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I have yet to do anything with that lightweight linen which is still hanging in my closet to keep the wrinkles at bay. Monday, I was too pooped to want to slave away in the craft room. Tuesday was an impromptu visit from [ profile] courtney_d_h and choir practice. Wednesday was my bi-weekly project call with the Aussie team. Tonight there will copious amounts of tequila in my system. Tomorrow night is the newcomers' meeting at [ profile] azpapillon and [ profile] flonzy's place where I will, hopefully, finish sewing the skirt of the pink gamurra I started, but didn't finish, for last year's Pennsic. That leaves much of Saturday and Sunday for working on camicie.

I don't know why I'm putting this project off aside from these will be my first camicie as opposed to a 14th/15th century English smock. I'm using Jen Thompson's design with bits of Artemisia Moltabocca's ideas mixed in for good measure. Honestly, it doesn't look that difficult. I'm putting it off for no good reason.

One of my "put-off sewing" projects is to repaint the pavilion's finials. They've been gold for several years, but I liked the red on the pavilion SO MUCH that I'm going to paint the finials to match. I might even paint the dogbones on my ropes red. We'll see.
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[ profile] vikingsparrow asked for progress pictures and here they are. Here's what the pavilion looked like at Pennsic last year (and Gulf Wars and Sapphire Joust this year). )

I was lazy when I got home from work last night and didn't pull out the pavilion roof until 8pm or so. I then spent the next four hours or so drawing the lattice pattern and circles around the valance and along the ridge while shifting Margie and Oreo around my drawing areas. They like to "hep". The pencil lines were fairly light so I didn't take a picture of that step.

I got up this morning at the crack of a quarter after ten and set to painting. My furry housemates kept me company until Oreo stepped on a freshly painted blue line. Luckily, I snatched him off the tent roof before he could make another step. I did too good a job cleaning the paint off his foot. )

After that excitement, I banished the cats from the craft room and then finished painting the ridge decorations without assistance. Ridge decoration as of today at noon: )

I'm pretty happy with how the ridge has turned out. When that section is dry, I'll start working on the valance. Wheeee!


Jul. 8th, 2010 12:43 pm
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Okay. Tomorrow night I am pulling out the roof of my pavilion and I am completing the valance and ridge line paint job. Okay, it'll probably take most of the weekend to complete the project, but I'm going to start the project tomorrow night, by gum!
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I said I was going to paint my pavilion today and I am. So far I have painted two-inch wide stripes along six of the ten seams of one wall. Due to space constraints in the craft room (and the size of the panels in between seams), I can paint only three seams and then I have to break to let the paint dry. After my first break, which was extended for lunch, I returned to the craft room and discovered that something extra had been added to one and a quarter panels. )
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The uprights for my clothes rack are sanded and all holes are drilled. I can't think of a better way to have spent a couple of coolish evening hours in the backyard after a hard and angry-making day of work. I need to get some more stain, slap it on those puppies, and call the project done.

I'm thinking about taking a personal day on Friday and I'll probably start the tent painting. Can't wait!

Now to download "Point Lookout". Mmmm... bloodthirsty rednecks.
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Hubbyfink and I braved the torrential storms and attended today's Challenge of the Novice Heart Tourney because we're insane and that's how we roll. We visited with [ profile] thatpotteryguy and [ profile] jljonsn while waiting for a short break in the weather so we could erect the shade without getting completely soaked. We were all set up by the time [ profile] tattycat joined us and pretty much decorated when the rain started back up. During the heaviest rain, there was one spot where the rain pooled up and caused a steady waterfall; [ profile] tattycat moved the chair back from the "water feature" and we called it good. We all got lightly misted, but that certainly beats getting drenched.

The shade got lots of compliments, which tickled me pink, and we enjoyed the company of many, many friends. [ profile] pirategirleee and I put out a yummy spread of sourdough bread, three cheeses, red grapes, garlic pie, chicken in green (sage) sauce, plump strawberries, cherry bread pudding, candied ginger, sekanjabin and lots and lots and LOTS of water. It was a bounty of food and, happily, many people partook of the nibblies. PG's sage chicken got RAVE reviews, and I wish I'd snagged some of her cherry pudding to bring home. Oh, so yummy!

When the skies cleared, I wandered down the row and found myself pawing through [ profile] duchesssimone's bolts of fabric. You don't need fabric! my sensible side hollered at me. But I don't have LINEN! my spendy side yelled back. I walked out with five yards each of Atlantian blue, coral, and goose turd green linen. Her Fabricness also had the most amazing silk which would be PERFECT for a recreation of the sleeves and underdress worn by Caterina Cornaro in Gentile Bellini's "Miracle of the Cross on the Bridge of San Lorenzo". Nattering. ) Duchess Simone said the silk was very Italian-looking and I agreed. But I couldn't remember in which picture I'd seen fabric like that when I was in her shop and I couldn't think of what part of the outfit had that fabric which meant that I had no idea how much to buy. So I had to pass, but I know where the fabric is located.

Hubbyfink and I pulled the shade down and packed up the Prius in record time. Court was short and sweet with [ profile] geoffreyapclywd's induction as a Companion of the Pearl and [ profile] courtney_d_h's husband's inclusion in the Order of the Coral Branch. Hooray!


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:25 am
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I moved the day shade off the grass and draped it over the fence yesterday afternoon. The shade was still pretty slimy at that point. I hope we didn't mess it up with the waterproofing. I also hope the shade is dry (and less stinky) when I get home this evening so it can be brought back inside before this week's daily thunderstorms kick back up.

Hubbyfink and I worked like dogs yesterday. He started going through papers and miscellany in the basement while I tackled the piles of stuff in the dining and living rooms. I'd found a set of baskets at Michaels on Saturday. Two of those baskets were shoebox sized and were perfect for corralling all the bottles of craft paint and brushes. The third basket was too deep for any of the craft room shelves and I used it to tote stuff downstairs. Low and behold, it was just the right size to house all our 360 and Wii games with some room left for expansion to the collection. Hubbyfink made the mistake of popping into the living room during my organization fit and I asked him to go through his book collection and purge the unloved ones (I've been doing the same with my collection). After the purge, we'd regained about two shelves worth of space. Whoo hoo! I no longer fear that we'll be attacked by books. I also gave the room a good dusting (my poor sinuses) and vacuumed the carpet and furniture. It's so nice to have at least one clean room in the house. If we keep up this pace, the house might be presentable by the time Daddy and Linda are in town.

Other happy news is that my terrible foot pain is abating. My adorable Crocs flats had nearly crippled me due to their lack of arch or heel support. *cry* I'd been gingerly hobbling around for a couple of weeks and I was getting seriously tired of the annoyance. So, I've gone back to wearing real shoes and my feet are in MUCH better condition. I guess Mom is going to get my leopard print Crocs after all and I'm going to stick with a little heel in my shoes and heel inserts in my turnshoes.
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Hubbyfink and I erected the dayshade behind the neighbor's house (the land is slightly flatter) this morning so we (meaning he) could spray the shade down with Canvak. I snapped photos before the spraying began.

I'm so pleased I could burst. )

We also worked on the clothing rack by cutting down the uprights and rod to the correct lengths and staining the rod. I need to look for the appropriately sized bit to make the holes for the rod, make those holes, give everything a good sanding and then stain the uprights. At this rate, the only Pennsic project left will be painting the pavilion. Oof.


Jun. 9th, 2009 11:17 am
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Somedays it feels like it's just me and my boss against the world. He gets pounded with questions from TPTB and I dole out answers to those questions with ease. Those are the good days. Today is one of those days. Today I do not hate my job.

My stupid tooth has sucked away all my mad spending money. At least I had the funds to cover the repair.

The Prius is going back in the shop tonight. The warning lights of DOOM popped back on and stayed on during Hubbyfink's commutes yesterday. He's very annoyed. I say he's cursed because I had no problems with the car during Saturday's road trip.

I am barely controlling myself from attacking the dayshade with more stencilling. I want to go nuts on the back wall and/or roof. I tell myself it's blingy enough but I don't want to listen. Mars needs more bases upon which to stencil. What Mars really needs is to channel that energy into making cardboard templates for the pavilion's design.

I finally wised up and printed copies of the tent picture. Upon those copies, I sketched out designs. I've finally decided what I want to do; of course, the paper copy is at home and today I'm in the cube farm. You will have to wait to see the winning design, Gentle Readers. Ack! T-minus six and a half weeks until Land Grab.
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The valance and finials are painted and grommets are inserted. Hubbyfink has cut the poles to size and inserted pins in the ends. Now we just have to set up the dayshade and hose it down with Canvak. Hooray!
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So that part about the side valance being easier than the front? Not so much. But one side is on and the corner isn't a complete mess. If I've got enough time before choir tonight, I'll tackle the other side. Tomorrow night I can hem the back flap, hammer in grommets and call the sewing portion of the project done. Thursday night, I'll play with paint and stencils and put some decoration on the shade.

The DVD player in the craft room has been getting quite the workout: BBC's "Cassanova," "Tea with Mussolini," "Dangerous Beauty," "Dark City," and "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". Two of those things are not like the others... That's just the kind of sewing movie girl I am. Nary a Jane Austen movie in my collection.

And speaking of movies, I tormented Hubbyfink by making him watch the SciFi original "Grendel" Saturday night. We were both pretty punchy and the costuming, including the horned helmets. I swear, pretty much the only animal horn not represented was the narwhal's. At some point during the {ahem} film, I lamented, "Why isn't "Erik the Viking" on DVD??" Hubbyfink nodded sadly. But while slumming on the Armour Archive yesterday, I came across a post which mentioned that "Erik" was recently released on DVD. WHOO HOO! Hubbyfink's copy should arrive sometime next week. He's thrilled to bits.
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The dentist visit this morning for my broken tooth was quick and relatively pain-free (the x-ray tablet things are always too big for my mouth) and I managed to keep my panic mostly under control. This office doesn't do root canals and he's referred me to a specialist who will take a look and determine whether or not I need to undergo that wonderful experience.

Joy. On the upside, this new-to-me dentist has very small hands which is an improvement over the last guy.

I didn't finish the shade fly last night but I'm sooooo close. The front of the valance took some work to get on but, now that I've ironed out the kinks, the sides should be a breeze to attach. I started feeling cocky on Saturday and told Hubbyfink that this tent-making business wasn't that hard. He slipped in, "Make me an arming pavilion," as I amended my statment by saying, "Not that I'm going to make another tent any time soon." But, I bet that I could make one when we eventually replace our oval marquee.

This week we (and by "we" I mean "Hubbyfink") need to cut the perimeter and ridge poles to length and pound in pins. I say Hubbyfink because he's been looking for something new to cut with his circular saw for the past month and I wouldn't want to steal his bliss.
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And a pot in which to put it. The bush is loaded with blooms and buds and it smells sooooo good. Hopefully third time's the charm and this one will make it through the winter...

Now to head back to the craft room to finish sewing the dayshade. I assembled the main body yesterday (the flat fell seam is gorgeous, if I do say so myself); today is valance, mud flap (maybe), stake loops and grommets. Hopefully the whole kit-n-kaboodle will be ready for waterproofing next weekend and I can snap photographic evidence of the project. Right now it just looks like a big lump of white fabric which each cat enjoys napping in.
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We've had a shop-til-we-drop Saturday thus far. First stop, after the post office, was Toys-r-Us to snag birthday gifts for our neices. They're getting a Fischer Price "My First Dollhouse" plus "Grandma with baby carriage" and "Baby's bedroom furniture". I'm so excited for them! Next up was Tarzhay for toiletries and some household things.

Then, the main target for our shopping: Lowe's. We now have a gallon of exterior latex paint in the most gorgeous shade of royal blue -- not that there's a bad shade of blue -- called "Planetarium". Oh my goodness, this is going to be gorgeous on the tent. I also picked up some new brushes, tarps, and other paraphrenalia. We also found poles for the dayshade uprights and ridge, a metal sleeve for the ridge, and boards and a pole for a clothing rack for Pennsic. Of the wood and whatnot, we brought home only the sleeve and clothing rack pole; we'll go back in the Jeep so the long boards and poles can go on the roof rack.

Last stop was Eastern Mountain Sports to see if they carry Canvak. No dice, but Hubbyfink did get a cute pair of cargo pants on clearance. So, not a total loss.

When we're not spending money like we have some, we're cooperatively killing zombies (and being killed many, many times) in Left 4 Dead. We're having fun, but I can't say this is my favorite game. I want to stop and explore, but that gets you eaten. So, we run for it and shot anything that moves including party members occassionally.
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Okay, so based upon this photo from Char and some rough estimates of the size of my cube (which included me crawling under my desk and lying on the floor... I'm not good at picturing distances in my head), I've come up with this: )

It could be smaller, but it's handy to have room for a table or two. Plus, one always needs extra space for stuff. Totally do-able, I think. Of course, now I have to do that doing thing.

Hee! Drafting class from junior high finally paid off!
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It's been a month since my last SCA event,* and I feel rejuvenated and excited about attending events again. Looking at the calendar, and factoring in familial obligations and whatnot, it looks like my next opportunity for an event is the combo Novice Tourney/Challenge of the Heart in June.

I have grand thoughts of bringing a day shade and furniture and food to provide hospitality to friends and passers-by. We shall see if any of that comes to fruition. I do want a shelter that is easier to schlep and erect than my pavilion. I think maybe something along the lines of the shade fly [ profile] ballistabob and [ profile] geoffreyapclywd made which we all used at last year's Night on the Town. Hrm... more plotting and planning required.

*Heh, that almost felt like a confession. Forgive me, Father...


Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:19 pm
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Last night's and this morning's storms were fantastic. I drifted to sleep as the rain pounded our roof and then awoke when the deluge started anew this morning. I dreamt of Pennsic and sleeping in my pavilion during a storm. Seeing lightning flashes through canvas is both exhilirating and terrifying.

I've been thinking about Pennsic a lot lately. I guess it's that time of year where I'm longing for a snap of warm weather and ready to get projects underway. I've been perusing pictures of people's pavilions and interiors and getting all sorts of ideas about decor. I will be the spokesmodel for Better Homes & Pavilions one day.

Tomorrow [ profile] pirategirleee and I head to the wilds of Havre de Grace, Maryland to view the 2nd annual Battle of Clontarf. I'm not sure what to expect beyond Vikings, Vikings, and more Vikings. Should be a pretty day for it.
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My goodness, was this weekend packed. Hubbyfink and I attended the Ponte Alto newcomers' meeting at [ profile] courtney_d_h's house Friday night. Unfortunately, we didn't have any newcomers, but we did get to geek about shoes and pattens and clothing and movies and events and all sorts of other things. We got home very late.

Hubbyfink and I spent a lot of time in the basement Saturday morning, trying to decide what we wanted to do in the storage area to make it more user-friendly. Our ideas include a LOT of weeding and selling/giving away stuff. I finally carried all the clean Pennsic clothes upstairs and staged them for pressing. After putting away several loads worth of clean "everyday" clothes, we washed up and headed over to [ profile] carthew and [ profile] tirloch's to paint silk banners and celebrate a certain someone's birthday with BBQ and chocolate chip mint ice cream. Towards the end of the evening, we were all pretty punchy and Aelfred and MissyAnne devised a new music laurel test involving rubber bands and tongue depressers. Let's just say that my apprentice sisters and I are afeared.

Sunday involved a lot of Super Mario Galaxy, ironing, more laundry-putting-away, cleaning, and the baronial business meeting. Nothing much out of the ordinary beyond my volunteering to autocrat an event in either November or December (depending upon site availability). Ack! The budget passed and I have a full event staff. I tell you what: I've never felt quite so loved as when folks started saying "I'll run [a particular aspect] for you." My friends and Barony rock.

So, keep your eyes peeled for more information about the Winter's Welcome Revel. Singing, dancing, a chess tourney, a silent auction, good food, and more cameraderie than you can comfortably shake a stick at.

Here endeth the weekend.
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Oh my goodness. Best. War. Evar. I'm clean and sweet-smelling again and my feet are back to their natural pink color. That means it's time for a wrap-up before the memories fade.

  • The Sheltie intelligence test.
  • Bog UFOs.
  • Spartans with washboard abs.
  • Lucius Vorenus.
  • Boy clothes!
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party.
  • Soft new rugs in the pavilion.
  • Water-tight pavilion.
  • Your Inner Vagabond. (Why had I never visited that place before??)
  • Midnight stroll around the lake with [ profile] pirategirleee.
  • Clear skies which led to breath-taking star-watching.
  • Ponte Alto fire pit.
  • Eyeballs in Lake Moraine.
  • Roasting marshmallows with FFG.
  • Shopping Amoeba.
  • Shopping for bling with my Laurel and sisters.
  • Neon ring toss (started by yours truly).
  • Viking drag. (Thanks again, [ profile] psalite for the bling!)
  • Ravenstreet meal plan.
  • Love story, horror movie. Love story, horror movie.
  • Atlantian minstrels serenading Troll in the dead of night.
  • [ profile] psalite's Court Barony.
  • [ profile] pirategirleee's rosary.
  • [ profile] baronessadriana's Coral Branch.
  • James deB's Opal.
  • Finally meeting Mina, the Queen of Argentina.
  • BPAL Meet-n-Sniff. Must take more perfume next year. Must order the perfumes now on my WANT! list.
  • Ravenstreet winning a blue ribbon from the Atlantian Heraldic Walking Tour.
  • The Fools' Parade outside East Kingdom's gate: "All we are saaaaaayiiiiiiing is give WAR a chance...."
  • Cheering the drag racers as they sped past our gate.

  • Hubbyfink's early departure so he could go back to work.
  • Spartans with naked beer tumors.
  • Not-quite-a-loin-cloth guys.
  • Being about ten minutes behind [ profile] kfitzwarin while hunting for her on the Serenghetti. Alas and alack.
  • Searching for a shallow grave in banjo country.
  • Warts. Yuck.

  • C15 belt from Gaukler.
  • Turn shoes & pattens from Dru Shoemaker.
  • Low boots from Revival Leather.
  • Silk veils, boy clothes (thank you, Hubbyfink!), and green Talbot belt from Revival Clothing.
  • Silver turtle brooches from Raymond's Quiet Press.
  • Pennsic pilgrim badges from Fettered Cock.
  • Wool and silk velvet from [ profile] duchesssimone.
  • Bacon, mummified mice, and Cthulhu head cat toys and a buck-toothed vampire bat from Falcon's Mew.
  • Lapis ring from Acanthus Leaf Designs.
  • Wool bag from [ profile] attack_laurel.
  • MOL Knives & Scabbards for Hubbyfink.
  • "Evolution of the Sword" tee for Hubbyfink.
  • Linen thread from Fabric Dragon.
  • Linen braies & "gangster" kirtle from Historic Enterprises.
  • Patterns for Tudor underclothes and overclothes from Reconstructing History.
  • Pearl medallion from North Star Armory.
  • Wee little bells from Billy & Charlie.
  • The jar I've been lusting for since Storvik Novice Tourney from [ profile] thatpotteryguy. Hooray for barter!

    Things to do for next year:
  • Paint pavilion!!!
  • Paint stakes & dogbones.
  • New ropes.
  • Bed with headboard?
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    And they're gorgeous! I can't wait to get them in my grubby little hands.

    Edward de Clare's pennant )

    Millicent Chandler's pennant )

    I wonder if we'll have them in time for Sapphire Joust...


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