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December: This month has been filled with parties of various flavors. First there was Kerry and Jill's party, which was a fairly laid back affair. Then there was the cookie exchange party hosted my former neighbor Sam. She's been doing this for years and this was my first time for being able to attend. Oh my gracious, there were SO MANY cookies. I, myself, provided five dozen Lemon Crinkle Cookies. I don't know how big a hit they were with the others, but within my circle of friends they are like crack. (H/T to Kim for finding that recipe) Sadly, [ profile] rdhdsnippet and [ profile] scherzoid's solstice party was canceled due to illness, but since it was the same day as a DnD session, the beau and I stayed at James & Kim's with our buddies for a marathon game of Munchkin. The next day was another game of Munchkin at another friend's party. Wheeee!

A bittersweet gathering was the going-away party for some of the beau's friends. They're old SCA/gaming buddies of his and the wife of the couple landed her dream job on the west coast (which also happened to be their place of origin). I'd only just met them at the Labor Day party, but they're awfully good people and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get to know them better. We drank beer and watched the Capitals stomp the tar out of the Blue Jay and reminisced about misspent youth.

On Christmas Eve, I dragged the beau out to look at some of the tackier light displays in Sterling. He pretends to be a curmudgeon about the holiday, but he enjoyed the kitsch and my enthusiasm. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner of honey-glazed ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and broccoli prepared by moiself and topped off with homemade pecan pie (also by moiself). We stayed up late watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and "A Christmas Story", as you do.

Christmas morning dawned late and we skyped with my family as they tore open presents at my brother's home. It's the next best thing to being there. We had our own small gift exchange with me giving himself R2-D2 and C-3PO ornaments, a Cat-a-pult, an Itty Bitty Book of Kitties, and a Lego kart. He gifted me with a Lego movie set featuring WyldStyle, an adorable bike bag, reflective stars for my bike spokes, and a sterling mouse ring.

We spent the evening with his folks and family friends where we dined on more ham (I love ham at Christmastime), visited for ages, and tore into gifts. Tom and Lois were so thoughtful with the adorable stocking stuffers and gorgeous infinity scarf. I really wasn't expecting anything and that was incredibly sweet. They like me. :-)

And now, we come to New Year's Eve where I'm co-hosting a party with James, Kim and the beau (whose name is Sean, by the way). There will be delicious food, adult beverages, and a bevvy of games. I can't think of a better way to send off a great year and welcome in a shiny new one.

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It was really and truly wonderful, and one of those weekends you hope will never end. Friday night was full of laziness and then flailing about the new Sherlock series. (After having viewed an additional three episodes, I have developed impure feelings for Benedict Cumberbatch's sociopathic Holmes. Unf.)

Saturday was even lazier with me not rolling out of bed until the crack of noon. I spent a good portion of the afternoon catching up with a college friend whom I haven't seen in, oh, seventeen years? Good gravy. Then there was shopping which resulted in additional organization tools for the bathroom cabinet, cosmetics and fuchsia and purple hair dyes, a slinky dress, and the most adorable tankinis I've ever worn. And BONUS on the swimsuits: I got them from the REGULAR MISSES SIDE OF THE STORE. Boo-yah! (In fact, I think the tops are only XL instead of XXL and they may not carry me to the Outer Banks vacation in October. But, they'll get me through next week's dips in Mom's pool and excursions on the lake.)

Sunday was bittersweet in that we attended a going-away party for [ profile] chargirlgenius and family who are moving to Colorado. [ profile] snolan generously opened his house to us and we all spent the afternoon swimming, noshing on yummy foodstuffs, and visiting with far- and near-flung friends. Snolan even pulled out some port that was older than the majority of us for sipping. OMG. I had only a sip and it made me cross-eyed. More ports and a sweet wine came out and, again, I had only sips of each but I declared Scott the driver for the return trip home. It was terribly sad saying good-bye to Char and Jeff, but we'll get to see them in a couple of months when we visit Colorado. They'll have to show us their favorite hang-outs.

This morning's alarm was a harsh return to reality. I wanted very much to call in a mental health day, but that was more laziness speaking. Work is being gentle with me thus far and for that I am grateful. I'm sure things will get hairy as Bossman realizes that I'll be out of the office next week...
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On Friday I left work very late because 1) I had no plans for the evening other than vegging before the tube and 2) there was plenty of work to keep me occupied for long stretches of time. Bossman happened to hope onto the company IM and asked what the heck I was still doing in the office. He appreciated my dedication and asked me to thank my husband for sacrificing family time with me. Eh. Hubbyfink thought I was at the gym and I was in the zone and doing my favorite type of work: design documents. I did eventually go home and zone out before the boob tube.

On Saturday I sprang out of bed at the crack of 9:30, donned my exercise togs, stuffed a couple of small parcels in a fanny pack and took my usual extended weekend walk through the neighborhood and up to the post office. It was such a gorgeous day. The temperature was in the upper 30s/low 40s but I was quite comfy with my earmuff headphones and a light jacket. Lots of people were out raking leaves or holding yardsales or walking dogs. I love those little slices of suburban Americana. When I returned home, I discovered to my surprise and delight that Hubbyfink had emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, started laundry, and vacuumed the house. He said he felt guilty about playing a video game while I was working out. I thanked him profusely and told him that I will never, ever be angry with him for doing housework. After cleaning up, we spent the rest of the afternoon grocery shopping, dropping off recyclables, dropping off Goodwill donations, and hunting for the perfect replacement for the living room torchiere-with-reading-lamp whose base finally gave up all structural integrity. Hilarity ensued.

On Sunday I sprang out of bed at the crack of 8:30, surprising the heck out of Hubbyfink who is used to a wife who slumbers until 10 or so on the weekends. There were things to do and put away before my friends arrived at 1pm for a Slumber Party. Somehow, everything came together with lots of time to spare. Even food and drink prep went smoothly. The party itself was lightly attended, but my guests were enthusiastic and the consultant was as charming and hilarious as ever and we all had a grand time. The Sparkling Holiday Punch (cranberry, orange, lemon juices, a little sugar, and two bottles of champagne) was a hyoooge hit. The honeycrisp apple slices and warm caramel were gobbled up as was the cream cheese topped with cranberry-pomegranate chutney. Most of the guests stayed long after the consultant left and we gabbed as dusk turned into full-on dark. Ah, girl time: just what I needed. :)

I had the house set back to rights and most of the serving platters cleaned by the time Hubbyfink got home. He'd had fun killing jack-o-lanterns with swords at [ profile] flonzy's house. Ah, boy time: just what Hubbyfink needed.
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There was gaming, socializing, and cleaning/organizing to various levels of success this weekend. I was bored Friday night and finally broke open The Orange Box to give "Half Life 2" a try. Ten minutes later, I shut down the 360 because I was nauseated and motion sick. I tried again a few hours later and was able to play for another ten minutes before shutting the game off again due to nausea. I haven't been able to bring myself to fire that game -- or any other -- back up for fear of motion sickness since.

The socializing was much more successful and fun. The 'fink and I ventured into the wilds of Maryland to celebrate [ profile] kfitzwarin's Master of (Weird) Science. There were sausages, snackages, cider, and very good friends. A grand time was had by all.

While Hubbyfink played with swords on Sunday, I attacked the craft room and whipped the closet and storage units into shape. There's actually empty space in the closet organizer, which is good since I will need someplace to house the new smocks I'm going to make.
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Whoo hoo! Happy New Year's eve, friends and neighbors! I'll see some of y'all tonight and some other of y'all tomorrow.


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