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(N.B. Being in the tech industry, I snicker when I see "Desolation of Smaug" shortened to "DOS" for fairly obvious, to me anyway, reasons.)

So anyway. Yesterday, the two girls behind the Happy Hobbit recorded their reaction to the film trailer and posted it to their YouTube and Facebook pages. Apparently PJ found and shared the video on his Facebook page and then recorded his main elven actors' reaction to the initial reaction video. Too adorable.


Jun. 11th, 2013 04:56 pm
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I was all set to whine about how stressful work has been and natter about trivialities -- as you do on LJ -- but then, in between conference calls, I sneaked a peek at the "Desolation of Smaug" trailer and my whole nerdy world turned on end. I admit that I curled my lip back with disgust in a few places, but the trailer left me breathless and with spiky hairs on my arms and the back of my neck.

I'm grateful that I had the presence of mind to keep my fangirly squees on the inside -- at least I think they stayed on the inside... nobody came by my cube to look at me strangely, anyway.


I'm going to go watch a few more times.
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It's been mentioned elsenet, and I may have alluded here: Hubbyfink is going in for surgery on Tuesday morning to remove a golf ball-sized acoustic neuroma, which is a benign tumor behind his left inner ear. His balance has been deteriorating as well as his hearing and his audiologist prescribed an MRI a few weeks ago. When they found a mass, the office set up an appointment with a neurologist who confirmed our fears; although, we joked about it being an absorbed twin and they'd find hair and teeth in it.

We've been going with gallows humor during this time to keep the terror at bay.

At way too early o'clock on Tuesday morning, we'll head up to Holy Cross hospital in Maryland and he'll be under for eight hours or so while I try to distract myself with telecommuting (if the hospital has decent wifi... of course, Bossman isn't expecting me to do anything this week) or reading or wandering the hospital.

What does this have to do with Les Mis? [ profile] carthew was horrified that I hadn't seen the musical movie version and scheduled a movie night for me, [ profile] psalite and LJ-less Kim. I've never seen a stage production, but I did read the book in high school and have seen a couple of non-musical movie version, and I've had the original Broadway cast soundtrack. So, I'm familiar with the story and the music. Because I didn't lose it during "I Dreamed a Dream" nor Gavroche's death, I figured I'd get out of the movie with my shriveled, cold heart intact. Then came the penultimate scene and I wept like a newborn babe.

Movie weeping then set off actual weeping from the build up of stress and worry and everything else, and [ profile] carthew held me and stroked my hair as I released keening wails and wracking sobs. I was able to unload and then go back to my normal wise-cracking self. At this point, Hubbyfink and I are back to being brave for each other but we do know and understand that the other is worried. He'll be okay, and in less than a week from now, he'll be back home and fending off his spot in the bed and on the sofa from Margiekitten and Oreomonster.

Zoom zoom

Mar. 27th, 2013 10:47 am
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I'm not actually feeling tragic, but I hardly ever get to use this icon. :)

All paperwork is settled. Clear liquid diet is underway and I'd maim someone for even just a cracker so I can chew something. I don't know how people who do this for weeks and weeks on end tolerate it, but I guess I'll find out soon enough. On the upside -- because I am the eternal optimist even when complaining -- I have to remove the rubber bands from my braces only when brushing my teeth... I'm having a good hair and makeup day and will have Hubbyfink snap "before" pictures tonight.

Work is actually calming down a bit, mostly because I've been hustling to tie up my projects for the week I'll be out. Bossman hasn't started panicking but I expect that to start this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest.

Watched "The Hobbit" when I worked from home on Monday and then again with Hubbyfink that night. Was vindicated that I did actually recognize some of the locations from LotR when the video blogs showed the location scouting. The video blogs, by the way, had nuggets of comedy gold. No spoilers, but I loved the unexpected elf action sequence towards the end. (I didn't watch any of the vlogs during production, btw.)

Soooo... that's all the news that's fit to print for the time being.
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Nerdiness ahead.

Last night, in between watching Sunday's episode of "The Talking Dead" and part two of "Top Gear"'s new and improved adventures in Africa episode, we had the theatrical release version of "The Two Towers" on as background noise.

"I can't watch the non-extended edition of the movies," I complained to Hubbyfink as I swept the kitchen while he unloaded the dishwasher.

He gave me the side-eye and asked, with some trepidation, why not.

"Not enough Merry and Pippin," I replied. "They're the best part of all three movies."

He was aghast. "But what about Aragorn? And the Rohirrim?? And Helm's Deep???"

"Those are your favorite parts of the movies, and they're okay I guess. But in the theatrical release of 'Two Towers' it's just Rohirrim and then slogging through with Frodo and Sam," I lamented. "Right now in the book, the battle of Helm's Deep is over and Gandalf and the gang have arrived at Isengard where Merry and Pippin are filling them in on what they've been up to. I'm almost finished with that half of The Two Towers and then the Frodo and Sam part starts. Maybe it'll be more exciting in the book?" (N.B. I'm currently reading the trilogy for the first time.)

"Mmm, not so much," Hubbyfink replied. He then dropped his voice conspiratorially. "When I watch the movies by myself, I fast forward through the Frodo and Sam parts."

Me too, my darling. Me too.
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Saturday was absolutely lovely. I practiced my uke a bit and learned a few more chords. The transitions to and from G are coming along except for my middle finger trying to jump onto the ring finger's string. There was some cursing, but no tears. I also worked on learning the bluegrass and Calypso strums. Fun!

In the early afternoon, I cajoled Hubbyfink into going on a quick (for us) bike trip to the post office and grocery store which ended up with us cruising through neighborhoods and along the bike trail. I met girlfriends for dinner and was flattered by the flirting of an adorable waiter/bartender. My single girlfriends were less than enthused about the smug-married getting all the attention, but I guess it's easier to flirt when you know there's nothing to come out of it. After dinner, we indulged in shopping therapy at Ulta (yay, makeup!) and Target (yay, everything else!). I grabbed a spring headband for each of us to wear as we cruised up and down the aisles. We looked like a bunch of lunatics, I'm sure.

[ profile] pirategirleee, LJ-less Kim, moi, and [ profile] psalite

Sunday was not so great, unfortunately. I awoke with Scott's cold, bleagh. I spent the day on the red sofa of AWESOMENESS and burned through back episodes of "Enlightened" via HBO On-Demand and introduced Hubbyfink to "The Jerk". He questions my taste in movies, and this one was the absolute cherry on the cake of what he calls "effed-up movies". I blame my parents.

Bedtime was super early for me. In fact, I almost crashed half way through "The Walking Dead", thinking I'd watch it later this week on the DVR. But I soldiered through and crawled into bed, fortified with a healthy dose of Nyquil, for a not-as-fitful-as-expected night. I still feel like crap, but I'm upright crap and have gotten quite a lot accomplished in the office. I lament that I'm too unwell to bike commute, but warmer days are ahead and I can go two-wheeled again before too much longer.
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Frankenstorm is on its way and the right side of my face hurts so badly that I only managed to cat nap with an ice pack on my face, two Tylenol PM, and four Advil. Good times. Other storm-related unhappiness is that I will dismantle and stow away the graveyard and ghosts lest they blow away and create hazards for other people. The one year that I decorate well in advance of Halloween... Ah well. The Halloween weather forecast has gone from dry and sunny to rainy and windy.


Saw "Sinister" last night. I alternated between boredom and tension. At one point, I even pulled out my phone to check Fandango to see how long the movie was supposed to be. The jump scares were cheap, the characters were stupid, and the lighting was atrocious. I'm pretty sure that the lighting was supposed to be "atmospheric", but the darkness was annoying and distracting. I should have sneaked out of the auditorium and into "Paranormal Activity 4".

Happily, I am working a half day due to a mid-afternoon hair appointment and getting a jump start on my birthday weekend. Tomorrow is the big four-oh and I've got a lot of celebrating planned. Tonight, I'm heading over to [ profile] carthew's house to play sous chef as she prepares my birthday cake. Tomorrow, I make the final tweaks to my costume for [ profile] flonzy and [ profile] azpapillion's Halloween/Birthday party. I may also jump on a bike and take a forty mile ride if my sinus stops hurting long enough for me to stop feeling like I'll pass out.

Oh, and Scott did get me the Lego Haunted House. It hasn't arrived yet, but he did order it. Yay!
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Got my bottom braces tightened Friday afternoon. My front bottom teeth have straightened out but I have an underbite again. Dr Izadi assures me that this is a normal process and we'll get the bottom teeth pulled back behind my upper teeth in time.

I worked from home for a few hours after my appointment and spent the evening transferring laundry around, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, and moving camping gear from the dining room to the basement. Hubbyfink took care of dismantling some furniture in the basement in preparation of a dump run on Saturday morning. The house looked -- and felt -- so much better after our impromptu cleaning frenzy.

Saturday was post-Pennsic mani-pedi day with [ profile] psalite, [ profile] pirategirleee, and Abe. I have dark, dark purple toenails with adorable white and blue flowers and blue dots on my big toes. I chickened out of getting the same color on my fingernails. Maybe next time. Of course, every time I get a manicure, I tell myself that I'll get the dark color "next time". After some pool time, we roamed the aisles of Target enabling and not enabling each other to buy stuff we didn't really need. We're good buds like that.

On Sunday, I finally watched [REC], the Spanish-language horror film upon which "Quarantine" was based. Okay, more than based: "Quarantine" was a shot-for-shot English-language remake. To be honest, I liked Jennifer Carpenter's performance better than the Spanish actress, but I may be biased towards Carpenter. I also just barely made it to the first matinee showing of the "Fright Night" remake. Mmm... shirtless, leather-pantsed David Tennant. I found the movie slightly disappointing, though. The cast was good, the revamped storyline was okay, the CG effects were pretty bad. Sooo... it was better than "Cowboys and Aliens".

When Hubbyfink got home from his afternoon activities, I talked him into a "short" bike ride with me. I've decided that my favorite time to be on the W&OD is after 5pm on the weekends. Most of the families with dogs, the Lance Armstrong wannabes, and the dawdlers have finished their excursions and the trail is mostly clear. We rode up to Carolina Bros BBQ at Ashburn road (5 miles) and took a break. After I caught a second wind, we hopped back on the bikes and headed for Leesburg. We got into the city limits and rode until mile post 32.5 where we turned around and headed back to Carolina Bros for another break. We were just past Loudoun County parkway (about mile 17) when my legs decided they'd had enough. I fought through the wall and pushed myself over Rte 28, under Church, and into our neighborhood. My legs felt like jelly and I was huffing and puffing, but I did it. And we did it really fast, for us anyway. According to my tracker, we rode 20 miles in an hour-forty, averaging 12 mph. I need more training, though, before the Backroads Century next month. We're biking the 30 mile "extended quarter century" this time. I bet we're up to a full century by next year. Or at least the metric century.

Five things

Apr. 5th, 2011 11:39 am
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If you thought the promos and hype for "Insidious" looked good, you were as fooled as I. Decent idea, poorly executed. PAINFUL dialogue. At several times, I thought about leaving the theatre because I was so bored. I should have waited to hear one of my horror podcasts review the movie first. Ah well.

Today I am dressed like a cherry blossom: pink/white/purple/black top, pinky-purple cardigan, and light grey slacks. I am also sporting pink lips, pink cheeks, and white & purple eyes. I don't like matching my makeup to my clothes, but browns and neutrals seemed so blah against the pink.

[ profile] zipmeister and boyfriend arrive Friday. Can't wait! There will be Legals Seafood, a Potomac cruise, a visit to the WWII memorial, a visit to the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space center, and sushi. I'm sure there will be other things as well, but these are Zippy and J's Must Dos.

It's yearly checkup time for the kittehs. I think I'm going to move Margie to Oreo's vet because 1) the office is closer and 2) the vet I really liked at Margie's practice left late last year. Gotta make appointments and figure out how to get Margie's records to the new doctor. I'm also very interested in seeing how much Oreo actually weighs. He's SO heavy.

Hubbyfink and I are going to see Cirque du Soliel's "Totem" in Baltimore for our anniversary. I know even less about this show than I knew about last year's "OVO".
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Ah! There's my beloved LJ. Poor dear, being pecked to death by ducks.

Another grand weekend in this neck of the woods. Light housekeeping, shopping (eeee! cute clothes!), BSG marathons, and long walks in all kinds of weather. Oh, and giving Hannah a heart attack when I stopped by to feed her kitties, not realizing that she'd returned home the night before. Oops.

Saturday's walk gave me all four seasons in five miles. The sky was clear and the sun was blazing when I started out. I thought for a short while that my earmuff headphones were going to be overkill, but then I got on the trail and was hit by a strong and chilly headwind. Good times. I continued on my merry way for another half mile and the sky clouded up and a quick hail storm popped up. That was a new one for me! I've walked in sun, rain, fog, freezing mist, and snow, and now I get to add hail to the list. My hat brim did a good job of protecting my face, but I took an occasional piece of ice to the bottom lip and that wasn't pleasant. Happily, the hail storm ended in another half mile and the weather was back to blazing sun and strong wind. But that wouldn't last for long because the sky clouded back up and the rain came pouring down close to the 2.5 mile mark. And that's how the second 2.5 miles back home went as well, minus the hail, thank goodness. The other bikers and walkers/joggers on the trail were in fairly good spirits and we all gave each other bemused commiserating looks. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Thai horror films on Netflix.

Sunday's walk was much calmer, weather-wise, and because it was so nice I decided to push my range. So far, the farthest I've walked is a little over five miles. What's another mile at that point? I didn't care how long it took me, and if I needed to rest at some point that was okay. I cruised on past Ferndale and continued on up to Elden Street. Whoo hoo! Turned back around and headed back home. I still managed my 4mph pace, but I was dog tired when I got home. Oh, and my poor feet. They aaaaaached. But they used to ache like that when I walked three miles and then four miles and then five miles. All of those distances are easy-peasy now. In another month or so six miles will be just as easy.

In the shopping vein, I found lots of cute tops and dresses at Tarzhay. I am SO happy that I can fit in their standard sizes now. That makes shopping even more fun! And I'm absolutely thrilled that the weather was warm enough that I could wear one of my new sundresses today.

In complexion news, the skin is still flaking, but I no longer look like I'm recovering from a bad sunburn. All active zits are gone but there are a few lumps and bumps under my skin. I'm using the Retin-A every other evening so that I don't burn my face off. So far, so good.

And now it's time for me to skedaddle so I can catch the next showing of "Insidious". I love Monday night movie dates even if they're with only me, myself, and I.
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Hubbyfink had a rough day yesterday and I suggested we check out "Paul". It turned out to be a very good idea. We laughed and clapped and howled. We also realized that we were the nerdiest viewers in the auditorium because most of the obscure, and even some of the obvious, references to other movies were completely missed by other folks. Of course, I ribbed Hubbyfink for not picking up on the music cue at the roadhouse, but he was too busy taking in other references during that scene. So, if you're a nerd and aren't bothered by foul language, go check this film before it disappears.

I had no reaction to the Aveeno Positively Radiant daily scrub last night. Yay, I have a cleanser! I also started the Retin-A treatment with no ill effect beyond my skin feeling reeeeally tight. So far, so good.

What else is going on? Playing with makeup application and colors. Continuing my walking workouts. Trying to be on the straight-and-narrow, food wise, and occasionally splurging. I had quite a set-back last week because I really indulged during Mom's visit. Still, my jeans keep getting baggier in the waist. I can't wear regular size pants and capris from Target yet because I'm still too bootylicious, but the Womens size bottoms correspond with the Lane Bryant size bottoms I wear.

The weather is so chilly, but I'm looking on the bright side (I am Mary F'ing Sunshine, after all) and seeing this as an opportunity to wear my adorable cold weather clothes one last time instead of grumbling about how much I want to wear my adorable warm weather clothes.
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Hubbyfink's birthday was Friday and it was a fairly low-key event. He's not into big to-dos and he didn't want to go anywhere. He was, however, beyond thrilled with his gifts: Jousting in Medieval and Renaissance Iberia by Noel Fallows and the blu-ray box set of "Battlestar Galactica". We watched his two favorite episodes "Exodus," parts one and two.

We spent a lot of the weekend watching BSG. There was also a little shopping, a lot of walking (Hubbyfink even joined me for the 5 miler on Saturday), and a Sunday matinee of "SuckerPunch". Ah, "SuckerPunch". What an apt name. We were expecting parts of the movie to encompass more of the screen time and were a little bit disappointed with what was served. Hubbyfink was actually brought pretty low by the ending. I wasn't bothered as it was fairly typical of the effed-up movies I usually watch.

In skincare news, the itchy rash is gone and it appears the culprits are the Aveeno Smart Essentials facial wash, daily scrub, and night time moisturizer. I can wear the Smart Essentials Daily Moisturizer and Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer, thank goodness, without issue. The Positively Ageless eye cream doesn't hurt my skin either. Still looking for a night time moisturizer and a cleanser that don't burn my skin and/or make me wake up itchy. I've got a couple of cleansers to try this week; hopefully one will be a winner. Night of Olay moisturizer doesn't burn my face upon application, but I wake up with itchy cheeks and neck. And yes, my daily moisturizer doesn't hurt me, but I don't want to sleep in SPF. More research indicated.
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Mom visited our happy home for a long weekend. She got in Wednesday evening after a harrowing and much-too-adventurous flight from Memphis to Dulles via Chicago. Her trip included a late flight out of Memphis, sitting on the tarmac at O'hare and watching her Chi-DC flight take off, and waiting at O'hare as her new Chi-DC flight kept getting delayed further and further into the afternoon. Poor Mom. She was exhausted when I greeted her at bag claim and was VERY happy to get to my house. We spent the evening doing a house tour and acquainting her with His Floppy Fluffiness Oreo. She was charmed by both.

On Thursday morning we dined on bananas and water before heading out to walk my three mile neighborhood loop. Mom did a fairly good job of keeping up and I tried not to get too far ahead of her on the hills. It was so much fun walking with a buddy instead of my ipod. I could get used to that. After a proper breakfast and showers, we hit the stores and shopped like, well, like we usually do when we're together. We bought clothes and shoes and paint for the bathroom and a firepit for the backyard and toiletries. I took her to the campus so she could see my cube and meet a few coworkers. We continued shopping until Hubbyfink got home from work. We picked him up and headed out for our Mexican feast at Don Pablo's. Because we'd shopped through lunch and had fairly empty stomachs, I got pretty drunk off my one Slender-rita. Mom blamed my sucking up the margarita through a straw. She sipped hers and was juuuust fine.

On Friday morning we dressed in some grubby, paint-stained clothes and set to work painting the full bath. Mom said, "Oh! This will take no time at all!" She didn't factor in the spackling, sanding, and priming with Killz. Six hours later, the bathroom looked great with its fresh coat of "Renoir Bisque" (a goldeny-peachy wheat/sand color) on the walls and crisp white on the trim, door, and mirror. Something happened to the light switch, though, and Hubbyfink replaced the dimmer switch with a standard switch so I could put CFLs above the mirror. I am in love with the wall color and with having lights that don't put out so much heat that I feel like I'm roasting when I put on my makeup. We got cleaned up and met [ profile] psalite and [ profile] pirategirleee for dinner at Amphora. Much fun (and food!) was had.

Saturday was Mom's last full day in town. We took another walk: this time to the trail and up through Hannah's neighborhood. It was a little too long a walk for Mom, but she hung in there and wouldn't let me race ahead to get the car and pick her up. What a champ! We breakfasted, cleaned up, and headed out for a little more shopping before catching a matinee of "The Adjustment Bureau". What a lovely movie. I was expecting something like "The Matrix" and got that plus a sweet love story. A little more shopping and we were ready for an evening at home. I tortured Mom with "Lake Mungo", an Australian ghost movie I really like but she found dreadful and dull. We stayed up late watching "Say Yes to the Dress".

Mom was up before us chickens on Sunday and managed to get all of her new purchases in her already overfull suitcase and the rolling duffel I lent her. I got her to Dulles over an hour before her flight's departure and she just barely made it to the gate because security took FOREVER. She got delayed in Chicago again thanks to terrible weather and eventually made it safely back to Memphis. We're sending her through Atlanta next time.


Dec. 21st, 2010 10:55 am
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2010 Daily Ornament Report - Cats are still being good. All ornaments, presents, and decorations are unmolested.

You know the best thing about the shortest day of the year? After today, the days will get longer and the sun will return.

I hopped out of bed at 3:15am and peeked out the bedroom window to see the red moon. By the time I dressed and got outside, a cloud bank had rolled in. But I persevered, bundled up in even more warm clothes and finally got a clear viewing of the de-eclipse. Of course, when I went back in I realized that my best view really was from the bedroom window, but it wouldn't have been the same to watch the winter-solstice-full-moon-eclipse and not breathe in the crisp winter air. "Magical" pretty much sums up the experience.

This morning I am enjoying the view of sunshine dappling the small, unfrozen part of the pond outside. A few geese have been paddling about that tiny area; the rest of the flock are standing on the ice. The bare trees stand in stark contrast against the deep blue, pale greys, and blinding white of the pond and hill.

I took the night off last night and watched "Black Swan". It's definitely an Aronofsky film. If you enjoyed "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream", you'll probably enjoy this as well. Still processing.
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On Saturday I tagged along with [ profile] boneshard up to Gettysburg for Horrorfind Weekend. I was so nervous about going that I almost canceled, but I really wanted to see what a convention like this was like. I was expecting Arisia- or Philcon levels of people and dealers and costumes and celebs. Unfortunately, it was more like a crowded swap meet. There were some cool things in the dealer room, but honestly, the best dealer set-up was the Steampunk vendor (what does Steampunk have to do with horror??). [ profile] boneshard was captivated by another vendor's wares which included flatware with pewter bones and baby arms for the handles. I kind of liked her bracelet of pewter wisdom teeth.

The celebrity room was kind of sad. Ted Raimi was dressed up in a suit which was wearing him. He looked like a little kid going to someone's wedding or funeral. Jake Busey had a million watt smile. Gary Busey looked like he'd been fished out of a gutter that morning. Dee Wallace Stone was very sweet when I told her how much I love her work. I also got to meet Terrance Zdunich and tell him how much I loved "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and compliment his singing voice. He was an absolute sweetheart. I talked myself out of getting Kristy Swanson's signature on a stake as I'm not that much of a collector. A lot of the movie celebrity stations were unmanned, though, so I missed seeing lots of folks. To be honest, the celebrity room had sort of a petting-zoo feel to it: the celebrities looked sort of sad, but resigned, to their lot in life.

[ profile] boneshard made a bee-line for the author row where we both picked up some Joe R. Lansdale (of "Bubba Ho-Tep" fame) books. One of the guys on Night of the Living Podcast has been raving about Lansdale for a while and he kindly suggested the two best books for a newbie to his work (The Bottoms and a collection of short stories). It turned out that the authors were the best part of this con for me, even though I only know two of them through movies made of their work: Lansdale's "Bubba Ho-Tep" and Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door". We attend an author panel and spent ninety minutes listening to the guys discuss not apologizing for their art and their views on the industry and hacks within the industry.

We ducked out for a quick dinner and came back to the site to discover that the line to get into the theater for the costume contest was the length of a football field. The staffers keeping the line... in line told us that the theater was already filled to capacity and we weren't getting in. The hell? We decided to bail for home. All of the sudden there was a flurry of activity at the front of line. Cheering and camera flashes. It was Bruce Campbell. He walked the line, apologizing to the crowd for "traveling so far and paying for a con we couldn't get into." Such a cool guy. We spent a little while at the back of the theater peering through the window and naming off as many character costumes as we could figure out and then headed home through the more scenic and "Jeepers Creepers"-esque parts of Pennsylvania. Fitting for a horror con day, really.

[ profile] boneshard assures me that Monster Mania on the 18th will be much better.
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I have no idea what we did Friday. Oh, wait. We went to Don Pablo's because I needed a strawberry margarita and queso and then wandered through Target for a while. I don't remember the rest of the evening (see: strawberry margarita).

On Saturday I was up at the crack of 10am and set to cleaning house. Hubbyfink and I put away basket after basket of clean laundry and got the bedroom cleaned up. I straightened the craft room enough to move my drafting materials onto the sewing table. We organized and put away the camping gear and cleaned up the laundry/storage room. Hubbyfink moved all non-perimeter furniture out of the dining and living rooms. I vacuumed while he retrieved a carpet cleaner from Safeway. I retreated to the upper level and scrubbed the bathroom while he stank up the middle level of the house with carpet cleaner. Around 5pm, we called it a day and invited [ profile] pirategirleee out for dinner and "How to Train Your Dragon".

SUCH a cute movie. We laughed, we almost cried, it was better than "Cats".

We capped off the evening with my revving the Highlander up to 100MPH on the route 28 international speedway just to see how fast I could get it to go. The speedo goes to 140, but I lose my nerve above 100. Thankfully, that particular section of road was clear of both cars and cops so my new car was not impounded after only one week of use.

By Sunday afternoon, the carpets were dry enough that we could move the furniture back into position. I set some stepping stones into the front garden. We window-shopped for basement furniture and I bought a warm weather wreath for the front door. I did a little homework (my set-up in the craft room is SO much more comfortable than perching over the coffee table). We cleaned up the back yard a bit. I mopped the kitchen and entry hall while Hubbyfink vacuumed the stairs and living room. I swept the basement while he took cardboard boxes to the recycling center. In and around all this was lots and lots of laundry. We called it a day around 7pm and finished the evening with a show about Andalusian Spain and "Holmes on Homes".

I didn't do any of my self-vanity projects, but the house is clean and that's good enough for now.
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I'm still getting used to the new ride. I had said that I didn't want anything too big and the Highlander is definitely big. It's taller than me and wide enough to accommodate the headboard of the bed we bought at Gulf Wars. I keep thinking that I've made a terrible mistake and Hubbyfink keeps reminding me that I always go through a short period of buyer's remorse and then everything is peachy keen again. Okay, he didn't say "peachy keen", but I got his drift. It does handle like a dream and the sound system is pretty sweet.

I've registered her with the county and am waiting for my insurance agent to call back so I can get her insured have put her on my insurance. The county and DMV know that Jeepfink is no longer mine. (*sniffle*) I've decided upon what I want my personalized plates to say but I don't have a title number yet so I can't order the plates online or by phone. Bugger.

In non-car news, Hubbyfink and I made a dent in clearing camping gear from the dining room and kitchen this weekend. The rooms are still in disarray, but it's less disarray. We also did countless loads of laundry and Hubbyfink worked on some cutting drills while beating the indoor/outdoor rug we'd set up under the shade fly during Gulf Wars.

I saw "Alice in Wonderland" with [ profile] pirategirleee this weekend and... it's pretty. Still need to carve out time to see "How to Train Your Dragon".
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I'm catching up on watching older horror movies. Oh sure, I cut my teeth on "The Exorcist" and "Halloween", but I've missed many of the modern classics, specifically the slasher films, due to disinterest. However, if I'm going to keep my horror movie buff cred, I should be better versed in this sub-genre.

I caught "Scream" during the Halloween horror film fests and, aside from continuing my dislike of Neve Campbell, I enjoyed the movie. I can see why it was a hit and created such a stir when it was released. I've no desire to see the sequels, though.

I have finally watched "Friday the 13th" and... really? This movie spawned a ten movie franchise (eleven if you count "Freddy vs Jason")? I suppose the twist and the penultimate scene were shocking nearly thirty years ago. Okay, the penultimate scene was still shocking, but the rest of the movie was pretty dull. As above, I don't feel the need to catch the sequels.

So, I suppose this leaves me with "Nightmare on Elm Street". I'll save watching that one for another day.
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I'm about to pop I'm so excited about Halloween. I pulled out a few more decorations last night and have set up costume bits in the craft room. I hope to work on my dress tonight; there's a lot of draping and pinning to do. I should probably do a test run of some of my makeup, too, so that I don't frustrate myself on Saturday.

We have SO much candy. We've been mobbed by kids the last couple of years so I got two big bags of Tootsie Roll stuff (yum!) and an even bigger bag of Gooey Brains (barf!). Half of the Gooey Brains bag filled the candy basket. We may have too much candy. Hubbyfink and I have been good and have only eaten one piece each from the Tootsie Roll bags.

I hope it doesn't rain Saturday. It will adversely affect the evening's fun and hurt my planned decorations. See? I didn't start decorating outside because I knew it was going to rain yesterday. Oh! I still need to get a couple of real pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, the local ABC affiliate pre-empted "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for election coverage. Can you believe it?? The only show I've wanted to watch on broadcast television this year and they pre-empt it. It's supposed to air this Saturday at 2pm, but it's not listed in the guide.

So, instead, I let "Poltergeist" play in the background on AMC while I worked on homework last night. I still can't watch the face-ripping scene. Hubbyfink's never seen the movie and came in during the part when Diane and Carol-Anne fall through the ceiling covered in red jello. He looked a little pale. I proudly announced to him, "My parents let me see this when I was nine! And I had nightmares for weeks afterwards because of the child-eating tree." My dad agrees that taking a seven- and nine-year-old to see "Poltergeist" probably wasn't the best idea. Of course, Mimi and I had already whet our horror appetite on "Halloween" and "The Exorcist" by then so they probably figured we could handle a Spielberg movie. Maybe that's what is wrong with me. Hm...
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It hasn't been too bad, all things considered. I want to dopeslap a couple of engineers abroad; Bossman said, "Get in line." Ah well. I should be completely caught up in another day.

Hubbyfink and I going to finally see "Zombieland" tonight. We'd intended to make a movie night while at the beach, but wound up being too busy loafing. Oh, what a terrible problem to have. But anyway, date night with zombies isn't a bad thing.

In semi-related news, I now have three foreign-language horror movies in my collection: "The Devil's Backbone", "The Orphanage", and "Let the Right One In". In reviewing my horror movie collection, I noticed a solid lack of John Carpenter films, aside from the 25th anniversary edition of "Halloween". This is unacceptable. I need to see if I can actually watch all of "The Thing". I'm still pretty traumatized by watching the dog scene in my formative years. I also need "Jaws" for next year's Beach Week.


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