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And my goal was to fit all my Pennsic gear save the cooler, my teddy bear, and myself into the trunk of the Beetle. I overestimated how much my trunk would hold.

That's not to say that I've overpacked. It's just that my wool blankets don't squish down very well and the solar lanterns I'm bringing for Ravenstreet's camp don't squish down AT ALL (naturally) and the rolling duffel with my clothes is as squished as it's going to squish. And so, I'll have a chair, the duffel, and possibly one wool blanket in the back seat in addition to the non-trunk gear listed above.

I see this as an object lesson in what I will be able to haul on the return trip the next time I decide to camp for my usual week and a half. Just about everything except outerwear and accessories will have to go up in the rental van for Land Grab. Useful knowledge, that.

Wheels up in t-minus 23 hours.
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Personal Pennsic gear is staged in the entryway, clothes are hanging on a rack in the dining room, and the cooler is waiting for perishables in the kitchen. Everything but the cooler and my bag of street clothes is ready to go in the truck tonight. Hubbyfink asked me last night if I was excited about going back to Pennsic on Wednesday and I was not, to be perfectly honest. But today, now that the end of prep work is in sight, I have butterflies in my stomach from excitement.

Between me and the end of the workday are the completion of site drawings for three Canadian nodes, a mid-year review with Bossman, a high level design for a router consolidation in Bangalore, a staff meeting, and answering any emails which require my attention. Should make the day fly, right?
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Hooray, my beloved LJ and friends are back! It's been a curse and a blessing that LJ has had such terrible connectivity woes this week. A curse in that I've missed zoning out and reading my friends list. A blessing in that I didn't spew woe and unhappiness upon my friends via this medium.

It has not been a good week in my neck o' the woods. Oh heck, it hasn't been a good summer. Work stresses spiralled into emotional and physical stresses and the whole affair became particularly unpleasant. BUT today is the first in what-feels-like forever that I've felt good and cheerful and I'm very happy to be back in that place.

The only Pennsic packing I've done is put the bedding in the blue trunk and rearrange the candle holders in their plastic tote to make room for new lanterns. Thankfully, everything camping-related lives in baskets and plastic totes and canvas bags on its own dedicated shelving unit in the laundry room. It's just a matter of hauling everything out of the basement (and the blue trunk down from the craft room) and playing tetris in the back of the Highlander. Easy peasy. It also helps that I'm coming home from land grab and don't have to worry about packing clothes and hats and shoes and stockings and undies and jewelry and all the personal STUFF.

Wheels up for Land Grab at 9am Saturday. Whoo hoo!


Jul. 25th, 2011 09:07 pm
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Up - I don't have to sew anything for Pennsic. While procrastinating on ironing linen with which to make Roman clothing, I pulled all my linen dresses and boy clothes out of the SCA closet to see what, if anything, might work for this year. Happily, everything I couldn't wear last year now fit perfectly and a few items are actually much too big. I left the fabric on the sewing table and spent yesterday ironing dresses, tunics, and smocks. I cannot express how thrilled I am not to have to sew.

Down - Got into a self-loathing spiral after taking my measurements while celebrating being able to get into clothes. I've lost one inch on my tummy, waist, and hips since February. But but but... I've lost 10 pounds and I've been working out and and and... Of course, that would explain why I haven't done much in the way of dropping pants sizes in many, many months. Hubbyfink tried cheering me up by reminding me how strong I've grown this summer and how I'm able to do things that I couldn't do two months ago. I hate getting all tied up in numbers. I need to focus on how I feel and I felt pretty great until I pulled out that blasted measuring tape.

Up - The monitor, mouse, and keyboard Bossman sent last week arrived today and work perfectly. I'm so happy to once again have a fully functional workstation.

Somewhere in the middle - OMG Pennsic land grab is this weekend!!!!! Wait, this is totally an Up, provided the labor disputes don't turn into a strike and I have to give up my vacation. Bossman keeps telling me to plan on being able to go camping, but I'm still a bit fearful.
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I have four new lightweight linen smocks underway. I would have all four completely assembled except that I discovered three of the four pairs of sleeves I cut out and sewed up were too narrow for my upper arm. Bugger. Had to cut the seams at the tops of the sleeves and insert gussets. Plus, I discovered that Oreo had chewed through the power cord for the iron. I had to dig out my steam iron and use it for pressing the French seams. Good times.

After we load the truck tonight, I'll finish assembling the smocks and maybe even work on hand-finishing the necklines. I've got Monday and Tuesday nights plus all of next week in camp or at Troll to do the handwork, though, so no rush.


Jul. 29th, 2010 06:23 pm
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I'm on a call from 6pm to 8pm and I decided to log off work for a couple of hours between my regular work hours and the after hours call. During that time, I hauled Pennsic gear up from the basement and packed my clothing chest with medieval undies (smocks, breeches, hose). While packing my trunk, I made a distressing discovery: I have only four light-weight smocks. I forgot that I had thrown out four or five smocks earlier this year because they were so badly stained or worn out beyond repair. I have three medium-weight linen smocks, but that's still not going to get me through twelve days of medievaloid camping.

So. Guess what I'm doing as soon as I get off this call?
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1. Where are you camping?
Ravenstreet - E05

2. When are you arriving?
Technically Land Grab Weekend, but then I go back home Sunday night. I'm up for good on Wednesday, August 4.

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Working Troll, hanging out in camp, shopping, sipping cold drinks at YIV, completely ignoring my carefully developed and color-coded schedule.

4. What's your SCA name?
Signora Pippa Morosini.
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Good gravy, how'd it get to be noon-thirty? Must be all that work I've been doing. No conference calls or firedrills to disrupt my groove. What a delightful change of pace.

Second quarter exchequer reports are rolling in. This makes me a very happy regional officer. I think half of my groups have reported as of this morning and we're five days ahead of the due date. Whoo hoo!

Mostly lazy weekend. I wanted very much to start staging camping gear in the dining room, but I knew that it would drive me bonkers if all the gear were piled up for a week. It's not like I need to hunt things down anyway. We have a shelving unit which is devoted solely to camping gear in the basement. Everything stays packed in its respective bag or box until it is used. Well, everything except the bedding. I went ahead and piled the wool blankets and duvet cover on the dining room table. And a couple of pillows. Oh dear. I'm not sure where the sheets are. I'll need to find them tonight. I usually keep the sheets and featherbed in the blue trunk, but the fabric I purchased at Gulf Wars is still stowed there. (Yes, I know.)

Oreo has become a better pet. He still gnaws on the protective cord covers, but he hasn't destroyed anything in several weeks. I'm even able to hang the toilet paper roll the correct way without him unraveling all the paper. He snuggles with me in the morning while I hit my snooze bar over and over and he pays careful attention to my morning and evening beauty routines. I'm so glad he's a part of our family.
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I have yet to do anything with that lightweight linen which is still hanging in my closet to keep the wrinkles at bay. Monday, I was too pooped to want to slave away in the craft room. Tuesday was an impromptu visit from [ profile] courtney_d_h and choir practice. Wednesday was my bi-weekly project call with the Aussie team. Tonight there will copious amounts of tequila in my system. Tomorrow night is the newcomers' meeting at [ profile] azpapillon and [ profile] flonzy's place where I will, hopefully, finish sewing the skirt of the pink gamurra I started, but didn't finish, for last year's Pennsic. That leaves much of Saturday and Sunday for working on camicie.

I don't know why I'm putting this project off aside from these will be my first camicie as opposed to a 14th/15th century English smock. I'm using Jen Thompson's design with bits of Artemisia Moltabocca's ideas mixed in for good measure. Honestly, it doesn't look that difficult. I'm putting it off for no good reason.

One of my "put-off sewing" projects is to repaint the pavilion's finials. They've been gold for several years, but I liked the red on the pavilion SO MUCH that I'm going to paint the finials to match. I might even paint the dogbones on my ropes red. We'll see.

Whoo hoo

Apr. 28th, 2010 04:37 pm
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Hubbyfink, Margie*, and I are now pre-registered for Pennsic. I've had a change of schedule and plans and will be able to attend Land Grab as well as my usual week-and-a-half of camping. Hubbyfink will be onsite for the three weekends. Margie's not fond of camping and will stay home and terrorize Oreo while I'm gone.

So. I need to finish my pink gamurra, make a bunch of big-sleeved Italian smocks to replace my more narrowly sleeved English smocks, and knock out an overdress or two. I'd like to braid up the hanks of light blond hair in my craft drawer so I'll some fake hair that almost matches my current hair color. Those are pretty much the only projects I need. I'd like to add more decoration to the tent, but that can wait a little longer.

Hubbyfink's project is to create slats for our new bed.

*I've been using Basil as our ghost since we started camping in canvas, but I didn't feel right about registering him; although, technically, he's more of a ghost than Margie at this point.
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Hubbyfink packed the Prius in about 30 minutes. Smoothest packing evar. And then we found ourselves with two hours to kill before the finale of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Hubbyfink channeled his inner assassin with "Assassin's Creed" while I escaped to the craftroom and restrung two strings of beads to wear with my Norse drag, put the finishing touches on my Italian hairdo, assembled new temple braids for my c14 vestments, and sewed salmon and pink linen together to make a third pair of reversible gamurra sleeves.

I did all that because I was feeling lazy. My alternative for burning off nervous energy would have been pulling out my Pennsic wardrobe and ironing everything.

Yeah. I'm happy with the "lazy" route.

Oh, and Torchwood? No comment; still processing.

Oh, and and? I'm on vacation. =)
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I realized that my gamurra sleeves are just a skosh too short to pin to the dresses. A quick eyelet at the top of each sleeve and a lacing ring on each shoulder strap of every dress fixed that little problem.

I tried making a full cuffia (coif) last night but having too few brain cycles left provided me with a less than satisfactory result. I have jettisoned making any of these until next month at the earliest.

I have also jettisoned finishing the pink gamurra from the project list. Maaaaaybe I'll take it to Pennsic and do the handwork in camp. Maybe.

I have figured out which hat I will wear to the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Muahahaha!

I'm two days in to "Torchwood: Children of Earth". I didn't read under anyone's lj-cuts about the mini-series, but I couldn't help but notice all the emotional posts in plain view at the end of the series. Speculation which contains a spoiler for Day 2. )

In other TV news, I've got the DVR set for "Being Human" (vampires AND werewolves? It makes both Hubbyfink and me happy [we're both ehh about the ghost]) and "Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead". We should be home from Land Grab in time to watch DW, but I'm taking no chances. I can catch up on "True Blood" via OnDemand so I don't have to give up precious DVR space for that show.

Oh hey, "Coraline" and "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special Episode Two" are out on DVD. I might have to snag those and "Children of Earth" when the latter is released next week.
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I nixed painting the top of the pavilion valance this morning because I haven't decided what exactly I want to do with that space. I finished the top seam and called the tent done. Hubbyfink really likes the way the stripes on the ends of the roof look; I agree that it creates a neat, sort of sunburst pattern. Anyway, that project is done. Whoo hoo!

Eyelets on the yellow gamurra are done. I'll finish the hem during "True Blood". Whoo hoo!

Whipped up a gold-n-black giornea which fulfills Her Excellency [ profile] azpapillion's request that everyone have a garment in Baronial colors for Pennsic. The outside is a strange and loose weave of black and yellow wool which I had for a few years. Thankfully, I had just enough black linen to line the giornea. One more garment on the completed list. Whoo hoo!

I feel slightly rejuvenated by having hibernated this weekend and not spoken with anyone except Hubbyfink. The poor dear hasn't had an easy time of it dealing with me lately. He never knows if he's going to encounter Jekyll or Hyde when our paths cross. I am very grateful for his support and unconditional love. I'm also thankful that he's finished repainting my trunk and will reattach the hardware this week. He made the mistake yesterday of saying that he wished I had more projects for him to work on. After giving him a wide smile and gleaming eyes -- which made him panic a bit -- I told him that I didn't have any other project for him. He looked a little relieved.
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(Huh, yeah... the intarwebs say I was born on a Friday; all this time I've thought it was a Monday.)

Anyway, I wound up being super busy with work yesterday. Thank goodness I was at home or it would have been another shattering day. I seriously need some vacation time. Obviously, there was no illicit garment finishing while on the clock. Once I was off the clock, however, I got to work on drafting a cioppa (another style of Italian overdress) pattern and building a cioppa out of the oh-so-stretchy fuschia gabardine. The bodice pattern sort of worked, but when I used the wool, the stretch of the gab plus the stretch of the bias cut caused all sorts of ugliness. When I get another chance to try making this garment, I'm going to use the same v-neck method Cynthia Virtue recommends for houppelandes. It certainly worked on my purple houppe; we'll see if cutting an on-grain line and then pulling the shoulders apart from each other give a better looking v-neck. And then we'll see if I can keep those shoulders pulled apart rather than trying to snap back towards my neck. Thankfully, I have enough fuschia gab to make a new bodice. We'll see if I have the endurance left in me to make the dress.

In not-fail news, I have striped the major seams of the pavilion roof and am halfway through painting the seam near the top of the roof. Tomorrow, I'll finish that seam and paint the seam along the top of the valance and then I'm done painting the pavilion for this year. I hope it looks as good in one whole piece as it has looked as individual parts on my sewing table. Tonight, I started the handwork on the yellow gamurra. Still have the hem and eyelets to go. I managed to finish the hems of all my breeches (by machine, guh) and sewed the bedskirt panels which needed extra length.

To do: finish the stack of gamurra sleeves (ugh), build a couple of cuffia (coifs), sew another giornea or two (at least those are easy and can be mostly machine-sewn) and... is that it? Yeah, I guess that's it. Oh, and then pack for Pennsic. This time next week, Hubbyfink and I'll be sawing those proverbial logs in our pavilion.
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I had a grand and useful weekend where I painted stripes on the second pavilion wall and completed all the handwork on the blue gamurra. I could stop sewing now and be okay, but I'm going to continue because I'm a glutton for punishment new clothes. Tonight I'll iron the yellow linen and possibly even cut it out and complete all the machine assembly to turn it into another gamurra.

Hubbyfink finished the clothes rack and will possibly start work on the chest tonight.

I could vent/whine about someone who was nasty to me at work, but there's nothing to be gained from that except making myself feel worse. Suck it up and deal. And remember that he's an asshole the next time I have to work with him.


Jul. 11th, 2009 01:35 pm
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The goose turd green gamurra is complete and hanging in the closet. I have become an eyelet-making machine, rawr. On deck: blue gamurra.

Six pavilion seams are painted. In another twenty minutes I'll return to the craft room for the next three seams.

Hubbyfink worked on clothes rack v2* this morning by sanding down the edges and smoothing the holes for the rod. While the tent dried, I slapped the first coat of stain on the uprights and second coat on the rod.

Hubbyfink has also taken all the hardware off the green chest so that it can be repainted blue. He's going to sand it in preparation for the painting either tomorrow or Monday.

I don't feel cocky, but I think we'll get everything done. We should be hitting Troll about this time in two weeks. Yay!

*Version 1 was made of much too wide boards. Someone thought the rack needed wide boards. Someone else reexamined last year's photos of the borrowed rack in her pavilion and noted that the uprights were much thinner than what we had on hand. That same someone purchased narrower uprights two weeks ago and had the other someone drill all the holes last week.
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It's t-minus 20 days until I'm camping (okay, technically, I'll be camping on Land Grab Saturday, but then I come back home for a day or two) and I've decided that I need even more clothes! The proverbial bee got into my bonnet last night and I yanked out the cocoa brown and hot pink wool gabardines which have been "ripening" nicely since last September. (You did know that you have to let fabric rest a bit after it's been shipped, didn't you?)

Anyway, those gabs are destined for a hot bath this evening so they can both become cioppa, a type of Italian overdress. I think my yellow linen will also get a hot bath so it can replace the pink gamurra. There's nothing wrong with the pink dress -- it's a perfectly acceptable soft baby pink -- but my stomach does lazy flip flops when I look at it. Weird. Ooh. I could totally dye it.

After Pennsic.

Of course, I still need want need to do all the handwork on the blue and green gamurre as well as hem all my underbritches and make cushion covers and finish painting stripes on the tent (wall #2 this Saturday and roof the following weekend). Oh! And make some cuffia (Italian coifs). And work with my false hair braids for fake hair taping (I played with that a bit last night when I couldn't sleep and it actually looked pretty good).

Thank goodness Hubbyfink has agreed to take on clothes rack and repainting my trunk duties. He's a good egg.
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The uprights for my clothes rack are sanded and all holes are drilled. I can't think of a better way to have spent a couple of coolish evening hours in the backyard after a hard and angry-making day of work. I need to get some more stain, slap it on those puppies, and call the project done.

I'm thinking about taking a personal day on Friday and I'll probably start the tent painting. Can't wait!

Now to download "Point Lookout". Mmmm... bloodthirsty rednecks.


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