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I know: it's hard to imagine. I'm just as shocked as you are.

Anyway. Last night, Hubbyfink mentioned something about a project that James McAvoy will be in (which I cannot for the life of me remember what he was talking about) and I responded, "Oh! You know what I just realized a couple of weeks ago? James McAvoy was Mr. Tumnus!"

Hubbyfink gave me a 'well, duh' look. He pulled a lot of faces at me last night.

Since we saw "The Hobbit" in December I've been trying and trying to "see" Sylvester McCoy in all his Radagast-y glory and I just couldn't. Today, though, it finally clicked. I've been looking for 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee under all that make-up when it is actually the 7th Doctor under there.

Don't mind me. I'll be over in the corner face-palming a bit and maybe staring at Pippin pictures.

(The time for multiple posts is courtesy of several conference calls which I don't need to pay much attention to.)


Jan. 29th, 2013 11:35 am
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Changes may be coming in this spring, but I don't have details or specifics or even a timeline on when things will get rolling and it's driving me CRAZY. As the kids say, serenity now! Patience, grasshoppah. It's a good change, if it happens, but I'm still trying not to get twisted up in knots with anticipation.

Vague post is vague, and I hate being that guy. But if everything falls through, I don't want to have proverbial egg on my face.

The hell?

Jul. 14th, 2012 07:23 pm
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Scott was flipping through the channels and landed upon G4 which is covering San Diego Comic Con. Right now, John Barrowman is interviewing Anthony Bourdain.

Brain whiplash.
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(I don't know about y'all, but I've been having EXTREME difficulty accessing any Google site except for the main home page. This has put a serious damper on my ability to email or blog or upload photos. Grr.)

(Ah! Looks like the flash upgrade from earlier this week munged things up. With the new download, everything is again tickety-boo.)

On to the actual post: I mentioned my dislike of the stock saddle and grips on the PUBLIC Bikes C8 and I took haste to replace those troublesome items. The creamy white of the Selle Royal Contour and the PUBLIC Leather Ergo grips purred "Buy ussssss..." and I was powerless to resist.

The saddle installation was surprisingly easy. It was so easy, in fact, that I worried I'd done something wrong. But, after several test rides around the block, the saddle felt like it was in the right position and angle. After the saddle installation, I scoured the intarwebs for information on how to remove and install handlebar grips. I was shocked to learn that three out of three bike shop guy videos said to use hair spray as both a lubricant and adhesive.

Sure enough, with a light coating of hair spray inside the grips, they slid right onto the bar. I waited a while for adhesion and then took the bike out for a spin to test the new grips. I took off... and nearly crashed when the left grip popped right off the bar in my hand. That was more than a little bit terrifying. I tried coating the bar ends with hair spray, slid the grips on, and let them cure overnight.

I tested the grips in the morning and they popped right off again. After work yesterday, we carried my bikes over to Spokes, Etc. After the wonderful mechanic swapped the clipless pedals out for my old spiky pedals on Lily the Ariel -- the numerous and painful crashes just weren't worth it and I wasn't strong enough to remove the pedals -- I asked him to make my grips not slide off the handlebars. What I didn't realize is that the tiny little hole in the end of the grip held a tiny little screw that would help the grips not fly off the bar when I took off from a standing position.

The mechanics fixed my grips -- they needed to slide the shifter and brakes in a bit -- quickly and I was a fairly happy cyclist. When I got home I futzed with the brake and shifter position and got them back into more comfortable positions. Scott came into the kitchen at one point and said that I was as bad as a gearhead. I don't think I'm worthy of that title until I actually build up a bike, though. And with everything accomplished, I was a completely happy cyclist.

Now my beautiful bike is even more beautiful and the color coordination eases my need for harmony. I realize that the saddle and grips will get grimy just like the lovely cream tires have, but for now everything is perfect.

In the name department, the top contenders are Mina, Hermione, and Cate (as in C8...Cate). Yes, the cruiser is "Kate", but I think of that bike as being free spirited like Kate Winslet and the loop frame is more elegant like Cate Blanchett.


Apr. 26th, 2012 03:00 pm
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Got a call last night from the accounts receivable department of a mail-order pharmacy. I had mailed in some scripts and asked them to bill me. That was all fine and good, but AR wanted to know how I would be paying the $600 for 90 day supplies of my two scripts.


Apparently, the script that cost ~$2 for thirty days from a retail pharmacy was going to cost me $470 for ninety days via mail order. (The other script was two-thirds the retail cost which was a happy surprise.) AR lady was sympathetic to my confusion, put my order on hold, and suggested I contact my insurance company to find out why they weren't subsidizing more of my mail order. I spent the rest of the evening fretting and fuming except for the part where I read a third of Chamber of Secrets.

When I got to work this morning, I visited the pharmacy's site and reviewed my prescription history. Everything looked normal until I got to the most recent order and realized that the brand name drug was in that order. I've been using the generic with no ill effect so it was worth my while to call the mail order pharmacy again and ask about that.

It turned out that the brand name cost is $490 for ninety days while generic is $5 for ninety days. There was no hesitation on my part when I changed the order to generic. Megan the CSR was an absolute delight to work with, and we'll be diligent about marking that "Generic is okay" box in the future.
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I'm pretty clumsy and after thirty-mumble years of being so, I've pretty much come to accept that I shall never have natural grace. It is with this understanding in mind that I do certain off-beat things like attaching my rear-view mirrors upside down.

Upside down you turn me.
Upside down you turn me.

I do this not because I'm bucking the norm, but because I've already laid down this bike and I don't want to be cracking mirrors all the time (like I need that kind of luck). The reverse mirror position means I have to shift my wrists a bit to take in the rear view, but today my odd preparation paid off.

While hauling out the bike for this morning's oh-my-God-chilly commute, I fell off our stoop and into the Dagobah-esque low spot in our yard. I was fine, bike was fine aside from great gobs of mud on the left handlebar, the first set of clothes was covered in mud from my left ankle to my left elbow. I suppose I should be thankful that the swamp was soft. The mirror was perfectly fine aside from the aforementioned great gobs of mud. A change of clothes and a half dozen paper towels later and I was ready to roll.

And speaking of mud, I've finally found a front fender to fit my bike. I purchased a set of Planet Bike fenders (this set, maybe?) last year and was horrified to discover that my bike has braze-ons on only one side. Really? Really really? Of course this was after assembling and attaching the fenders to the side with braze-ons. So, I've been using something like this for several months and was pretty unhappy with that set up. But then I discovered the Planet Bike Freddy ATB fenders this past weekend. I do have a braze-on at the cross piece of the front fork (visible just under my purse on the picture above) and, after purchasing a slightly shorter bolt at the hardware store, I attached the front fender with the assistance of Scott's brawn. Unfortunately, I could not get the back fender to work with my rack set-up. And the pseudo braze-on back there is too tiny to be useful. At least the rack protects me from having a skunk stripe up my back even if doesn't protect a cyclist behind me from my rooster tail. I'm very happy with the front fender, though, and have joyfully rolled through the once and future puddle on the W&OD between LoCoPkwy and Smiths Switch.

In other news, I thought I'd share a comparison of yesterday's fog to today's sun.

On a clear day...
On a clear day...

That's better.


Nov. 30th, 2011 09:52 am
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Gratuitous icon post for [ profile] danabren.
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I didn't ride to work yesterday because my body was completely wiped from the rides on Sunday and Monday and I was too much of a wuss to work through it. I did, however, miss my being on my bike so much that I rode it up to Safeway for some post-work grocery shopping. I wore my work clothes (yay, cycle chic; or at least as chic as I ever get) and my little Bell W/O blinky lights. Unfortunately, I didn't consider the fact that the day's light was pretty dim when I set out and would be completely dark by the time I escaped the check-out line. Oops.

In fact, Hubbyfink called as I loaded up my basket (and I do mean loaded. good thing I have a bungee net to keep the overflowing groceries from spilling into the street) and asked if he needed to rescue me. I am a self-rescuing princess most of the time and decline his offer, sure that my little blinky lights would keep me safe. I did set the front light on non-blinky mode so that I could actually see the road and not give myself a seizure.

Problem the first: I was wearing my work clothes. My non-reflective, dark work clothes. Dummy.
Problem the second: Front LED light is decent for twilight visibility but not so good for illuminating the road ahead of me.
Problem the third: The neighborhood I ride through to avoid the traffic on Sterling Blvd has no street lights.
Problem the fourth: I just bought a super bright LED headlight and taillight and left those suckers on the dining room table.

That ride home was the scariest damn thing I have ever done. Every time a car came up behind me, I started praying "please see me, please see me". Every time a car came towards me, I prayed the exact same thing. The intersection with the boulevard where I would turn left in my truck but go straight on the bike NEVER has anyone turning left from the other side. NEVER. And of course, last night there was a car turning left. My guardian angel kept me safe and the driver saw me. I rode slowly through the neighborhood (see: dim headlight) and kept as close to the curb as I could. I usually take the lane so I'm not weaving in and out of parked cars, but I didn't trust the occasional neighborhood traffic to see me.

I made it home safe and mostly sound although I was pretty shakey, and I promised myself that I wouldn't leave the good lights at home. Yes, I know I did some very stupid things last night; there's no need to berate me in comments. I can and do learn from my mistakes.
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Work has been hellacious since we are in 2012 budget creation and justification mode. Bossman and I were in our respective offices past 8pm on Friday and were both in early and left late yesterday. Today's been only mildly crazy, for me anyway, and I've been able to almost catch up on the important and time sensitive items which got kicked to the curb since last Wednesday. Bossman and I are going over our budget deck tomorrow morning with GrandBossman. Hopefully things will be set up well enough that Bossman can go on his vacation Thursday and Friday. I'm heading to Memphis for a week of vacation with a clear conscience on Saturday.

Mental health is ... well, I'm not sure how to finish that clumsy transition. I feel fine emotionally. The healthy food and exercise and fresh air and keeping me in fairly good balance. I quit taking Celexa -- or whatever generic form of citalopram my mail-order pharmacy dispenses -- at the beginning of June because I'm contrary like that. The brain zaps are pretty bad. I haven't been hit with any of the other effects such as insomnia, nausea, confusion (beyond my usual befuddlement), or nightmares. I do get the occasional spot of vertigo, but I can't say whether that's withdrawal or concussion leftovers. Yay. So, I'm a month out and am hoping that I'll be one of the lucky who only have a couple months' worth of zaps to deal with. Please, God, let me be one of the lucky.


Apr. 21st, 2011 02:33 pm
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I had the most bizarre dream earlier this week: I was a serial killer. I attacked and killed my friends, disposed of the evidence, and evaded capture and suspicion. Toward the end of the dream I realized that I was dreaming and didn't want to be seeing and doing such horrific things. I don't remember exactly who I killed and even if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you because (1) I don't want the victims to worry and (2) I want everyone to feel paranoid. Heh.

As noted elsenet, Margie tried to kill me last night. I got up in the wee hours for a, uh, wee and realized the upstairs bath was out of toilet paper. I headed downstairs and felt something soft and furry underfoot on the first step. She squeaked, I eeped, and, thankfully, had enough presence of not-awake mind to grab for the rail before surfing down the stairway. Margie got away and I slid down only a couple of stairs. By that point I was wide awake. When I gained composure, I checked the shaken cat and determined she was okay. I was mostly okay aside from sore shoulder muscles. Perhaps she will learn that the next to top stair is not primo sleeping space when the humans are supposed to be in bed.

It's been a slow news week and I've been cruising about the blogosphere. I've found many fashion and home decor blogs, a few beauty blogs, and a handful of Fat Acceptance/Health at Every Size blogs. I find the FA/HAES blogs thought-provoking and they've caused some inner turmoil as I'm working to shed excess weight and inches. I'm torn because I feel like I should be satisfied and appreciative of the body I have now but I'm looking ahead to the smaller body I'll have later this year or next year. The brain meats are still percolating on this. I may try and explore it, or I may decide this is all too first-world-problem-esque and leave it be.
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Work is cuh-razy busy this week and I've been pulling some long hours. I'm quite fried, truth be told, and am going to stay home this weekend and decompress. I cannot wait for Friday night. Srsly.

While noodling through a friend's LJ, I found a link about extinction bursts (i.e., "Any time you quit something cold turkey, your brain will make a last-ditch effort to return you to your habit." - from the article). I now understand that my food cravings and unfortunate subsequent binges are internal tantrums that I'm rewarding. I've been sitting here thinking about walking up to the campus shop to buy a candy bar and chips because, gosh darn it, I want chocolate and salt and comfort today. I'm not even hungry. In fact, I'm actually quite full from lunch and I would feel miserable if I crammed a king-size candy bar (that's the only size the shop carries) and a bag of chips down my gullet. My emotions are stamping their tiny little feet. But I am a mean mommy and I am not going to give in to a tantrum.

I don't think I'm going to give in.

No! I am not giving in. I've shrunk out of a pants size and a bra size. I am not going to bobble between old and new sizes. Shut up, extinction burst, I'm not listening. Lalalalalalala.
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While answering the comments to my last post, I looked at the icon I used in that post (and this one) and had a brain wave. During my next walk, I should pretend that I'm in a Doctor Who episode and spend the whole time running away from pretend monsters. It's the Doctor Who Companion Workout!
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I found these delicious confections while Mom looked for a birthday cake for Johnny last week. Behold the glory that is the hamburger & fries cake )
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I gave the nav system a test run today to see how it would work in an area I knew. It did fairly well, to be honest. However, I noticed something odd about the voice giving directions: the vowel sounds are way off. Like pre-vowel shift off. Waxpool is "Wexpole" and Greenthorne is "Grenthurn". Of course, when I reached Sherwood and Holborn the voice pronounced them perfectly. Hubbyfink says my navigator must be Chaucerian.
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Saw this site on an LJ community and HAD to share: I don't need anything from that site, but I'm way too fascinated with the nail jar and urine sample candles.

I think [ profile] pirategirleee needs the Shaun throw pillow.
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Today's loop is the theme to "The Wild, Wild West". I can't decide if that is better or worse than yesterday's tiny snippet of "Peter and the Wolf". That might not have been so bad if I could remember any other part of the piece.
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The fun folks at Night of the Living Podcast say that mummies are not zombies. This is because mummies are golems and are animated by magic.

Of course, the potions used to turn people into zombies* could, technically, be considered magic. I mean, reanimating the dead sounds rather magical to me. So, does that mean that zombies could be golems as well? And mummies are zombies? Or are zombies simply fresher, unwrapped mummies?

I need a horror geek salon. Srsly.

*Traditional, voodoo-style zombies. Not these johnny-come-lately, brain-seeking zombies.

Geek alert

Dec. 1st, 2009 10:02 pm
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Hubbyfink's playing Assassin's Creed 2 which is set in 1480s Florence and Venice, and I'm critiquing the clothes of the NPCs in the background. There have been some decent outfits, but I've spotted an Elizabethan-era tall hat and the Florentine whores are wearing the 16th century pointy Venetian hairstyle (did they wear that style in Florence?). The street doctor is wearing a plague mask; that's a nice touch. Most of the women are in gamurre; I've seen a couple of giornee. Hubbyfink's spotted some chaperones and bag hats among the men.

I'm anxiously awaiting his character's arrival in Venice. Heh heh heh.

ETA: Neck ruffs?? In 1480 Florence?? Say it ain't so!
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I've been waiting over a week for the (deeply discounted) Adobe software to ship from JourneyEd and, while looking at the website and vainly hoping for a ship date, I noticed a rather huge problem with what I'd ordered. The software I purchased is for a Mac.

Hubbyfink has a Mac; I do not. I broke out in a cold sweat and called JourneyEd. Thankfully, the Mac software is on back order (hence the lack of ship date), but the Windows software is in stock. Same price, thankfully, and it will ship out tomorrow. Phew!
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I am a bad wife and my laundry fu is exceeding poor this week. Not only did I shrink Hubbyfink's orangey-red wool Bockston tunic (it's been laundered how many times since I made it and it chose NOW to shrink??) and Hubbyfink's magenta hood from Historic Enterprises (which is just WRONG because my black HE hood of the same weight wool was in that wash load and DIDN'T shrink!), but now I've managed to color every white article of clothing he wore this week a dark shade of mauve because the duvet cover, which stopped bleeding before Pennsic, chose this week to bleed anew.


I owe Hubbyfink a LOT of new clothes. :(


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