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Frankenstorm is on its way and the right side of my face hurts so badly that I only managed to cat nap with an ice pack on my face, two Tylenol PM, and four Advil. Good times. Other storm-related unhappiness is that I will dismantle and stow away the graveyard and ghosts lest they blow away and create hazards for other people. The one year that I decorate well in advance of Halloween... Ah well. The Halloween weather forecast has gone from dry and sunny to rainy and windy.


Saw "Sinister" last night. I alternated between boredom and tension. At one point, I even pulled out my phone to check Fandango to see how long the movie was supposed to be. The jump scares were cheap, the characters were stupid, and the lighting was atrocious. I'm pretty sure that the lighting was supposed to be "atmospheric", but the darkness was annoying and distracting. I should have sneaked out of the auditorium and into "Paranormal Activity 4".

Happily, I am working a half day due to a mid-afternoon hair appointment and getting a jump start on my birthday weekend. Tomorrow is the big four-oh and I've got a lot of celebrating planned. Tonight, I'm heading over to [ profile] carthew's house to play sous chef as she prepares my birthday cake. Tomorrow, I make the final tweaks to my costume for [ profile] flonzy and [ profile] azpapillion's Halloween/Birthday party. I may also jump on a bike and take a forty mile ride if my sinus stops hurting long enough for me to stop feeling like I'll pass out.

Oh, and Scott did get me the Lego Haunted House. It hasn't arrived yet, but he did order it. Yay!
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A couple of months ago, I fretted about starting perimenopause due to night sweats and insomnia. Some people suggested a medication as the culprit and I pooh-poohed the idea since I'd been on those meds for months with no ill effects. Well, it turns out that the cause was a too-high dose of Cymbalta. My shrink cut the dose by a third to stop manic episodes last month and the night sweats disappeared after a week. Unless I'm exhausted, I still have a hard time getting to sleep but I'm sleeping more soundly these days. No need for replacement hormones just yet.

The car shopping is done. There's nothing out there right now that is more attractive than what I have right now, to be honest. I decided that since I couldn't get EXACTLY what I wanted, I should hold on to the devil I know and, for once in my life, not borrow (or buy) trouble. I am strangely relieved by this decision.

I don't handle death well. Navel-gazing and confessing. )

I don't want to leave this entry on such a self-indulgent point. Oh wait, it's LiveJournal; everything about this place is self-indulgent. Anyway, I have a couple of clothing issues:

Issue one: Oreo chewed through one of my nightgown straps yesterday. Thankfully, it was not on me at the time. I leave my nightgown on my pillow so I can find it in the dark after Hubbyfink goes to bed. Oreo finally noticed a string which needed chewing and I discovered a soggy, chewed up mess on my pillow. Thank goodness it wasn't the aftermath of a horking episode as I'd initially feared. Luckily, the nightgown came with a stupid bow that I'd snipped off and tied to make a headband so I have enough fabric to make a new strap.

Issue two: This may be the last public wearing of the jeans I currently have on. All that cycling to work in real clothes this past winter put a hurt on the seats and inner thighs of my jeans and this pair has gotten especially thin in a potentially scandalous area. Note to self: check those yoga capris I wear on long rides for similar wear and tear...


Jan. 30th, 2012 11:46 am
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More weird dreams this morning in between bouts of not sleeping because I was too warm or too cold or squished by cats (Oreo is a large cat who has to take up a lot of space while Margie is a small cat who thinks she needs to take up a lot of space). I've been overheating a lot during the night, waking up bathed in sweat and having soaked through the sheets. Perimenopause, maybe? Doesn't that kind of thing follow heredity lines, though? Both my grandmother and mother were definitely NOT in menopause at this stage in their lives; in fact, they were both pretty heavy with child. Or maybe the comforter is just too heavy for this mild winter and I'm getting too squished by overly-warm kitties and I'm being a bit of a hypochondriac. Blah.

I'm not logging the dreams this time because they are much too embarrassing because of the people involved, but part of one was mildly influenced by all the zombie fiction I've been reading recently. Good gracious, there's a lot of zombie fiction out there. I'm trying to balance that out with Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and The Hours. I loved the movie version of the latter, but I'm finding the actual book to be soporific. Maybe that's what I should pull out when I can't sleep. I've also enjoyed two cinematic versions of Dorian Gray and am looking forward to reading the actual story and discover what was left out. As for Jane, I have no idea about that story beyond it being "gothic".

That's all I can sneak in for now. There are more sales forecasts to analyze and network designs to finalize. Good times. No, I really mean that this time.

Four eyes

Jan. 19th, 2012 02:43 pm
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I am coming to terms with my new reading glasses, especially since I no longer squint at the laptop screen when wearing them. Perhaps this means that Hubbyfink will stop thinking that I compute "angry". I've got them pushed fairly down on my nose in the stereotypical librarian position so that I can see farther away objects clearly.

I think I'll get a pair for the office.


Jan. 18th, 2012 10:02 am
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The morning temperature wasn't too bad as I've figured out how to layer when it's in the 30s, but the 25mph wind roaring up and across the trail was HORRIFIC. In the places where the trees typically provide a windbreak, they were instead wind tunnels. I felt like I was being push up the downhills. No coasting on this morning's five mile trip. Oof.

Here's hoping the wind dies down for the return trip home, eh?

In other news, I purchased my first pair of reading glasses last night. I was browsing the catfood aisle, checking ingredients on a can of food and realized that I could not read the tiny print. I sighed, carried the can over to the pharmacy, and tested different strengths of reading glasses. My self-prescribed strength is +1.25. According to my mother -- who I teased pretty badly whenever she handed something over for me to read to her -- that's nothing, but she still laughed at me after accepting my apology for the above-mentioned teasing. As I noted elsenet, the last time I wore glasses was the last time I wore braces. All I need is a permed mullet (and drop 100 pounds) and I'll look like my junior high self.


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