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And you, Gentle Readers, get a face full of ME as your gift.

Last Sunday, [ profile] pirategirleee and I hit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg for shenanigans and Howl-o-Scream. SHENANIGANS, I say! )

On Saturday, I attended a Halloween party. Some people seem to think I'm a villain at the moment. Well, if one is to be a villain, one should be a DISNEY VILLAIN. Enter... )

It was pretty freaking cool that most people didn't know that was me when I first swept in to the party. Heehee!

And then today was my actual birthday. I spent the day at a steampunk picnic in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C. It was absolutely glorious day, weather-wise, and the company and nibblies were divine. The cemetery is full of mausoleums and statuary and gorgeous tombstones. Such a fantastic backdrop for gothy photos. I don't have any action shots yet (they're all on Courtney's phone), but here's a quick selfie I snapped before heading out.

Can you believe Court GAVE me that coat? Oh, I am a lucky, lucky woman.
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I decided to dress up today in a button-down blouse, pencil skirt, tights and heels. The only comfortable parts of my ensemble are the tights and heels. The skirt is riding up to an almost embarrassing length and the cotton sateen shirt is wrinkling like it was made of linen.

First world problems, oh the humanity!

Going back and forth on what to wear to this weekend's combo Halloween/Birthday party. First choice was a Rockabilly Catrina Calavera. I've got the dress, floral headband, and makeup all set. On the other hand, I spied my beautiful veiled top hat this morning and started thinking I might want to dress up in my Wilhelmina Murray drag (a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). I'd just need to press my jacket and skirt and find the red scarf. It's got to be somewhere in the garb closet. Hrm.
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On Sunday, Hubbyfink and I donned our costumes (Seattle biker and cheerleader, respectively) and slogged through horrific traffic (due to road closures for the Marine Corps Marathon) to Gravelly Point Park where we joined the Bike Me DC! group for an in-costume ride through the streets of DC. Happily, the sun was out, the temperature wasn't bad considering the snow storm the day before, and everyone was in high spirits.

We had to have a group picture before setting off, of course.
The crew

Adventure awaits! )

I really enjoyed biking in a skirt. I mean, I bike in my Ruu-Muus all the time, but those feel like workout clothes. This skirt was actual real life clothing (albeit altered with appliqued orange and white triangles). I also liked my zip-tied orange pom-poms as streamers despite the left one occasionally covering my rear view mirror.

I asked Hubbyfink how he liked biking in a skirt (he wore a Utilikilt) and he said it was "an interesting sensation. He also wore bike tights underneath for warmth and propriety. :)

The party afterwards at the Shirlington Bungalow Billiards was a lot of fun and we got to know everybody a little better. Our fearless leader says he's working on a "lost cherry blossom" ride for next spring. We won't ride around the Tidal Basin because that will be way too mobbed with tourists; instead we'll bike around Northwest (yay. hills. please, oh please let's not bike up [or DOWN!] Wisconsin Avenue.). Can't wait!
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[ profile] pirategirleee and [ profile] psalite came over yesterday and helped me carve fifteen jack-o-lanterns before we headed up to Markoff's Haunted Forest for chills and thrills. The ladies came back over tonight and helped me scare kiddies and pass out candy. Psalite took lots of atmospheric shots with lit pumpkins and ghosts dancing in the breeze. I, being a much less talented photographer, snapped some shots before the sun went down.

Halloween yard, 10/31/2010. Halloween yard, 10/31/2010.
Fifteen jack-o-lanterns, nine tombstones, seven ghosts, three bats, two skeletons, and a creepy cat.
Creepy cat & Jack, 10/31/2010. Creepy cat & Jack, 10/31/2010.

Worried pumpkin, 10/31/2010. Worried pumpkin, 10/31/2010.
Charlene carved this one.

We were MOBBED with kids. I sat on the stoop and handed out candy while PirateGirleee, dressed as the Angel of Death, ominously pointed at various people and unnerved them. A lot of kids asked me if she was real. I had downloaded a Halloween sound effects album onto my ipod so we had wolves howling and thunderstorms raging. A few kids were too afraid to come up the walk for candy so I met them halfway. One little boy ran my house, despite my cajoling that I had good candy and his folks trying to coax him up the walk. Heehee. I was a little nervous about possibly offending the Latinos in our neighborhood with my Dia de los Muertos ensemble, but my costume was VERY well-received. Lots of people wanted photos of their kids or themselves with me. I relaxed when some youngish Latinas gushed excitedly about my makeup and came back with friends for more photos.

La Calavera Catrina, 10/31/2010. La Calavera Catrina, 10/31/2010.
Tamara snapped this photo.

We finally came indoors around nine since the deluge of trick-or-treaters had pretty much dried up and because the temperature dropped quite a lot. Psalite took some more photos of PirateGirleee and me, and then they took off for their respective homes. We got our last trick-or-treater just before 10pm.


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:30 am
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The Ashburn Fire Department warned of ZOMBIES AHEAD with a traffic notice sign on Waxpool this morning. I wish I'd pulled a U-turn to drive past the sign again and snap a photo.

I finished my costume last night and did wind up sewing the pleats and folds rather than pinning them. It was easier. If I can do the makeup right, I'm going to look SO GOOD SO BAD SO AWESOME tonight.

Yes, tonight. The weather isn't cooperating and my entourage merry band of pranksters and I are going to Markoff's Haunted Forest a day early. I'm not happy about not being able to go on Halloween. On the other hand, this means I can loaf all Saturday and overdose on horror movies and give GOOEY BRAINS to trick-or-treaters tomorrow night.
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Eh. I wrote up a big post about tonight's adventures with Photoshop, but it was boring me, so nevermind. The most important thing I learned is that 64-bit CS4 doesn't have TWAIN so I can't select my scanner in the Import submenu; I have to use WIA instead, which, thankfully, my scanner/printer supports.

So, that was fun.

In actual fun news, I worked on my costume. The dress is looking pretty good. I need to play with some of the pleats and folds to get them where I want them and then the safety-pinning begins. Yes, safety pinning. It's a one-off outfit from a length of linen I'll be reusing for historical costuming purposes. Good thing I won't have to walk through any metal detectors this weekend.
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I'm about to pop I'm so excited about Halloween. I pulled out a few more decorations last night and have set up costume bits in the craft room. I hope to work on my dress tonight; there's a lot of draping and pinning to do. I should probably do a test run of some of my makeup, too, so that I don't frustrate myself on Saturday.

We have SO much candy. We've been mobbed by kids the last couple of years so I got two big bags of Tootsie Roll stuff (yum!) and an even bigger bag of Gooey Brains (barf!). Half of the Gooey Brains bag filled the candy basket. We may have too much candy. Hubbyfink and I have been good and have only eaten one piece each from the Tootsie Roll bags.

I hope it doesn't rain Saturday. It will adversely affect the evening's fun and hurt my planned decorations. See? I didn't start decorating outside because I knew it was going to rain yesterday. Oh! I still need to get a couple of real pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, the local ABC affiliate pre-empted "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for election coverage. Can you believe it?? The only show I've wanted to watch on broadcast television this year and they pre-empt it. It's supposed to air this Saturday at 2pm, but it's not listed in the guide.

So, instead, I let "Poltergeist" play in the background on AMC while I worked on homework last night. I still can't watch the face-ripping scene. Hubbyfink's never seen the movie and came in during the part when Diane and Carol-Anne fall through the ceiling covered in red jello. He looked a little pale. I proudly announced to him, "My parents let me see this when I was nine! And I had nightmares for weeks afterwards because of the child-eating tree." My dad agrees that taking a seven- and nine-year-old to see "Poltergeist" probably wasn't the best idea. Of course, Mimi and I had already whet our horror appetite on "Halloween" and "The Exorcist" by then so they probably figured we could handle a Spielberg movie. Maybe that's what is wrong with me. Hm...
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- Three or four styrofoam heads
- Four or five 5' long dowels (these may be in the basement...)
- Grapevine
- 6 yards or so of white fabric
- Candy

I have... a plan. <Cue ominous music.>

This weekend I will work on my costume. I haven't pulled the wig out of the bag yet; hope it works. If not, I'm going to need a crimper, three cans of of Aqua Net (alas, poor ozone layer...), and spray-on hair color.
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Cocoa + oatmeal = breakfast of champions. Unfortunately, the cocoa available in the kitchen is some Turkish coffee type of cocoa. Ick. Needs must stow my own cocoa in my desk drawer.

It's a Friday and I'm actually in the cube farm. How'd that happen?

The trailer for "Paranormal Activity" crawled into my brain, and it took a very long time to fall asleep last night. Every little creak and every little puff of air made me sit up and look around wildly. I know that nothing is in my house and I know that the movie isn't real, but my brain still went into hyperdrive.

Hubbyfink and I hit the Spirit store last night so I could hunt for an accessory for this year's costume. It looks like all their stock is on display, but I was unsuccessful in finding what I needed. Hubbyfink wouldn't let me get the AWESOME life-size crawling zombie guy for the front yard. Hubbyfink also wouldn't let me get the floating and glowing ghost, fence and gate, or haunted estate sign. I really should go shopping by myself.

This morning's topics of conversation with Bossman included Sting, Bob Ross, and Wheel of Fortune. Never a dull moment.
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It's been a super slow workday. I bundled up the laptop and "worked" in the craft room for a couple of hours. The top hat is complete, including a new lining which keeps it from sliding down my head. The mini hat is just about complete. I would have pictures of both except my camera battery and the two spares are all dead. Hmph.

I took in the waistband of my trained skirt and it now fits beautifully. And since all the projects went well, I decided to tackle taking in the seams on the jacket. Oh my goodness. I'm so proud of how that project turned out, I could dance a jig. Who knew alterations could be so easy?

Hopefully a battery or two will be charged enough this evening so I can snap a couple of pictures.
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The red scarf project is complete and looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I cut a half-yard length of red velvetish dead dinosaur in half, sewed two short ends together, sewed fringe on the other two short ends, then sewed it into a tube. Et voila! I have a twelve foot long, fringed scarf for my Mina outfit.

The hat project is... I'm not sure what it is, honestly. I have one completed hat, but I don't know if I like it for this outfit. I have another almost completed mini hat which is cute, but awfully small. Maybe I'll feel better about one or both hats when the hot-glue blisters on my thumbs go down.



Oct. 16th, 2008 02:18 pm
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This week has been three thousand years long. And that's even with all the busy work I've had to manage while boss-man's out. Graaaaah.

I decided that my red knit scarf wouldn't do justice as Mina Murray's signature scarf. JoAnn's had just the right velvet-look dead dino product and fringe for the scarf and black netting for a small hat. When I got home, I ransacked my box o' corsets -- much to Hubbyfink's delight -- and got dolled up in my Victorian duds. The jacket is waaaay too big and the skirt is a bit too big. Easy fixes. While researching my costume (i.e., reading volume one of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), I learned that this Mina isn't a full-on vampire, despite what the movie would have one believe. Hrm. I don't have to mess with the fangs. We'll see. I do so love to smile widely when my canines are long and pointy.

I believe I'll work on my scarf and hat tonight just so I will stop itching about doing something.
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I awoke to the dulcet tones of chainsaws this morning as a tree crew took down the most peril-inducing limbs of the neighbor's monstrous cherry tree. Hubbyfink and I may no longer fear that we'll be rendered unconscious while walking down our sidewalk if a freak wind pops up. Hooray!

I've finally come up with my Halloween costume. I'd planned on dressing as Alice from "Resident Evil", but I don't really have the duds or the body to pull off that particular ensemble. I do, however, still have my Victorian outfit from last year, fangs, and a red scarf. I need to alter the jacket and skirt and fix my right fang and then I can be Mina Harker. Yay!

How about that moon last night, huh? While driving to choir practice last night, I zoned out while looking at the moon and found myself on the toll road. That was rather alarming. It took a moment to regain my bearings and then I mentally facepalmed myself. Fifty cents and a couple of miles later, I was back on track to [ profile] carthew's house.


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