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I'm doing fine. Still need to take my one-month-post-surgery photos (tonight, tonight). I've discovered that my pouch doesn't care for scrambled eggs or humus. Bizarre. Of course, I don't have much to use as a vector for humus since I'm just under two weeks from raw veggies. It's also bizarre noting how my tastes have changed. I'm not that wild about red grapes anymore -- I could eat those all day long before -- but I can't get enough honeydew melon and canteloupe. What?? And cooked spinach. I don't like cooked veggies, or didn't before my surgery.

So. Weird.

Got cleared to ride my bike last week and set out for a shopping trip via bike on Saturday. Oof, my butt callouses have disappeared. I'm still feeling a little sore, but I'm looking forward to the next ride. Maybe next week I'll be up to a bike commute.

Occasionally, I have a touch of buyer's remorse, especially when I crave something that I can't eat yet. Like last night, I reeeeeally wanted pizza and a margarita. But I realize that was for emotional reasons because I'd had such a rough day at work. Still working on the emotional/psychological side of this process while my pouch takes care of the physical part.


Jul. 12th, 2011 02:52 pm
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I love eating salads and steamed veggies, but man do those foods get caught up in my braces.

And speaking of salads and steamed veggies, I've been reading Edith Blum's
Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous: A Nutritionist's Guide to Living Well While Living it Up
. The constant references to "gorgeous"-ness, as if the reader were Carrie Bradshaw, have been grating but I'm mostly able to mentally skip over those and enjoy the author's underlying message which is essentially that you can eat anything you want, anytime you want, but go for quality and use moderation for the less healthy items. If you want chocolate, get the most expensive, rich chocolate you can find and savor the ever-loving heck out of that chocolate. I like that message. :)

She does provide information about healthier food choices and methods of cooking those items as well as recipes and meal planning ideas. This is what I love most. I mean, I'm pretty happy with my daily lunch of salad and Lean Cuisine, but I'd like to mix it up a bit and eat fewer processed foods. I've made some small changes such as swapping out shredded cheddar cheese for crumbled feta on my salads (increased protein, whoo!) and eating more organic fruits and veggies. I'm looking forward to replacing my instant oatmeal with steel-cut oats and my "light" fruity yogurts with Greek yogurt and fresh berries, honey, and flaxseed.

That said, last night's dinner consisted of a Vanilla Coke Zero, tortilla chips, and Pancho's cheese dip. I logged every bit of that in my food tracker and did not ruin yesterday with the splurge. Sometimes you've just got to throw caution to the wind and have a gooey crunchy cheat/treat. And then you go back to the nutritious foods and feel so much better. :)
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I finally made an appointment for my doctor to look at my left foot. It's been hurting me, off and on, for over a year now and the pain has become more "on" than "off" lately. All signs point to plantar fasciitis, but we shall see what the doctor says in a couple of hours. I want to add walking to my workout routine after I finish my initial 30 Day Challenge with the Active and I need happy, non-hurty feet to do that.

Speaking of the 30 Day Challenge, I'm halfway plus one workout through. I can feel tautness where tautness didn't exist three weeks ago. I think I'm doing something right. I think when I finish this first Challenge, I'll go back through it at medium intensity and then I'll go through at high. That should set me on a good path before the winter doldrums hit.

In other medical news, I have my baseline mammogram screening next Monday morning. I am not excited about this. Not at all. But I promised my doctor I would do it before my next check-up so I scheduled the appointment for this month.

I have discovered my new favorite beverage: Strawberry-Banana-Blueberry-Vanilla smoothie. It's a recipe from the Jenny Craig site.

Fruit Smoothie )

I made one for dessert last night and am enjoying the second one with my breakfast this morning. SO GOOD!
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Stowed all camping gear (minus the bed) into its area in the basement. I even decluttered enough to find homes on the shelving unit for the new feather bed, comforter, wool blanket and cushions. The other wool blanket has a home in the blue trunk in the sewing room. The blue trunk also houses four stackable square baskets, two sets of camping sheets, another blanket, and all the flour sack and linen towels.

Put away all SCA clothes. The craft room is ALMOST back to its natural state of order. It should be completely straight, minus dusting, this evening.

Dyed my hair dark brown. Hubbyfink wishes it were red. Heh. As I look back through my hair gallery, I notice that my hair was about this color back in 2006 and sort of auburny in 2008. I wanted to go darker, but the color suggestions on the dye boxes scared me off.

Sauteed for the first time ever. I made chicken fajitas Saturday night and it was a big deal. I love to bake and am fairly good at it. I am not fond of cooking. Or rather, I wasn't fond of cooking. Now that I'm discovering that it's not too terrifying or hard, I'm actually sort of enjoying it. Plus, I'm excited about the opportunities this has opened up for preparing vegetables beyond "raw" and "steamed". Hee.
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I couldn't stand the craving anymore and baked chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. A soft warm cookie and mug of hot cocoa are the perfect post shoveling workout repast. Okay, maybe not perfect but it sure is tasty! Hubbyfink felt like he was losing man points by "letting" me bundle up and shovel the knee-high drifts from the steps and front walk until I reminded him that this is my replacement for gym time. I haven't been in the gym (or office) since last Thursday and if I didn't get out and shovel or romp around the neighborhood daily, I'd start climbing the walls. Or putting that axe I asked about earlier to nefarious use.

The Borg campus closed at 1pm today and all non-essential personnel were sent home. I asked Bossman if that meant I could log off and enjoy a snow day. He said that if I had dug out the Prius he would have considered it, but no. Rats.

The neighbors behind us have dug out their back yard and cleared a yard-wide path to their soccer goal which they (annoyingly) store in the middle of the common area between the rows of townhouses. I'm not sure of the point for all that work, but whatever.

In gaming news, Hubbyfink bought "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" Friday and finished it last night. He LOVED it and it made a nice change of pace from "Mass Effect" which he's slogging through so he can play "Mass Effect 2". Well, he was slogging; I think he's enjoying the game more now that he's gotten some more missions under his belt. He hasn't slept with any aliens yet (that I know of, anyway). "Bioshock 2" was released yesterday and I am SO looking forward to playing that. Hubbyfink asked if I wanted for him to call Best Buy and see if they had it in stock. No, I have to wait until the semester is over. No (new) gaming while schooling. And that goes triple for when "Fallout: New Vegas" is released in the fall. (*groan*) HOW had I not heard about this?? Hubbyfink was perusing video game trailers on some website and we came across the trailer. Happy, happy shivers down my spine. I guess I know what will be consuming my life during Christmas break. Muahahah!
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I've now seen whiteout conditions and I don't want to experience them again. I'm halfway expecting to dig Jack Nicholson out of one of the snowbanks lining the front walk when we're able to escape our home. Any minute now, I will start typing "All work and no play make Melanie a dull girl". Hubbyfink made the mistake of saying "yes" when I asked if we have an axe.

In less ominous news, I have a pot of spicy chili simmering on the stove. It was looking a little too thin so I tossed a couple tablespoons of flour in to make it more roux-like. Now it's almost perfect. While I may not like to cook, I suppose I'm not too bad at it. Plus, some of the knowledge from all those cooking shows I watch must've slipped into the ol' brainmeats. Neat!

Last night's homework assignment did not go well. I've been playing with Google SketchUp in my copious free time by building 3D models of our basement floor (and impressing the pants off Hubbyfink in the process), so I've gotten pretty good at house models. Furniture models? Not so much. After six hours of work I was finally able to create a decent virtual turned wood leg for a sofa and soften the edges of sofa cushions. I still can't build the spindly armrests. *grump* If tonight's conference call ends on time, I'll join the live classroom conference and learn how to do these fancy things.
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The weekend was a good blend of productivity and sloth. Homework took far longer than it should have because the laptop kept freezing. Time to give Vista the boot and upgrade to the new Windows OS, methinks. The carpets got a good vacuuming (even the stairs!) and hard floors got a good sweeping. I kept thinking up things to launder just so I could play with the new washer and dryer. I took a Jeep-load of cardboard and paper products to the recycling center and then spent an hour at Safeway perusing the produce section to reacquaint myself with vegetables and the seafood counter.

I cooked several meals, too. This is huge. I usually cook only for special occassions. Now, I'm making it a habit. Hubbyfink was so excited when he got home last night: "Is that Loaf I smell??" I'm still buying breakfast (minus yogurt and fruit, which I bring in) and lunch at work, but dinner is no longer fast food or delivery. Or cereal.

The treadmill is beginning to bore me and I'll jump on the elliptical tomorrow for a change of scenery movement. I look forward to the cardio portion of the workout when I'm not in the gym and then I look forward to the strength-training portion of my workout when I'm on the treadmill.

I suprised myself this morning when talking with my boss. He took today off to be home with the kids, and I commented that everyone else is working from home today, too. He told me I should have telecommuted. I replied, "But I get to go to the gym when I come to the office." Get to go. Yeah, it's nearly a habit.
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It looks like Hubbyfink and I will head back home a day early. The Sunset Symphony I'd planned on attending Saturday is no longer what it used to be and, since everybody else has already made plans for Saturday evening, there's no point in Hubbyfink and me hanging out alone. Mom is sad but understands; and she brightened up when I reminded her I'd be back in just three months for Bear's first birthday.

Plus, I miss my Margiekitten something fierce.

Today I got in the pool and the water felt like natural (cold!) spring water. I found an air mattress -- which I think is actually a sleeping/camping air mattress as opposed to a lounging/pool air mattress -- and used it to keep my body precariously perched just above the frigid water whilst baking my alabaster skin. Yes, I applied copious sunscreen. Pete has asked me on my next dip in the pool to dive down to the bottom and retrieve something which fell off the vacuum. I honestly don't think I'm up to that even if the air temp does hit the low 80s tomorrow.

[ profile] beaznuts, his wife, Hubbyfink, [ profile] zipmeister and I met up for dinner at Ya-ain (actually, it's "Rain", but the R is backwards), a "Sushi Bar and Bistro". Beaz and brother John RAVE about this place. I found it rather lackluster, to be honest. Everything I ate was either spicy hot or bland, the atmosphere was chaotic with the too-loud stereo system and the (numerous) large, flat screen TVs showing either the American Idol finals or a basketball game, and our server left MUCH to be desired. Give me [ profile] danabren's sushi joint any day of the week, and if they're busy I'll settle for Sekisue as a distant runner-up. The frozen custard afterwards (I've blanked on the place's name...) nearly made up for the disappointing sushi.

Tomorrow night is Johnny's graduation ceremony. I'm sure he's pumped, but I've seen so little of him lately that I don't know what's going through his head. I do know that he's getting excited about going to UT:Knoxville. He had signed on to play football for Lambuth, but has since decided that he really doesn't want to be a football hero and would rather rule the school on charm and good looks. I'm quite sure he'll be the BMoC in no time at all and not just because he's freakishly tall. ;)
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Thanks to the heads-up from [ profile] montuos, I stopped by my local Safeway yesterday and found a container of Haagen-Dazs five in ginger. Calloo, callay! I no longer have to haunt sushi restaurants for a snippet of this elusive ice cream. And it's soooooo good. Soooo creamy. Soooo filling; I couldn't eat a whole serving.

The current issue of Southern Living features several cities for good weekend escapes and mentions the "Memphis in May" festivities which crank up next weekend. Hubbyfink and I won't be able to drop by the barbecue cooking contest (wedding prep and rehearsal dinner and then wedding itself) but we will still be in town the following weekend and can catch the Sunset Symphony on the banks of the Mississippi. It's been forever since I've attended the Sunset Symphony. I described it to Hubbyfink thusly:
"The Memphis Symphony Orchestra performs in a riverside park and everyone brings picnic dinners and blankets. There will be fireworks, and during the "1812 Overture" finale, they shell West Memphis (Arkansas) with cannon fire. What's not to love?"

He signed on immediately. [ profile] zipmeister wants to go, too. We should invite Derych and Becky as well. But this time, we'll skip the Cham-PAIN* (scroll to the bottom of the page). If [ profile] beaznuts and his soon-to-be bride aren't on their honeymoon, they'll join us, too. Gotta check in with the other siblings before they get offended at being left out.

*Okay, so when I still lived in my little apartment across the railroad tracks from the University of Memphis (had it been renamed at that point...? oh, yes, it had. anyway), my group of friends came over to use my apartment as the jumping-off place for heading downtown for the symphony. We then decided to skip the crowd and have a picnic in my living room while watching the symphony on TV. Derych, or maybe I, thought we should tony up the gathering with some champagne. Not knowing the slightest thing about good sparkling wines, we (or maybe it was just Derych) picked up something which sounded right: Champale. After we all choked down our first glass of the cham-PAIN, someone noticed the legend on the bottle saying "malt liquor". Yum.


Feb. 26th, 2009 04:00 pm
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I gave up fried food for Lent. I figured I'd be healthier for that little sacrifice in forty days. I can skip fried chicken and I'll miss doughnuts, fries and onion rings, but I don't neeeed those. Hubbyfink probably didn't even notice that I didn't swipe any fries off his plate last night. This afternoon I realized that I'd forgotten a segment of fried foods: chips.

Potato chips, meh.

Corn chips, meh.

Tortilla chips, oh no! Needs must score some baked tortillas soon.


Jan. 28th, 2009 02:51 pm
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Must. Not. Eat. Everything. In. House.

Maybe another cup of cocoa will help.
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He brought me a pulled pork sammich from Willards. Om nom nom nom!

(Can ya tell my boss is out this week? Actually, I'm not slacking that much. I'm waiting on replies to numerous emails.)
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Someone just cooked something with bacon in it and my head is about to explode from the overwhelming smell of bacon-y goodness.
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As a kid, there weren't enough peanut butter crackers in the world to bribe me into eating spinach. But as an adult, I can't get enough of the raw stuff. Ditto broccoli. But please, please, for the love of all that is holy, don't cook it! I adore raw veggies, but there's just something about cooked vegetables -- aside from a light steaming -- that makes them disgusting.

Edited to add: I do like Hannah's squash casserole, but I think there's bread in there which increases the tastiness factor significantly. Ditto Mom's green bean casserole which is chock full of cream of ick (mushroom or celery) soup.


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