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My not-quite-whirlwind trip to Pennsic was a blast! Yes, we melted into puddles of goo on Friday and Saturday. Yes, the heavens opened Saturday night and drowned us through Sunday night. But my spirits were not dampened (ha ha) by sweat or rain. And the glorious weather on Monday just about made up for the miserable temperatures and humidity of the weekend.

I visited with far- (and near-) flung friends all over the site. I got my yearly pulled pork sandwich from Beast & Boar, my yearly frozen milk sharbats (five of them, one of which was purchased by a handsome gent and sent my way) from Your Inner Vagabond, and a chocolate milk from the Cooper's store. I also marched with Atlantia for opening ceremonies. Her Majesty saw the Ponte Alto Palio Flag Corps at Ponte Alto's twentieth anniversary event and asked that we march with a routine. Cassie, [ profile] pirategirleee, and I were placed at the head of the line just behind the pikemen (and women) of Gardiner's Company and ahead of Their Majesties. Despite the rain and mud during our journey from Atlantian Royal to the Barn, we spun our flags and provided a bit of extra pomp to the occasion. (The SCA paparazzi were out in force, but I have yet to see photos...)

I also shopped like my life depended upon it.

The Haul
  • Blue linen gown, thin linen smock, and brown leather shoes for me and a Longsword DVD for Scott from Revival Clothing
  • Blue linen thread with which to tailor the back of the above-mentioned gown before Opening Ceremonies
  • Fuschia wool hose and black silk hose from Vitha
  • Lotion bar from Beatriz
  • Parti-color purse in blue & yellow linen and a "swoopy" brooch with blue and yellow stones from Billy & Charlie
  • Two linen coifs for me and a pair of 15th century briefs for Scott from Historic Enterprises
  • Red felted wool "Robin Hood" hat from somebody...
  • Normal pattens and raised pattens from Armlann
  • Lots of fabric from 96 District: brown cotton tapestry, super thin white linen, medium-weight black linen, and tropical-weight black wool

There were no forced marches around the lake, but there were many laps through the merchants with my fellow campmates, delicious dinners, impromptu -- and sometimes inappropriate -- songs, and lots of laughter. I am so grateful to Duchess Simone for letting me bunk in her pavilion for the weekend. My interest in the SCA is renewed and I am looking forward to going to Coronation in October. Perhaps I'll even use some of my recently-acquired fabric for a new ensemble... And I'm actually looking forward to going back for a full week next year.

Ye Olde Mead Hovel (not my camp)
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And my goal was to fit all my Pennsic gear save the cooler, my teddy bear, and myself into the trunk of the Beetle. I overestimated how much my trunk would hold.

That's not to say that I've overpacked. It's just that my wool blankets don't squish down very well and the solar lanterns I'm bringing for Ravenstreet's camp don't squish down AT ALL (naturally) and the rolling duffel with my clothes is as squished as it's going to squish. And so, I'll have a chair, the duffel, and possibly one wool blanket in the back seat in addition to the non-trunk gear listed above.

I see this as an object lesson in what I will be able to haul on the return trip the next time I decide to camp for my usual week and a half. Just about everything except outerwear and accessories will have to go up in the rental van for Land Grab. Useful knowledge, that.

Wheels up in t-minus 23 hours.
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It looks like I will being doing a quick Pennsic visit this coming weekend. [ profile] psalite and [ profile] pirategirleee put our heads together and decided to join our fellow Ravenstreeters for a couple of days.

The other two girls had already had offers of crash space; I'm still working on a solution for myself that doesn't involve sleeping in the dining tent.
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There's been no Pennsic panic around these parts because there will be no Pennsic for me or, by default, the 'Fink as well. My left foot is still swollen and sore from last month's bike tumble and walking/standing for great periods of time is painful. I am sad to miss such a fun event and relieved to miss such a stressful event. I'm also glad that I got to see my Ohio teammates in June so I didn't have to miss seeing them this year.

Instead of checking that my tent poles aren't allowing leaks during thunderstorms, finding Japanese beetles in my sheets, fretting about dropping my soap in the sump (which isn't that big a worry these days since our camp shower has a beautifully built floor), and putting on shoes to go do the necessary, I will watch the Olympics, oversee the installation of our new front door, visit the orthodontist who had to reschedule today's appointment, and luxuriate in not having to put on shoes to go to the bathroom.

So. Y'all have fun. Bring back lots of pictures and stories and tell me about all the wonderful stuff you purchased. I am more than a bit envious about you who can snatch up the new Billy & Charlie brooch...
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There was a lot of slowness this past weekend. Our trip up to Coopers Lake on Saturday felt very, very slow. We made lots of stops and got to the battlefield around 3pm. We wound up parked next to Sir Aelfred and Duchess Simone and got to visit with them for a few minutes until their line was cleared for going through Troll. We finally had our turn to check in shortly after 4pm. Not our shortest wait, but not our longest wait either.

I have no idea how long it took us to get the pavilion up... maybe an hour? The air temperature was in the mid-80s and there was a gorgeous breeze, but the sun was pretty merciless and we took several breaks. Our pavilion is on the Brewers Road side of the block (E05) this year. I'd gotten used to being on the Chandlers Road side with [ profile] stitchwhich as my backyard neighbor. Ah well. She's not in the back corner of her encampment this year anyway. Our tent site is fairly flat although there is a slight dip toward the back left corner and I need to bring some thicker shims back on Wednesday to go under one of the bed legs.

It took us so long to set up that we didn't get a chance to wander and visit with friends in other camps before dinner. And we were so exhausted that we went straight to bed after we got back from dinner. Despite my exhaustion, it took for-freaking-ever to fall asleep. I did get a couple good hours of heavy sleep before bouncing fully awake at 7am. I wandered about looking for Hubbyfink -- who was moving/breaking down pallets for Troll -- and spent the next hour futzing in the tent. When he came back to camp, we grabbed Simone and ate a leisurely breakfast at Beast & Boar where we passed [ profile] dona_violante and [ profile] herveus. I even saw [ profile] make_your_move dash past, but I was too far away to holler "hello".

After more time futzing with the tent and wind lines, it was time to head over to the storage unit and retrieve to communal camp gear such as the dining tent, shade fly, camp kitchen, and stuff. Alesia's nephews are our minions this year and they made loading (and unloading) the truck speedy. It didn't hurt that the truck driver was a strong, young man who was willing to assist as well. Fastest load-in evar. The dining tent, shade fly, and kitchen tent all went up super fast. I guess we had the right number of people and the right number of people who have been putting up these tents long enough that we all know what needs to be done. We Land Grabbers (8 of us) were able to wave goodbye to the Two-Weekers (four of them) around 2pm and hit the road where we immediately hit the lane closure and subsequent traffic back-up on I-79 S.

After sitting in that for 20 or so minutes, we snagged fuel for the truck and for ourselves in Cranberry and continued homeward. Hubbyfink let me take over the driving at Somerset (love those windmills!) and I stayed in the fast lane until hitting another traffic slowdown at the Breezewood toll plaza. OMG, it took FOREVER to get through there. And then, just a few miles from leaving PA, P-DOT gave us one last finger as I-70 E was down to one lane for no apparent reason. We should have gotten home before 7; instead, we got home around 8:30. Ugh.

The cats were delighted to see and smell us. We were delighted to take a shower and get two days worth of funk off. Hubbyfink was delighted to fall right to sleep and I was delighted to watch "True Blood" before hitting the hay, myself. Tonight and tomorrow will be pretty hectic as I scramble to pack everything I'll need for the next week and a half before heading back to Coopers Lake on Wednesday. I'd say that I'm soaking up as much AC as I possibly can, but I'm currently huddled over my space heater, soooo...
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Alle Psallite convened on Missy Anne's church on Saturday for a four-hour recording session. We put "Chantez a Dieu (Psalm 96)" by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, "Angelus ad pastores ait" by Hans Leo Hassler, "Jaquin Jaquet" by Clemens non Papa, and "Salvator mundi" by Thomas Tallis to... what's the audio version of pixels? Whatever the name of that is, we put those songs to it. Recording was a fun, if exhausting, experience and we all felt really good about how the songs sounded. The architecture of the church's sanctuary produced gorgeous reverb and the omnidirectional mic above us, in addition to the mics on each part, made the tone sound so rich. We'll work up more songs and convene again a few more times to gather enough tracks for a fully fleshed out album. So exciting!

Afterwards, Sian followed me home to help Hubbyfink fix the hot water shut-off valve under the kitchen sink. Their work required an emergency run to Lowe's and I took care of some much-needed vacuuming and clutter clearing while they were gone. They returned triumphant from the hardware store and fixed the shut-off in no time at all. Hubbyfink took a celebratory nap after and then we spent the next two hours watching "Torchwood: Miracle Day" on demand. We're both fans. "Children of Earth" was SUCH a downer and left both of us feeling unsure of how the show would continue. We're very happy with how things are progressing and are happy with even the over the top aspects because, to be honest, the first couple of seasons of "Torchwood" were pretty over the top. So, yay!

I spent most of Sunday visiting with friends. I had two tubs of Pancho's Cheese dip for [ profile] courtney_d_h and enjoyed a good visit with her after handing off the dip. I need to spend more time with her. Then I scooted over to Missy Anne's Sweat Shop [tm]to help out with the cushion-making project for our Pennsic dining tent benches. I pinned a couple of cushions and stuffed most of the covers with the foam rectangles. We'll be sitting in comfort at dinnertime this year!

Hubbyfink had wanted to try a test ride to his office so I ducked out of the Sweat Shop early so we'd have enough daylight for the ride. We followed the path I'd taken for my bike ride to Jenny Craig that one time and then continued on along Elden Street under the toll road and up to Hubbyfink's office. That. was. terrifying. The walkway under the toll road was pretty narrow although, we were able to pass another cyclist going the other direction, but it was tight. When we got out from under those bridges and past the access road, the sidewalk disappeared and we found ourselves careening downhill on a loose dirt path full of large (not small gravel-sized) loose rocks. ACK! Busy road on our left, sharp drop-off into a drainage ditch on our right, madness straight ahead! We did safely arrive at Hubbyfink's place of business and I told him his commute sucked. A lot. We decided to try a different direction for the return trip.

We took Sunrise Valley -- OMG, the hill was almost like the Rte 28 bridge! -- up to Monroe/Van Buren. That seemed safe enough except that the sidewalk zigzags across the FOUR LANES AND TURN LANES ROAD a couple of times. WTH, Herndon?? Why do you hate pedestrians? I would have just said "screw it!" and stayed on the road, but Hubbyfink doesn't feel as comfortable on surface streets as I do. So, instead, we played a much more dangerous game of Frogger-on-wheels. We continued on Van Buren to Spring on to Old Town Herndon where we hopped on the trail. I'm so grateful we both had head- and tail-lights because dark was coming on quickly.

The rest of the trip home was a breeze. Crestview to Sterling is mostly downhill and we FLEW home. At one point, I wished I had a speedometer to see how fast I was going. Something hit my leg hard enough to hurt at that point. I assumed it was a frog -- I don't know... some kamikaze frog playing Frogger on the trail, perhaps -- or a bird. Hubbyfink told me afterward that I should think smaller and go with "bug". There's no mark on my leg today, so I'm still mystified about what I smacked into. Of course, my sweaty-and-sunscreened neck was covered with little tiny gnats and whatnots. Ew. Thankfully, there were no gnats or whatnots of any size stuck in my teeth.
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The abrasions on my elbows are nearly gone and the only remaining soreness is on the right side of my jaw. I guess my bike helmet straps pulled my jaw a bit. I have a new helmet and Hubbyfink is checking the local bike shops for a replacement wheel. Provided all goes as planned, I'll be on my bike Sunday and commuting by bike on Monday. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Enjoyed a fun choir practice last night. Two newcomers to the SCA joined our ranks as a bass and alto. Yay, another alto! They got tossed into the deep end of the pool, musically speaking, but were able to tread along and not get scared off.

My weight loss has stagnated again, but considering the lack of exercise this weekend and the comfort food ingested, I'm going to count maintaining as a win. My consultant is pretty brilliant at finding ideas to motivate me. I have to motivate myself as well. I feel awesome now and look pretty good, too. It's hard to see beyond what's happening now to think that I could feel and look even better.

I'm getting pretty excited about Pennsic. I haven't looked at the class listing yet so I can make my carefully color coded schedule which will be ignored during the event. I plan on working at Troll most of the time and relaxing the other part of the time. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends. I'm not going to say that I hope it's not too hot or too wet because it will be regardless. I need to take in some dresses and smocks so I have something to wear.
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Long story, short: Hot and humid. Lots of storms, but most of those were during the night. Great star-watching; made wishes upon two falling stars. Got to meet new-to-me household members (they're actually the founding members, but they live in another kingdom). Got to better know other household members and new-to-the-camp friends. Glommed onto Duchess Simone and Missy Allasondrea; I don't think they minded.

Long story, long. )

Classes attended: 1
Courts attended: 1
Parties attended: 1
Troll shifts worked: 3
Naps taken: 2
Books read: 0
Handwork projects completed: 2
Bottles of chocolate milk consumed: 3 (it was kind of chalky this year, but I was thirsty)
Slushes consumed: 0
Visits to Beast & Boar: 2
Visits to Your Inner Vagabond: 3
Visits to Atlantia: 2
Strolls around the lake: 2
Warm showers: 4
HOT showers: 1
Cold showers: 4
ICY, Inquisition-style showers: 1 (I confess! I confess!)

Pearl cluster earrings, coif, and mirror necklace from Gipsy Peddler.
Pearl drop earrings from Acanthus Leaf.
Brother Cadfael's Book of Days for Hubbyfink from Windrose.
Apron dress from Revival Clothing.
Sapphire and silver ring from Gaukler's Medieval Wares.
Shopping basket from Pillaged Village.
Pointy fur hat and winningas for Hubbyfink and pink fur hat for me from Intriguing Designs (the Hat Lady of An Tir).
This year's pilgrim badge from Fettered Cock Pewters.
Stripey socks from Basket Man.
A couple of thin linen smocks, loose kirtles, and dress pins from Historic Enterprises.
Canvas bags and pole hooks from Panther Primitives.
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Hubbyfink and I got back home about three hours ago. The cats have already forgiven me for being gone for so long -- I'm sure the Falcon Mew catnip helped in that respect -- and are being lovey and snuggly. I'm clean, DRY (oh, the humidity), fed, and very happy to be back in climate-controlled, indoor-plumbing, ant-less luxury. Actual Pennsic report to come soon.

I don't know if I'll be able to catch up with what happened on LJ over the past ten days.
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The truck is loaded with replacement bedding, clothes, jewelry, hats, decorative fabric, x-chair, beverages, sheepskin, pillows, and drinking vessels. My color-coded schedule is printed and packed. I have only to grab my overnight bag, my purse, and my Teddy bear before hitting the road in the morning. I doubt I'll post to LJ while I'm gone; although, a phone post isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.

"See" you again in a week and a half.
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We took off around 8am Saturday and took the 15N > 340 > 70W > 68W > 79N route to avoid the traffic slow-down before Breezewood and the reported delays on the PA Turnpike. Got to Cooper's Lake at 1:30 and sat on the Battlefield for a while. Saw lots of Atlantian stickers on cars and VA and MD license plates, but recognized only [ profile] tashadandelion who is neither Atlantian nor VAian/MDer.
Waiting on the battlefield. )

We trolled in around a quarter of 3 and found Ravenstreet in E05. Everyone else had set up their tents (they all drove up Friday) and were puttering about camp. Hubbyfink and I set to putting our pavilion up. For some reason, we were both pretty brain fried and the set-up took way longer than it should have. But we were in good spirits and continued our promise of being sweet to each other during set-up. (Packing the truck on Friday was not quite so sweet.)

After a couple of hours, everything was out of the truck and in the pavilion. We were ready to visit a few other camps. We grabbed Sian for the joyride and, after dropping Wulfwyn's parcel at Royal, headed over to N31 so Hubbyfink could visit with [ profile] paleobob while Sian and I checked in on Ponte Alto. We assisted [ profile] azpapillion, [ profile] weebaby, and Brigid with setting up Plastic Fantastic and learned many interesting uses for ball snuggers. We then took a leisurely drive around the lake, accidentally going the wrong way on one-way streets, and wound back up in camp.

Hubbyfink and I then wandered up towards the food court for dinner. En route, we found the Revival Clothing team in need of assistance with setting up their pavilion and helped out for a bit. While dining, we visited with [ profile] make_your_move and her campmates. We wandered off and crossed paths with [ profile] nq3x and [ profile] rh_intern and learned the tale of woe which was their day of travel. Oof. We continued down Battle Road looking for [ profile] pinkleader, but alas her camp was empty. The kitchen garden looked pretty spiff, though. We continued on to Stierbach and visited with His Excellency, Ignacio, and Blitha until dark. We headed home and stopped to say hi to [ profile] thatpotteryguy, [ profile] smiep, and [ profile] jljonsn. Our last local encounter was [ profile] herveus who was in very good spirits and who talked about very good spirits. :) We got back home to Ravenstreet and stayed up visiting with our campmates. I eventually got chilled and decided to head towards bed. But I noticed our back-door neighbor was home and said hi to [ profile] stitchwhich. We wound up staying up even later chatting and laughing with her.

I have a hard time sleeping the first night at Pennsic despite how physically and mentally exhausted I am. I thought ahead this time and brought along Tylenol PM to knock myself out. It eventually worked and I got a full night's sleep. Something else that helped was the chilly temperature which kept the crunchy beetles away. We had no bugs in bed with us all night. Yay!

Sunday dawned just as beautifully as Saturday had set. The humidity was fairly high, but the temps were low and the breeze was steady. Loading the camp's storage unit into the rental truck and unloading the gear into camp went VERY quickly. Setting up the dining tent also went fairly quickly. We started slowing down with the kitchen tent and dining fly as the humidity crept even higher, though. But we eventually had enough of the camp infrastructure in place that Hubbyfink and I were able to leave guilt-free at 2:30. I snapped a photo of our pavilion just before we left. )

We took the 79S > 76E > 70E > 340 > 15S route back home and hit the Amaranth delay where we sat for about 45 minutes. But we still managed to get home around 7:30. We were both clean and shiny and relaxed before "True Blood" aired.
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Long story, short: Cold showers, tons of shopping, lots of stops at YIV, great friends, mucho relaxing. That carefully color-coded schedule? Completely ignored. Happy to have been and happy to be back home.

Long story, long... )

Pictures are over here.
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Would you look at that? I actually pulled my camera out of my purse a few times this war and snapped more than one or two pictures. Here's the gallery from beginning to end.

In other news, the vehicles are unloaded, the ground tarp has been hosed down, and I'm about halfway through the piles of laundry. I had to stop for the night because I've run out of places to hang drying clothes.
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Jeepfink is loaded with my gear and I can see the rear window completely. Good thing, too, since all that stuff which had loaded down the Prius will be coming back home in the Jeep. I just need to pack my bag of street clothes and I'm all set for my medieval-esque adventure. Hooray!
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The trip up was uneventful. Hubbyfink and I caravanned with [ profile] psalite and Cassie. We played the is-that-vehicle-going-to-Land-Grab game and feel pretty comfortable with our guesses. We crossed paths with [ profile] smiep and A in Breezewood and passed Flaithri at Somerset.(*)

We got through Troll much more quickly than last year, but still had time to eat lunch on the battlefield. Hubbyfink and I got the pavilion roof up and secure just before a big storm blew in. We were hanging out under our roof, making sure the floor tarp stayed rolled up over the rest of the canvas, when a huge gust blew Cassie's center pole finial and high wind lines off which then toppled her roof. We raced over to her tent and helped hold up corner poles for the rest of the storm. I hollered to Hubbyfink, "Okay, I've had enough Pennsic! I'm ready to go home now!" The skies finally cleared and we continued setting up through periods of dry and wet. Good times.

Hubbyfink, Cassie, [ profile] psalite, and I went out for dinner and a quick shopping trip at Ollie's and Home Depot and then spent the rest of the evening in camp visiting with Missy Anne and Tirloch. I thought we'd have nooooo trouble falling asleep that night.

Famous last thoughts. )
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I'm too exhausted for a recap just yet. Have a few photos. )
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Where are you camping, and where else will you be findable?

Ravenstreet in E05. If our camp is laid out like previous years, we'll stretch across the block from Brewer's Road to Chandler's Road. We're directly behind Cognizenti on the Brewer's side and Marinus on the Chandler's side.

If I'm not spacing out under the shade of the dining pavilion, I'll be out shopping or attending classes or sipping on delicious bevvies at Your Inner Vagabond.

When are you arriving?

I'll be up for Land Grab weekend and return Tuesday, July 28. I'm heading over to Hilliard, OH on Wednesday to meet my coworkers for the first time, but when I get back from that trip, I'm onsite for the duration.

What fun things are you planning to do?

RELAXING. Shopping. Catching up with my friends. Spending loads of time at YIV. Shopping with friends. Hunting for Squiddy with [ profile] pirategirleee. Putting my husband and [ profile] wombatgirl's husband in close proximity and watching them Furbee at each other (hopefully). A&S Display. Atlantian Social. 15th Century Revel. Shopping. Mad Tea Party!

What is your name?

Pippa Morosini (and I have the business cards to prove it). I'm sure lots of people will call me "Mel" and a few may even call me "Millicent". Whatever. Just don't call me late for last call at YIV.
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For those who like to plan and color-code their Pennsics down to the last minute. Excel spreadsheet, ahoy!
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Got to get them down before they fade.

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Tuesday )

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )
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Oh my goodness. Best. War. Evar. I'm clean and sweet-smelling again and my feet are back to their natural pink color. That means it's time for a wrap-up before the memories fade.

  • The Sheltie intelligence test.
  • Bog UFOs.
  • Spartans with washboard abs.
  • Lucius Vorenus.
  • Boy clothes!
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party.
  • Soft new rugs in the pavilion.
  • Water-tight pavilion.
  • Your Inner Vagabond. (Why had I never visited that place before??)
  • Midnight stroll around the lake with [ profile] pirategirleee.
  • Clear skies which led to breath-taking star-watching.
  • Ponte Alto fire pit.
  • Eyeballs in Lake Moraine.
  • Roasting marshmallows with FFG.
  • Shopping Amoeba.
  • Shopping for bling with my Laurel and sisters.
  • Neon ring toss (started by yours truly).
  • Viking drag. (Thanks again, [ profile] psalite for the bling!)
  • Ravenstreet meal plan.
  • Love story, horror movie. Love story, horror movie.
  • Atlantian minstrels serenading Troll in the dead of night.
  • [ profile] psalite's Court Barony.
  • [ profile] pirategirleee's rosary.
  • [ profile] baronessadriana's Coral Branch.
  • James deB's Opal.
  • Finally meeting Mina, the Queen of Argentina.
  • BPAL Meet-n-Sniff. Must take more perfume next year. Must order the perfumes now on my WANT! list.
  • Ravenstreet winning a blue ribbon from the Atlantian Heraldic Walking Tour.
  • The Fools' Parade outside East Kingdom's gate: "All we are saaaaaayiiiiiiing is give WAR a chance...."
  • Cheering the drag racers as they sped past our gate.

  • Hubbyfink's early departure so he could go back to work.
  • Spartans with naked beer tumors.
  • Not-quite-a-loin-cloth guys.
  • Being about ten minutes behind [ profile] kfitzwarin while hunting for her on the Serenghetti. Alas and alack.
  • Searching for a shallow grave in banjo country.
  • Warts. Yuck.

  • C15 belt from Gaukler.
  • Turn shoes & pattens from Dru Shoemaker.
  • Low boots from Revival Leather.
  • Silk veils, boy clothes (thank you, Hubbyfink!), and green Talbot belt from Revival Clothing.
  • Silver turtle brooches from Raymond's Quiet Press.
  • Pennsic pilgrim badges from Fettered Cock.
  • Wool and silk velvet from [ profile] duchesssimone.
  • Bacon, mummified mice, and Cthulhu head cat toys and a buck-toothed vampire bat from Falcon's Mew.
  • Lapis ring from Acanthus Leaf Designs.
  • Wool bag from [ profile] attack_laurel.
  • MOL Knives & Scabbards for Hubbyfink.
  • "Evolution of the Sword" tee for Hubbyfink.
  • Linen thread from Fabric Dragon.
  • Linen braies & "gangster" kirtle from Historic Enterprises.
  • Patterns for Tudor underclothes and overclothes from Reconstructing History.
  • Pearl medallion from North Star Armory.
  • Wee little bells from Billy & Charlie.
  • The jar I've been lusting for since Storvik Novice Tourney from [ profile] thatpotteryguy. Hooray for barter!

    Things to do for next year:
  • Paint pavilion!!!
  • Paint stakes & dogbones.
  • New ropes.
  • Bed with headboard?
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