Feb. 23rd, 2015 11:12 pm
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I woke Saturday morning with the remnants of two vivid dreams in my head. The first was about orange juice, and I could practically taste it. The second was a full length documentary about anime. Unfortunately, as I told the beau, I had no idea how accurate the documentary was because I don't speak Japanese.
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Oh my, what a completely different morning this is from yesterday. Despite waking up crying*, I have had a pretty fabulous morning. Great trek on the treadmill, fantastic after-workout shower**, yummy breakfast, and short conference call because today is a holiday in India. There's some work foo going on, but since it's happening at a higher level my time has opened up enough that I can catch up on fixing problems with an application.

So, yay.

*I had a bad dream about this cat-lobster hybrid thing (cat head, furry lobster body) which terrified me. I was finally able to catch it in a bird net and toss it outside where it starved to death because it was too stupid to lift its head up to see the food bowl and dried out to a husk because it was too stupid to get out of the sun. I felt bad for having tossed it to its doom and cried in my dream. When I rubbed my eyes after waking, I found they were wet.

**How can something so simple as a shower after getting all sweaty and gross feel so decadent AND virtuous?


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