Aug. 27th, 2012 10:41 am
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Last week, I hit the going-out-of-business sale at the Sterling Avenue. Everything was 80% off and I stocked up on sweaters ($5 each!), plus a couple black skirts, soft black slacks, sleek winter white slacks, and two shirts. My eye was critical and, rather than snapping up one in every color, I selected garments in only those colors I want to make my signature going forward.

I've been reading a lot of fashion and style blogs and I'd like to minimize my wardrobe. Yeah, good luck with that... But I do want to make it a wardrobe with separates which will coordinate with one another. So while the actual amount of garments will be slim, but combinations will keep me from getting bored. Something else I wanted to keep in mind were accessories. With basic staples, I can jazz things up with the dozens upon dozens of colorful scarves and statement jewelry pieces I already own. Basically, I want simplicity in my clothing and elegance in my accessories.

Much of Saturday and Sunday was spent savaging my wardrobe. I pulled nearly everything out of my closet and dresser drawers, and if I didn't love a garment on my body, it got tossed in a give-away pile. This critique wasn't just about fit: I scrutinized color and comfort and how each garment made me feel. If I'm to be completely truthful, I must admit that I then hit Lane Bryant, with coupons in hand, and selected the afore-mentioned staples such as blouses (that actually fit my bust and waist!) and a few more pairs of pants so that I will wear something other than jeans to work.

Next on the agenda is to take my bounty of adorable autumn/winter skirts to a tailor have them hemmed to a more flattering height. The A-lines look great on me, but the mid-calf hemline is dowdy. I want/need knee length skirts to make my legs look their best.
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Stowed all camping gear (minus the bed) into its area in the basement. I even decluttered enough to find homes on the shelving unit for the new feather bed, comforter, wool blanket and cushions. The other wool blanket has a home in the blue trunk in the sewing room. The blue trunk also houses four stackable square baskets, two sets of camping sheets, another blanket, and all the flour sack and linen towels.

Put away all SCA clothes. The craft room is ALMOST back to its natural state of order. It should be completely straight, minus dusting, this evening.

Dyed my hair dark brown. Hubbyfink wishes it were red. Heh. As I look back through my hair gallery, I notice that my hair was about this color back in 2006 and sort of auburny in 2008. I wanted to go darker, but the color suggestions on the dye boxes scared me off.

Sauteed for the first time ever. I made chicken fajitas Saturday night and it was a big deal. I love to bake and am fairly good at it. I am not fond of cooking. Or rather, I wasn't fond of cooking. Now that I'm discovering that it's not too terrifying or hard, I'm actually sort of enjoying it. Plus, I'm excited about the opportunities this has opened up for preparing vegetables beyond "raw" and "steamed". Hee.
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There was gaming, socializing, and cleaning/organizing to various levels of success this weekend. I was bored Friday night and finally broke open The Orange Box to give "Half Life 2" a try. Ten minutes later, I shut down the 360 because I was nauseated and motion sick. I tried again a few hours later and was able to play for another ten minutes before shutting the game off again due to nausea. I haven't been able to bring myself to fire that game -- or any other -- back up for fear of motion sickness since.

The socializing was much more successful and fun. The 'fink and I ventured into the wilds of Maryland to celebrate [ profile] kfitzwarin's Master of (Weird) Science. There were sausages, snackages, cider, and very good friends. A grand time was had by all.

While Hubbyfink played with swords on Sunday, I attacked the craft room and whipped the closet and storage units into shape. There's actually empty space in the closet organizer, which is good since I will need someplace to house the new smocks I'm going to make.
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Our house has curb appeal. The purple peony bush is in full bloom and the white one is ready to put on a show at any moment. The star roses are also blooming and add a wonderful punch of color amidst the two boxwoods and two other shrubs. The clematis is taking a bloom break at the moment, but has just about covered the trellis. The poor gardenia is hanging in there. It's not blooming, but it's not dead either. I'm pleased as can be about how pretty the front of the house looks right now.

It's going to a cool weekend, temperature-wise, which means I have no excuse for not tidying up the craft room and getting it ready for sewing marathons. I'm sure the long black&white thing will keep me company since he considers the craft room his room. The small black thing should also keep me company since she's my furry shadow. While the organizing part of cleaning is fun, I'm most looking forward to that sense of peace which washes over me when I am in a tidy space. Aaaaaaahhh. :)

[ profile] dmn4nr, his Missus, and I went out for sushi last night. Yummy food and even better company. We almost ordered the right number of rolls; H has a delicious lunch of leftovers today. They came over for a bit to meet Mr. Oreo and were amazed by his proportions. Good times, and I mean that in a positive vein for once.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes. I have joined the twenty-first century by ordering my first smart phone. I went weak-kneed while reading a review of the Droid Incredible and then scurried over to my Verizon Wireless account to see when I'm eligible to upgrade. Turns out it was two and half weeks ago. Score! And, sold! Thank goodness for online discounts and whatnot. So, my fancy-schmancy new phone which is probably smarter than I am will arrive sometime before the 21st. (Hey, I like instant gratification as much as the next GenXer, but I have NO patience for the VzW stores.) Anyway, SO EXCITED!

And last, but not necessarily least, I've decided to go to Sapphire Joust over Memorial Day weekend. [ profile] pirategirleee and I are going to share my tent for the weekend. We can have our own little bedrooms in the rounded ends and move the walls around to use the section between the uprights as a breezeway and living space with chairs and table. I was on the fence about not going, but the I WANT TO CAMP urge and PG's saying that she was thinking about going pushed me over the edge. So, yay!
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I have no idea what we did Friday. Oh, wait. We went to Don Pablo's because I needed a strawberry margarita and queso and then wandered through Target for a while. I don't remember the rest of the evening (see: strawberry margarita).

On Saturday I was up at the crack of 10am and set to cleaning house. Hubbyfink and I put away basket after basket of clean laundry and got the bedroom cleaned up. I straightened the craft room enough to move my drafting materials onto the sewing table. We organized and put away the camping gear and cleaned up the laundry/storage room. Hubbyfink moved all non-perimeter furniture out of the dining and living rooms. I vacuumed while he retrieved a carpet cleaner from Safeway. I retreated to the upper level and scrubbed the bathroom while he stank up the middle level of the house with carpet cleaner. Around 5pm, we called it a day and invited [ profile] pirategirleee out for dinner and "How to Train Your Dragon".

SUCH a cute movie. We laughed, we almost cried, it was better than "Cats".

We capped off the evening with my revving the Highlander up to 100MPH on the route 28 international speedway just to see how fast I could get it to go. The speedo goes to 140, but I lose my nerve above 100. Thankfully, that particular section of road was clear of both cars and cops so my new car was not impounded after only one week of use.

By Sunday afternoon, the carpets were dry enough that we could move the furniture back into position. I set some stepping stones into the front garden. We window-shopped for basement furniture and I bought a warm weather wreath for the front door. I did a little homework (my set-up in the craft room is SO much more comfortable than perching over the coffee table). We cleaned up the back yard a bit. I mopped the kitchen and entry hall while Hubbyfink vacuumed the stairs and living room. I swept the basement while he took cardboard boxes to the recycling center. In and around all this was lots and lots of laundry. We called it a day around 7pm and finished the evening with a show about Andalusian Spain and "Holmes on Homes".

I didn't do any of my self-vanity projects, but the house is clean and that's good enough for now.
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There's a lot of cleaning in my near future.

The last of the Gulf Wars camping gear WILL vacate the dining room tonight so that the carpet can be vacuumed and steam cleaned this weekend. I need to put away all the clean SCA clothes which are piled on the craft room table and set that room up as a comfortable place to do my drafting assignments. All bath fixtures need a good scrubbing as does the kitchen floor.

In addition to house beautification, I'm going to work on myself. Hair color, eyebrow waxing, maybe even a pedicure. I'm going to pull out my bike this weekend and hit the trail again. I've been using the gym here at work off and on and I'm ready for fresh air on the bike trail. I've missed feeling the wind on my face.

Looking to weekends beyond this one, I want to check out the cat adoption thingies which come to PetSmart. I think Margie's lonesome without Basil, and Kit isn't interested in playing with Marge.
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I'm still getting used to the new ride. I had said that I didn't want anything too big and the Highlander is definitely big. It's taller than me and wide enough to accommodate the headboard of the bed we bought at Gulf Wars. I keep thinking that I've made a terrible mistake and Hubbyfink keeps reminding me that I always go through a short period of buyer's remorse and then everything is peachy keen again. Okay, he didn't say "peachy keen", but I got his drift. It does handle like a dream and the sound system is pretty sweet.

I've registered her with the county and am waiting for my insurance agent to call back so I can get her insured have put her on my insurance. The county and DMV know that Jeepfink is no longer mine. (*sniffle*) I've decided upon what I want my personalized plates to say but I don't have a title number yet so I can't order the plates online or by phone. Bugger.

In non-car news, Hubbyfink and I made a dent in clearing camping gear from the dining room and kitchen this weekend. The rooms are still in disarray, but it's less disarray. We also did countless loads of laundry and Hubbyfink worked on some cutting drills while beating the indoor/outdoor rug we'd set up under the shade fly during Gulf Wars.

I saw "Alice in Wonderland" with [ profile] pirategirleee this weekend and... it's pretty. Still need to carve out time to see "How to Train Your Dragon".
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I feel all virtuous and stuff for weeding through my closet today. If I didn't love it or it didn't fit, it went into a bag for Goodwill. Three bags later and my shirts and sweaters are now separated into "dressy" and "casual", I've eliminated two pants hangers, and my t-shirts are no longer spilling out of their drawers. I was going to weed through my sock collection, but I apparently did that earlier this year.

Yeah, woo, excitement. Well, it's exciting to me.

I've almost finished "Bioshock". Ryan is dead and I've explored the apartment complex en route to the big boss. I stopped playing when I started feeling motion sick. By the way, 'Hypnotize Big Daddy' has become my second favorite plasmid. I couldn't have made it through Hephasteus as quickly as I did without that Elite Bouncer watching my back. Hubbyfink's been impressed with my strategies and is curious to see how I'd fare in "Halo".

Got a lovely surprise from the mortgage company this weekend: a refund check for overpayment to escrow. Whoo hoo! That's a sweet windfall which will go towards paying off the new windows (with which I am still in looooooove).


Aug. 23rd, 2009 05:50 pm
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The Pennsic gear has finally been removed from the dining room to its proper place in the basement and I am very, very happy about that. I weeded out equipment which didn't get used and repacked storage bins and baskets and wound with a lot of extra space on the camping equipment shelves. Now that was a happy accident! I was then able to move the dayshade and its stakebag onto the camp shelves as well as bag up my faux Glastonbury chair and stack that on the shelves. There's no longer a stack of miscellaneous wood furniture bits scattered in front of the shelves.

So. That's been today's big project. I'll get back to working on the craft room tomorow night.


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:25 am
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I moved the day shade off the grass and draped it over the fence yesterday afternoon. The shade was still pretty slimy at that point. I hope we didn't mess it up with the waterproofing. I also hope the shade is dry (and less stinky) when I get home this evening so it can be brought back inside before this week's daily thunderstorms kick back up.

Hubbyfink and I worked like dogs yesterday. He started going through papers and miscellany in the basement while I tackled the piles of stuff in the dining and living rooms. I'd found a set of baskets at Michaels on Saturday. Two of those baskets were shoebox sized and were perfect for corralling all the bottles of craft paint and brushes. The third basket was too deep for any of the craft room shelves and I used it to tote stuff downstairs. Low and behold, it was just the right size to house all our 360 and Wii games with some room left for expansion to the collection. Hubbyfink made the mistake of popping into the living room during my organization fit and I asked him to go through his book collection and purge the unloved ones (I've been doing the same with my collection). After the purge, we'd regained about two shelves worth of space. Whoo hoo! I no longer fear that we'll be attacked by books. I also gave the room a good dusting (my poor sinuses) and vacuumed the carpet and furniture. It's so nice to have at least one clean room in the house. If we keep up this pace, the house might be presentable by the time Daddy and Linda are in town.

Other happy news is that my terrible foot pain is abating. My adorable Crocs flats had nearly crippled me due to their lack of arch or heel support. *cry* I'd been gingerly hobbling around for a couple of weeks and I was getting seriously tired of the annoyance. So, I've gone back to wearing real shoes and my feet are in MUCH better condition. I guess Mom is going to get my leopard print Crocs after all and I'm going to stick with a little heel in my shoes and heel inserts in my turnshoes.
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For those who like to plan and color-code their Pennsics down to the last minute. Excel spreadsheet, ahoy!

Home goods

May. 4th, 2009 10:11 am
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Hubbyfink loves the new circular saw. He used the saw to cut a couple of shelves for the upper reaches of my closets and was as happy as the proverbial clam while measuring and marking and setting up a guard and buzzing through the MDF. There was sawdust in his grin and he's on the lookout for anything else in the house which might need a trim.

And the shelves? Perfect. I'm such a loon; I keep opening the closet doors and sighing happily at the beautifully organized state of the contents. Ditto the sewing room. I can't not grin and feel relaxed when I go into that room. Now I know what it's like to have a "retreat" room.

Two out of three kitties have given their approval of the new loveseat. Margie spent much of Sunday hanging out on the top of the loveseat, overseeing Hubbyfink's puttering in the man palace, and Basil happily meatloafed behind my head while I checked out the sofa for myself. Kit's noncommittal either way.
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I spent a lovely evening in the craft room last night. I organized my beads and metal findings into new containers and cleaned out the mirror box, the I-don't-suck box, and the pewter badge/findings box. I was happy to discover that I still have my Pennsic badges for each of the seven years I've attended and a Fettered Cock Pennsic pilgrim badge for the six years I've known about them. I happily puttered and put little things in their rightful places while conference calls droned in my left ear until 10pm. And then I puttered for another thirty minutes until I made myself go to be so I could get up for this morning's 8:30 call.

I love my new room. It keeps me sane.
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It's done! I started the sewing room re-org and redo with the new closet in March. This past weekend I painted the sewing room a cheerful shade of green. Last night I unpacked and set up the last of the room's belongings. Take a look at the before and after photos. )
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Hubbyfink and I worked *hard* this weekend. On Friday evening, we cleared everything but the fabric shelves and craft table out of the sewing room. And I mean everything. The landing was piled high with boxes of books and knick-knacks and the bedroom was barely navigable with all the furniture and bits-n-pieces piled in there.

On Saturday, I painted the sewing room a cheery shade of green while Hubbyfink put a first coat of white paint on the Ivar shelves and uprights. It was stinking hot on the top floor of the sunny side of our house (my location) and in the backyard (Hubbyfink's). [ profile] pirategirleee helped apply the second coat of wall paint while I cut in around the ceiling. She and then slipped out for pedicures and became happily boneless as our feet were pampered and primped. I think the relaxation from the pedicure is the only reason I was able to move on Sunday.

I got up early, for me, on Sunday and put additional coats of paint on the shelves and uprights while Hubbyfink was away at WMA practice. I spent the afternoon moving furniture back into the sewing room assembling Closetmaid storage units. Half of the sewing room's belongings are back in place; I should be able to finish up this evening and take "after" pictures.

I'm so excited about the way the room has turned out, I can hardly stand it! I'm looking forward to putting the new room to use when I make the curtains.
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My bedroom is finally clean. As a result, the craft room looks like a bomb went off. The weather looks like it will cooperate this weekend and I can paint the craft room and get all the bits and pieces in their respective homes. I can't wait to have that room under control.

Of course, once the craft room is under control, I get to mess it up again with my dayshade sewing project. Sometime in the future, I want to assemble new silk pennants. I took a good long look at the La Belle standard this weekend and realized that it isn't painted: the different colored silk pieces are sewn together. Hm... I could do that. Probably not as neatly as [ profile] ichseke did it, but I could still try. Of course, I have to get over my fear of working with silk first. Plenty of time to sidle up next to that fear and bop it on the head.

Work is pretty hellacious with bossman being out. But sunshine through dogwood and cherry blossoms plus a warm kitty body make things tolerable.

Bedtime reading this week: The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. There's nothing like reading the lurid details of what exactly Ebola does to the human body to give one pleasant dreams.
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I swear, I think I can't go more than three days without dumping a glass full of something on the living room carpet. Last week: ginger ale, Saturday: milk, today: water. Sheesh. Maybe we should leave the horrible carpet down just so I don't have to feel guilty about ruining new carpet.

The new closet system makes me giggle happily every time I look at it. I went with four drawers and three shelves and I'm thrilled to bits. There's space in my closet! I've hated my closet since we moved in; it was much too cramped and a poor use of space. Now, it's practically spacious and I'm thrilled. I keep eyeing Hubbyfink's closet and waggling my eyebrows at him. I also need to attack the coat closet. I twitch every time I open that door. Soon, though, soon organization shall reign. And I shall cackle with glee.

Oh heck, I'm already cackling in anticipation. Muahaha.

In other news, [ profile] shalmestere shares beauty in train stations.
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I was hit with an organization frenzy decided that I must fix my closet. I ripped out the awful metal shelves and bars, painted the closet with two coats of white paint, and installed a new system similar to the one in the craft room. The craft room system's upright is 25" wide; my bedroom closet is smaller and the system in there is 16" wide. Right now I have three drawers and I'm debating whether or not to install the fourth drawer or save it for Hubbyfink's closet re-do.

I still need for Hubbyfink to cut the clothes bars down a few inches and then I can move my clothes back in. He won't cut them tonight because he's forcing me to take the rest of the night off. I was a little sulky about that at first, but I realize that I can barely move after all that painting and lifting and toting and "construction". Ouuuuch. It's totally worth it, though.

Closet fu!

Mar. 16th, 2009 08:22 pm
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The closet portion of the re-org is done and I'm very happy with the result. )
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Sorry, ducklings, no photos of the new and improved craft room closet tonight. The assembly and installation of the closet system was straight-forward but time-intensive and exhausting. If I'm able to raise my arms above my shoulders tomorrow and put (almost) everything back in the closet, I'll share snaps of the organizational fu.

And now, convalescing with "Big Love" and Smelly Cat.


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