so monthly adjustments to go and I'll be done. Yay!
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Phase one of braces installation was pretty traumatic to be perfectly honest. The spacers the orthodontist inserted around my six year molars on Friday did not successfully create enough space around those four teeth to allow for easy insertion of the anchor bands. He and the assistant managed to get two bands on, but they weren't sitting straight and the other two teeth were simply too close to their neighbor teeth to get the bands on. They gave me a couple of breathers during this phase so I could catch my breath, let my heart rate return to normal, and stop squirming in pain.

The ortho decided to remove the ill-fitting bands and insert new spacers around my molars and he'll put the bands on in a few weeks. The assistant was able to apply the ceramic brackets to the rest of my teeth and snap the wires in to connect all the brackets. That phase was blessedly pain free and I nearly dozed off a few times despite the retractor and tongue stick keeping my mouth parts in the correct position.

I felt really good when I left the office thanks to the adrenaline/endorphin high from phase one of the process. I did a little shopping on the way home and even logged back on to my work computer to try and catch up on my portion of data gathering for our budget plan.

Just before 4pm, I changed into bike clothes and took off for the Worldgate Center in Herndon for what I thought would be my last Jenny Craig consultation. I'd mapped out the route and it was only four miles. Less than the ride to work! I could totally do that. I didn't count on the 90 degrees and high humidity, though. Oof. But I made it, in less than record time, and impressed the heck out of my consultant. I also called Hubbyfink and asked him to please come rescue me because I wasn't up to the ride back home.

The consultation was good. She understood my desire to no longer purchase the food and stated that there's no magic fairy dust in the food. Making my own food choices and planning my own meals was the goal of the program anyway; I just decided to go there faster than we normally would have. And since I dropped 3.5 pounds in the past week when I haven't lost any weight since early May shows that I'm doing something right. She also explained that I've already paid for a year of consultation and she wanted me to continue to come in and talk about how things are going with my weight and health. I agreed to do that, especially since she wasn't going to push the food angle.

Back to the braces. Today, I'm not so happy with my decision. The insides of my mouth hurt and my teeth are tender. I have to figure out a new way to smile since the brackets are pushing my lips out and everything feels weird. I've sent my mom a photo, but I'm really not comfortable with having my picture taken right now. I feel so ugly. I keep reminding myself that in less than two years, and just before my 40th birthday, I will have perfect teeth to go with my new and improved figure. It will all be worth it. Boy, could I be any more pollyanna?
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This picture tickles me greatly. It's a photo from the 1920s of the intersection of Smiths Switch Road and W&OD railroad. This is the place where I leave the trail and ride surface streets to get to work and where Hubbyfink occasionally meets me to ride home together. That intersection looks very different today, of course. :)

I am snaggle-toothed. The oral surgeon removed the molar next to my lower right canine today. The extraction itself was quick and relatively painless, aside from the three humongoid shots of novocaine, and I stopped drooling on myself a couple of hours later. I have forbidden cameras in my presence until after the braces are applied. There are enough people who think I'm a redneck -- the comment I made during today's staff meeting about saving money by coating a pair of pliers in Tool-Dip and having Hubbyfink yank the tooth didn't alleviate that impression -- that I do not need photographic evidence floating about on the intarwebs.

I've typed all that to say that the place where my tooth used to be hurts. Boo hoo. Okay, so that's not much of a histrionic, but I liked the alliteration for the post title.

In other news, my primary care physician was beyond pleased to see how much weight I'd lost. I saw her as a follow-up to the bike accident and because I still have occasional dizzy spells. She tested my reflexes and balance and assured me that I was fine and was still healing from the concussion. I figured as much since the spells have become fewer and much, much shorter over the past couple of weeks.

Jenny Consultant called tonight to remind me of tomorrow's appointment. I'd forgotten that we'd scheduled through the end of June. I told her why I've decided to quit and she understood the money issue. She would still like for me to come in tomorrow so we can go over how maintenance works since I've already paid for that part of the program. I'm game and will go tomorrow afternoon. I am happy to report that in the five days I've been "doing my own thing" and tracking calories in and out, I've lost a pound. My average net calories is just above 1400 per day. On the days I bike to work, my gross intake is nearly 2000 kcal because I'm expending about 600 kcal on the commute. I find myself in the bizarre (for me) position of trying to eat enough since the staples of my diet are fairly low-cal.

Fascinating stuff, nutrition. I still need to figure out a good source of snacky protein to prepare my body for the evening rides home. [ profile] belfebe, expect an email from me this week. :)
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I saw an orthodontist on Friday to see if he'd be able to fix my crooked bottom teeth. I wore braces for three years (to the day!) and had straight, if discolored from the full bands, teeth until my wisdom teeth came in sideways four years later. Yes, I waited twenty years to have an orthodontist look at the crooked teeth. What can I say?

Anyway, the orthodontist told me something that no other dentist has mentioned: my bite is pretty scary. Okay, he didn't' use those exact words but that was the gist. Dr. Sandusky was able to fix my underbite and get the teeth on the left side of my mouth in alignment. However, my right side is way out of whack because of my lantern jaw. We were given the option of surgery to break and reset my jaws when I was a kid. I nixed that because I knew I was never going to be a beauty queen and a perfect smile wasn't worth that much pain and suffering. Unfortunately, my bottom right jaw continued to grow faster and farther than my upper and my bottom teeth sit outside of my upper teeth on the right side. The teeth are also hitting each other in a non-optimal fashion and this is most likely the cause of all the teeth I've cracked and had to replace with crowns.

On the one hand, I'm glad that the cracking wasn't due to my not being diligent enough with brushing and flossing. On the other hand, oh crap...

So. I was again given the option of invasive surgery which might -- or might not! -- fix the issue. Again, I nixed that. I'd rather put up with crowning my remaining teeth. I can't remember what option number two was, but it was nearly as distasteful. The option behind door number three was to have one bicuspid pulled, wear braces on my bottom teeth for about two years and wear braces on my top teeth for the final four or five months of treatment. We had a winner.

Now, this treatment won't necessarily fix my jumbled and crooked front bottom teeth, but since I've learned there's something much more physically distressing going on with my other teeth, I'd rather fix the structural issue. Happily braces technology has changed GREATLY in the last twenty-five years. My braces will be ceramic and barely visible unlike the full band braces I had to wear in middle school. Because my bite is so terrible, Invisaline isn't an option. Ah well.

So. Next month, I get spacers put in, a bicuspid yanked, and braces put on my bottom teeth. The bright side is that they should be removed before I'm forty. :)
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Thursday: Found mojo. Kicked @ss and took names. Got hairs whacked after work. )
Gave Margie her pre-dental cleaning antibiotic and took away food & water at 9pm. Cats behaved like I took away their birthdays. Stayed up late watching episodes of "Cat from Hell" on Animal Planet.

Friday: Cats Oreo woke me by knocking empty food bowls off kitchen counter in protest of kibble-deficiency. Made hair look approximately the same way it looked when I left the salon the previous evening. Cleaned up broken bowls. Secured Margie in carrier and provided Oreo with food and kibble. Dropped Margie at vet. Kicked more @ss and provided only positive news to Bossman and coworkers on three separate issues. Received call that Margie is recovering from anesthesia and will be ready for pick-up after 4pm. Heading out for my own orthodontic exam in a few minutes.
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I think I may have finally broken through my self-inflicted weight loss plateau. I'm not entirely sure what helped, aside from not eating out AT ALL this past week, but I shed 2.5 pounds and am at an all time low for this century. I am so close to my revised halfway point that I can almost smell it!

In other news, running isn't going so well. I can walk faster than I can run for any length of time and it is frustrating me. Yesterday was especially bad. My shins, calves, and sides constantly fussed at me as I'd run for a bit and stumble back into a walk. I was a complete mess and physically wiped out when I got home. It was bad. I am happy to report that I did not let poor performance send me into a depressive or self-abusing spiral. I took gentle care and promised myself that the next outing will feature walking only. Hubbyfink and I have been spending so much time walking-jogging-running together in training for the 5k that I haven't done any long walks in a while. I love jogging with the 'fink but I miss my long, centering walks. I'm going to hit the trail this weekend for a five-miler at the very least.

In other, other news, I got a clean bill of dental health from the hygienist and dentist this morning. I asked if the dentist could fix my jumbled up bottom teeth and he referred me to an orthodontist two floors above his office. I have an appointment for next Friday with the orthodontist. I hope this can be fixed with a retainer or something like that. I'd rather not go through braces again. Plus, I need to schedule Margie's dental cleaning. Oof. May will be the month of dentist bills.
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I took Friday off to accompany Hubbyfink while he had his wisdom teeth yanked. It was a fairly quick procedure but Hubbyfink's coming out of anesthesia took a while. I was tempted to whip out my phone and record his mumbled ravings for posterity, but Hubbyfink was so pitiful I didn't have the heart to embarrass him like that. Although, later it would have been useful for him to try to decipher what all he was raving about. I do remember that he was really wanted to go to Best Buy (I told him we could go on Saturday if he felt like it) and he was absolutely adamant about going to HMA practice on Sunday (yes, dear, if you feel like it) and he kept verifying that it would be okay for him to play video games this weekend (yes, dear, if you feel like it). He was most concerned about playing video games, which is pretty funny in retrospect since he didn't play any games this weekend.

We got home, propped him up on the sofa, got pain killers in him, changed out gauze throughout the afternoon, and took it easy for the rest of Friday. He was still rather loopy throughout Friday evening. Saturday was a little better. In fact, he'd started laundry and dishes while I ran errands early Saturday afternoon. I gently fussed at him for overdoing it. But gently. I've always promised him that I will never get upset with him for doing housework. :)

Hubbyfink was about 85% on Sunday. We went out for a drive to keep the cabin fever at bay and he helped with more housekeeping. My experience with recovery from wisdom-tooth extraction was sooo different: I was drugged out of my mind and in excruciating pain for about a week. Hubbyfink, on the other hand, took his pain Rx once and has been taking Advil for soreness since. He even went to work on Monday and was speaking normally again last night. He's still eating soft foods and is being gentle with his jaw, but he's back to normal otherwise. He's even going to fight practice tonight; although, he has promised that he won't actually fight this week.

I'm tired

Oct. 7th, 2009 11:19 am
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Like, on the verge of tears tired. I came home from an intense work day (which was a great day, but mentally exhausting), did some homework, attended choir, came home and did some class reading and more homework and went to bed after midnight. I'm thankful that I didn't have a morning call today.

The class and homework structure for AI Online is annoying me. I understand why they're doing it this way -- it's the online version of class participation -- but it goes against my self-contained, non-gregarious way of working. Ah well. At least I have this soft-pitch of a class to get used to the school's methods.

I get my permanent crown this afternoon, glory hallelujah. The temp is just a bit too bit and I bite the side of my mouth every time I chew. That's fun.

[ profile] dmn4nr, Hananananah, and I are attending the 9:20p showing of "Paranormal Activity" at the Regal Fairfax Town Center on Friday. Hannah has graciously procurred tickets. I'm so excited that I would dance across cube walls if I weren't so bloody tired.

I need to remember to bring my camera to work Friday. The cube is festooned with strings of multicolored skeleton lights and purple bat lights. There are grinning and leering jack-o-lanterns illuminating the back portion of my desk. I've added new critters to my bat and rat collections and the mummy cat hovers over the jack-o-lanterns. The coworkers are doing a good job braving the gargoyle and picking their favorite pieces from the cat head bag filled with chocolate-caramel eyeballs, chocolate fangs, chocolate pumpkins, and miscellaneous hard candies. What can I say? Dollar Tree had a good selection of cheap candy.
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I wish I weren't so terrified of the dentist. My new dentist is the kindest, most gentle dentist I've ever visited and I still want to throw up before appointments. My temporary crown is now in and I should have the permanent crown in a couple of weeks. No fuss and just a little tiny bit of muss.

I was a slug yesterday, gulping water and advil to chase away the too-much-sun headache which plagued me most of the day. My shoulders feel a little tender today. Must NOT forget my hat the next time I retain.

Retaining for Her Majesty at Chalice on Saturday was a lot of fun. I'm the "parasol authorized" retainer despite knocking the edge of the parasol against His Majesty's crown a few times. I need to order a couple more parasols because my current one dates to 2002 and has spouted a few holes. I'll be retaining again at this weekend's event in Lochmere.

Tonight there will be a LOT of housecleaning. My Chalice gear is dumped all over the hall, kitchen and dining room and basement stuff is also dumped in the kitchen and dining room. I need to take photos of basement furniture which is going on freecycle. I need to straighten up the craft room after my failed dress project from Thursday. Hubbyfink and I have to get the house in order for this Friday's newcomers' meeting.
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I stamped out all the work fires by 1pm and have been taking care of personal fires since. My root canal was completed at the end of June, I think, and a little bit of the temporary crown disappeared during today's lunch. Oops. Plus, my follow-up with the specialist who did the root canal is next Friday. She expects there to be a permanent crown in place. My dentist's next available appointment is on the 21st. D'oh. Scheduled that and rescheduled the specialist's appointment.

Maryland nephew's birthday is next week. Gifts have been ordered and should ship directly to him soon.

Hubbyfink is currently wrestling the tub spigots which decided to fail spectacularly this morning. The hot water has been getting harder and harder to shut off. Today it just wouldn't no matter how tightly we twisted the spigot. Hubbyfink shut off the water -- with my approval -- before he left for work and I pretended I was at Cooper's Lake during my dribbly, chilly shower this morning.

Tonight I have an appointment with an admissions counselor at Westwood College in Annandale. It's not good enough to simply despair about my job; I still have another 30 years or so of employment (hopefully) ahead of me and I should do something I enjoy. So I looked up schools offering degrees in interior design and this one is fairly close by. I could finally get my Bachelor's and it would put me on a track for something I'd not only enjoy but also be good at. I'm terrified about this meeting. I know I don't have to make a decision now or tonight or even this month. But still... it's something new and scary. And crazy expensive. And I'll have to figure out how to balance my wonky work schedule with classes.

I don't have to decide anything right now. Breeeeeathe.

And... during the middle of typing this, Bossman sent me an Ovation Award notice for all my hard work during budget season. I got a little teary.


Jun. 9th, 2009 11:17 am
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Somedays it feels like it's just me and my boss against the world. He gets pounded with questions from TPTB and I dole out answers to those questions with ease. Those are the good days. Today is one of those days. Today I do not hate my job.

My stupid tooth has sucked away all my mad spending money. At least I had the funds to cover the repair.

The Prius is going back in the shop tonight. The warning lights of DOOM popped back on and stayed on during Hubbyfink's commutes yesterday. He's very annoyed. I say he's cursed because I had no problems with the car during Saturday's road trip.

I am barely controlling myself from attacking the dayshade with more stencilling. I want to go nuts on the back wall and/or roof. I tell myself it's blingy enough but I don't want to listen. Mars needs more bases upon which to stencil. What Mars really needs is to channel that energy into making cardboard templates for the pavilion's design.

I finally wised up and printed copies of the tent picture. Upon those copies, I sketched out designs. I've finally decided what I want to do; of course, the paper copy is at home and today I'm in the cube farm. You will have to wait to see the winning design, Gentle Readers. Ack! T-minus six and a half weeks until Land Grab.
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The dentist visit this morning for my broken tooth was quick and relatively pain-free (the x-ray tablet things are always too big for my mouth) and I managed to keep my panic mostly under control. This office doesn't do root canals and he's referred me to a specialist who will take a look and determine whether or not I need to undergo that wonderful experience.

Joy. On the upside, this new-to-me dentist has very small hands which is an improvement over the last guy.

I didn't finish the shade fly last night but I'm sooooo close. The front of the valance took some work to get on but, now that I've ironed out the kinks, the sides should be a breeze to attach. I started feeling cocky on Saturday and told Hubbyfink that this tent-making business wasn't that hard. He slipped in, "Make me an arming pavilion," as I amended my statment by saying, "Not that I'm going to make another tent any time soon." But, I bet that I could make one when we eventually replace our oval marquee.

This week we (and by "we" I mean "Hubbyfink") need to cut the perimeter and ridge poles to length and pound in pins. I say Hubbyfink because he's been looking for something new to cut with his circular saw for the past month and I wouldn't want to steal his bliss.


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