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Would you look at that? I actually pulled my camera out of my purse a few times this war and snapped more than one or two pictures. Here's the gallery from beginning to end.

In other news, the vehicles are unloaded, the ground tarp has been hosed down, and I'm about halfway through the piles of laundry. I had to stop for the night because I've run out of places to hang drying clothes.
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Opened my email this morning to find a couple of notes from Mom. The first said, "The pool's open and ready for you; although, it may be a little chilly." Come on in; the water's fine! )
Look at all the snow piled up on the chairs! According to The Weather Channel, Memphis and its environs picked up about ten inches of snow last night. I-40 east of Memphis is a parking lot with overturned semis. Woah. TWC is predicting 6 to 10 inches for the Sterling area tonight with an additional inch or two tomorrow. I'm headed to the office right now to grab my laptop.
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The effects of the heat wave and wildfires raging through Australia are breaking my heart. My stepdad has been getting some touching photos from the homeland depicting how the heat is affecting the local wildlife.

Koala photos, ahoy! )
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It's bee-you-tiful outside! When I jumped out of bed, I pulled open the curtain and beheld a winter wonderland outside my window. Yay! I think conditions will deteriorate as the day progresses and I decided to work from the comfort of my living room.

Bear with me; this snow thing is still new and exciting. )

And if this painful conference call would ever end, my day would be great.
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The West Virginians are fleeing the campus before their mountain roads ice over.

Crappy phone pictures, ahoy! )

The hat

Jan. 12th, 2009 11:11 am
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Not awful pictures:

I'm in the back row in the light green.

Wilty picture, but you can some of the nearly 250 pearls on the cauls:

I had to ditch the padded roll because it was messing with my balance and I was doing way too much running around the site to worry about losing my hat. I'll take photos of all the layers and bits and pieces tonight, maybe.
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I'm working from home because UPS was kind enough to send a recorded message yesterday stating that we'd receive a signature-required package on Monday. When a knock came at the door, I startled and managed to kick a nearly full glass of water into my open purse sitting on the floor next to the coffee table. *sigh*

The person knocking wasn't the UPS guy, though; it was the postman and he gave me a package containing the following: )

The picture below this next cut has nothing to do with what's going on today. I saw it while perusing a non-wrecky site posted on the Cake Wrecks blog yesterday. Next time I'm in need of a special cake, I want this one: )

This delightful confection was made by the talented proprietor of Cake Nouveau in Ann Arbor, MI. Love it!
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[ profile] pirategirleee and I trekked up to Gettysburg, PA for sight-seeing and ghost hunting Saturday, October 18, 2008. Here's the picture-heavy account of what we found. )
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And the mums and the bushes and Jeepfink's windshield and the lone clematis bloom which popped out during last week's 80-degree weather. I remembered to pull in the rose (which also bloomed last week) and the gardenia (which did not) and set them at the glass door in the basement last night. I'm currently sipping my first mug of tea of the season and stretching my leg muscles which got overworked while clamoring over the rocks at Little Round Top and Devil's Den during [ profile] pirategirleee and [ profile] melaniesuzanne's Excellent Ghost-hunting Adventure on Saturday (I'll post about that after I've downloaded pictures).

The cube farm is getting less dungeonesque. A few years ago our corporate overlords proclaimed that only people of a certain paygrade and job description were allowed offices. The offices at the side of the dungeon are finally being deconstructed and we plebes again have access to windows. I have to prairie dog a bit, but I can see blue sky and orange trees from my tiny cell. Yay!

Oh, and serious baby is serious. )
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Gone tomorrow. )

Halloween Woods at Algonkian Park tomorrow night. Meet at my place at 7pm. Ping me for directions.
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Everybody in the cube farm is getting excited about this Friday's paintball extravaganza. They keep asking if Hubbyfink is going to wear neck protection this time; I respond that he might wear his SCA armour.

I need to get some mums and pumpkins for the stoop and put out the Halloween doormat and door decor. I think I'll start decorating tonight.

I can't think of anything entertaining to say at the moment. Here, have a picture of my mom and me. )
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This past weekend was a Super Concentrated Memphis visit. In seventy hours I enjoyed family time, enjoyed [ profile] zipmeister time, drank a cherry limeade, ate ribs from the Germantown Commissary, shopped with Mom, cleaned house, saw a movie, swam in the pool, drank a margarita, and played with the dogs, plus the previously blogged tailgating and football game but that was something out of the ordinary. The only things I didn't do were see my dad or [ profile] beaznuts, but I did spend a few hours visiting with [ profile] beaznuts' girlfriend (she opted to skip the Six Flags over St. Louis trip which kept my brother from me).

I am completely head-over-heels in love with my sister's and mother's high efficiency washing machines. Completely. I'm also pretty enamoured of Mimi and Chris' bathroom renovation. I snapped lots of photos.

The melatonin I took at bedtime made for interesting dreams and disoriented periods of wakefulness. Margie woke me at one point by kneading (and drooling) on my pillow. My arms were wrapped around her and I spent some time trying to figure out which of Mom's dogs was so small and silky. Answer: neither!

One more baby picture and I'm done until Christmas. Maybe. )

I see you

Sep. 1st, 2008 10:08 pm
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Margie was feeling photogenic (sort of) before I went to Memphis. )
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And I have pictures of the cutest, most intelligent baby on earth. )

Happy first anniversary, Mimi and Chris!


Aug. 20th, 2008 05:34 pm
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Yes,'s Medieval Tapestry Masterpieces are nearly five years old, but I can't be the only one who missed them the first time around.

Jazz hands! by jood. Jazz hands! by jood.
Found on
Nuke by Mahnikama Nuke by Mahnikama
Also from

Oh, and I <3 my new icon. Carl Sagan is my (dead) boyfriend.
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Plus Bonus! stool picture. (No, not that kind of stool) )


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