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This whirlwind weekend consisted of the Richmond Wizard World Comic Con and the Virginia BrickFair Lego Convention just down the road in Chantilly.

Neither the beau nor I cosplayed this con and it was weird not being dressed up. Being in street clothes did make it easier to navigate the vendor area and artist alley and race to panels without stopping multiple times for photos, but I did miss the attention. And Sean, whose first comic/sci fi con and cosplay experience was only two months ago, also admitted to missing the attention. Heh. We're so shallow.


My reason for not dressing up was so that I would look like myself when I had my photo op with THIS GUY.

Yeah, that's Billy "Fool of a Took" Boyd, aka my most favorite Scottish actor EVER. There were posted rules prohibiting kissing the celebrities, but I noted there was NOTHING about licking them. I was good, though, and did not lick the Boyd. Nor did I bother him with fawning, gawking, or fangirling when he strolled up next to me at the hotel registration desk to check in while I was getting a second key card for my room. His panel was highly entertaining and he stated that his band Beecake was working on a US tour for this autumn. Time's running short, and they're feeling the crunch, but hopefully it comes to fruition. I told him that I hoped they would put the DC area on their schedule since I didn't know about Beecake when they toured the east coast in 2009.

Aside from trying to play it fairly cool while in the presence of the Boyd (but having a pretty big adrenaline let-offs after the photo op and autograph which made me weak and wobbly [Sean had to keep me upright after we got a few feet away from the booth]), the con was extremely low-key for the beau and myself. Sean attended a panel on working with various costume-making materials such as worbla and eva foam, plus did a little shopping which included stocking up on Star Wars Lego minifigs and a couple of Star Wars tees. I purchased a Stormtrooper-themed baseball jersey and some postcard-sized Adventure Time character sketches. Nothing else needed to come home with me. Watching, rather than participating in, the costume contest was also stress free and there were lots of great costumes which paraded across the stage. Sean and I spent a fair amount of time over dinner and on the drive home tonight brainstorming costume ideas for next year's contest. Heh heh heh.

And speaking of dinner, we had an amazing meal at a place called Pasture which is located only a block away from the Marriott. When I found it online that afternoon, I thought the tapas-sized dishes looked amazing and the craft beer list would please Sean. I got a delightful surprise when we entered the restaurant and I spotted the Boyd himself eating dinner at the bar. Sean suggested I send him a pint (ha. ha.), but I was respectful and left him alone. Merely glancing at his back multiple times through dinner counts as leaving him alone, right? Oh, and the food was gorgeous and Sean was VERY happy with the beer.
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I just saw this on and then confirmed it via several LEGO fora: LEGO is releasing Orthanc this summer! The black tower in the center of Isengard will be nearly 2.5 feet tall, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. My joy and excitement know no bounds.

Holy crap, we're going to need a bigger dining room table. Or maybe Hubbyfink's right and we should move the Middle Earth LEGOs to the craft room table. Oh! Then we could make an actual map and place the sets in their correct locations.

Yes, I am a nerd. You have to ask?

EEEEEE! Orthanc!! )
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Nerdiness ahead.

Last night, in between watching Sunday's episode of "The Talking Dead" and part two of "Top Gear"'s new and improved adventures in Africa episode, we had the theatrical release version of "The Two Towers" on as background noise.

"I can't watch the non-extended edition of the movies," I complained to Hubbyfink as I swept the kitchen while he unloaded the dishwasher.

He gave me the side-eye and asked, with some trepidation, why not.

"Not enough Merry and Pippin," I replied. "They're the best part of all three movies."

He was aghast. "But what about Aragorn? And the Rohirrim?? And Helm's Deep???"

"Those are your favorite parts of the movies, and they're okay I guess. But in the theatrical release of 'Two Towers' it's just Rohirrim and then slogging through with Frodo and Sam," I lamented. "Right now in the book, the battle of Helm's Deep is over and Gandalf and the gang have arrived at Isengard where Merry and Pippin are filling them in on what they've been up to. I'm almost finished with that half of The Two Towers and then the Frodo and Sam part starts. Maybe it'll be more exciting in the book?" (N.B. I'm currently reading the trilogy for the first time.)

"Mmm, not so much," Hubbyfink replied. He then dropped his voice conspiratorially. "When I watch the movies by myself, I fast forward through the Frodo and Sam parts."

Me too, my darling. Me too.
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Hubbyfink and I had a VERY nerdy New Year's Eve which consisted of BBC America's "Doctor Who" marathon interspersed with the Lego "Lord of the Rings" video game. The game can be played either as a solo adventure or a cooperative venture. We've been playing co-op and having a fantastic time. Yes, we could have gone to a couple of parties last night, but we decided that staying home and being nerdy was our preferred way to ring in the new year.

I did not make resolutions for this year. HF and I decided, instead, that 2013 would be the year of learning useful skills such as first aid, CPR, orienteering, and the like. I'm usually prepared with gloves, an umbrella, wet wipes... I should put something actually helpful into my head.

I realized as I typed up a 2012 retrospective on my bike blog that my riding slacked off considerably at the close of the year. Was it the weather? Was it my overall health? Was it my love for driving my sweet little car? It's probably a sum of all three. My time spent in the saddle will improve and I want to ride farther afield this year.

Work is going to be stressful and exciting this coming year. My team has been transitioning into new responsibilities and roles and we've been drinking from the proverbial fire hose for a couple of months now. I won't panic. I won't. I'm going to OWN this thing.


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