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I think I'm going to work from home tomorrow. It's so dark and lonesome here in the cube farm with less than 20 people spread out in this room of 150 cubes. I'd much rather be in my sun-drenched home with the small black thing and long black-and-white thing. (The blonde thing will most likely remain crashed out in her basket in the bedroom window sill.)

Hubbyfink and I will celebrate our sixth anniversary on Saturday. I haven't decided what I'd like to do, but I'm pretty sure there will be gifts of power tools for each other. We spent a fair amount of time oohing and aahing over the Ryobi display at Home Depot last weekend and we each found a couple of items we'd like to add to our Ryobi collection. Of course, Hubbyfink asks me at least three times if I really and truly want power tools as gifts. Well, duh! Flowers would be nice, too, of course.

I am taking a break from school and reevaluating that particular path. It's feeling like a less lucrative career option, and school is making my life pretty stressful. I feel like I don't have time to take advantage of my stress-relieving hobbies and activities and I am fairly unhappy. So, that's been niggling in my brain for a while.
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Thanks to Hannah's suggestion, Hubbyfink and I are going to check out the Thursday evening Adoption Meet & Greet at the Sterling Petco tomorrow. I hope we're able to find good little buddy for Margie.

I did a fairly crappy job on last night's homework. I set to work as soon as I got home and took all the measurements of the upstairs rooms for the space documentation before leaving for choir. I should have cleaned up the drawing, but I was simply too pooped after choir. My heart's just not in this class and I'm going to have to fight against my desire to coast.

The new ride got lots of oohs and aahs from friends last night. She really does handle like a dream. I grow more fond of her every day.

In work news, the domestic planning team is moving to another building next week. I'm going to be left all by my lonesome in this section of the cube farm. Bossman says, "Someone's got to turn out the lights." Well, that would require the lights being turned ON to begin with.

Looks like the weather will behave this weekend. If that forecast holds up, I'll play tourist at Marching Through Time on Saturday. Sunday is a household Pennsic Planning meeting. Which reminds me... I should register us and make hotel reservations...


Apr. 13th, 2010 10:15 am
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It's taken nearly ten days but I am finally comfortable with my new vehicle. It no longer feels hyoooge. I've got a fairly good idea of how wide it is and mostly good idea of how long the front end is, although, I'm still erring on the side of thinking it's longer than it really is. Still no dings or dents (knock particle board). Still waiting for the title number so I can order personalized tags.

I'm still mourning Basil's death. I've been in a bit of a fog and fairly subdued. There are tears at bedtime. We got the condolence card from the vet yesterday; I'm dreading the call about his ashes being ready for pick up. I could be anthropomorphizing, but I think that Margie is trying to find Bays. When she and Kit are on the bed, Marge watches the hall like she's looking for something. This morning, she was tearing around the house at high speed and kept stopping to check my closet and under the bed. I've got to get her a playmate soon.

The first week of drafting class is done and I did pretty well grade-wise. This week is supposed to be the most difficult. Joy!

Alle Psallite practice tonight. It'll be good to see my friends again. I've been too much the hermit lately. I want to keep hermitting, but I know that social time will be good for me and help me get back into my groove.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 12:30 pm
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Wow, this has been a weird week. On Monday, I felt so overwhelmed by all the projects I needed to work on that I turtled down and hid in Facebook for an hour or so until I found my big girl panties collected my thoughts enough to start tackling the mountain of work. I started with my inbox and clear out all the email I'd flagged as THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Whether it was a simple capacity approval or reading through an installation packet, I attacked each project as I came to it. Lo and behold, I'd not only cleared out the THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT folder but also my inbox. Victory!

Tuesday was less productive, work-work-wise, but I got a lot of personal business accomplished during business hours. Some workdays, I suppose it's okay to simply be the resident guru.

Today, I'm trying to enter circuit modification and router upgrade requests but the GUI for that particular application doesn't have the correct router type in the menu. I can't enter the requests if I can't designate the correct router. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. In the meantime, I guess I'll float a bit more and play guru again.

In other news, school is going well. I've started getting feedback from the instructor and it's glowing. Hubbyfink accuses me of being teacher's pet, but I'm simply working as hard as I can on my projects to get a good grade. I don't like one of my classmates because she keeps picking apart my assignments incorrectly. I mean, it'd be one thing if the critiques were valid. She, however, is pointing out things I didn't do. I didn't do those things because they weren't part of the criteria. Someone is WRONG on the internet and she's being wrong at me. That's frustrating.
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I've now seen whiteout conditions and I don't want to experience them again. I'm halfway expecting to dig Jack Nicholson out of one of the snowbanks lining the front walk when we're able to escape our home. Any minute now, I will start typing "All work and no play make Melanie a dull girl". Hubbyfink made the mistake of saying "yes" when I asked if we have an axe.

In less ominous news, I have a pot of spicy chili simmering on the stove. It was looking a little too thin so I tossed a couple tablespoons of flour in to make it more roux-like. Now it's almost perfect. While I may not like to cook, I suppose I'm not too bad at it. Plus, some of the knowledge from all those cooking shows I watch must've slipped into the ol' brainmeats. Neat!

Last night's homework assignment did not go well. I've been playing with Google SketchUp in my copious free time by building 3D models of our basement floor (and impressing the pants off Hubbyfink in the process), so I've gotten pretty good at house models. Furniture models? Not so much. After six hours of work I was finally able to create a decent virtual turned wood leg for a sofa and soften the edges of sofa cushions. I still can't build the spindly armrests. *grump* If tonight's conference call ends on time, I'll join the live classroom conference and learn how to do these fancy things.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 11:03 am
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I lead a charmed life, I think. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many caring and wonderful people I can call friends. Thank you, all, for being who you are.

I took a personal day from work on Tuesday and got my head back where it needed to be. Mom called last night and shared some breakthroughs that my sister has had with her own fitness program and that new knowledge continued the improvement in my mood and determination. I'm not giving up; this is a life-long process and one month is barely a drop in the bucket.

In other news, school is still going very well. Straight As, 100% actually, for the first three weeks. This week we started using Google SketchUp. Wow, what a neat rendering program! Last night we worked on elevation views and styles; we'll work on building furniture plans (like designing actual pieces of furniture) on Thursday. Hubbyfink saw what I was doing last night and downloaded the Mac version so he could play with it on his computer. I think we design a house on Saturday.

The sun has come out and the fluffy snow on the tree branches is dropping to the ground. I took a couple of photos last night and then had to go out in the snow to retrieve Margie and Basil who had slipped out the door when I wasn't looking. I told Hubbyfink that the snow was that Hollywood fluffy, crunchy stuff you see in movies. Very, very pretty. The snow lying in the branches of the tree out back looks just like ripe cotton, all fluffy white against dark brown branches. It reminds me of the cotton fields of my childhood.

During my lunch break, I think I'll clear off the car and hit the grocery store for more milk, bread, and veggies so I don't have to worry about all the storm-panicking on Friday.
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I'm halfway through my fourth week of workouts and I think I've got tiny little biceps that pop up when I flex. Plus, my underarms aren't quite as flappy. I thought today's slacks felt a little looser in the waist, but that may be wishful thinking.

My beloved, geriatric Jeepfink is failing and I grow more aggravated with the vehicle every day. My ten (in the morning) and twenty (in the evening) minute commutes leave me frustrated and sometimes angry. I was seriously considering heading to a Toyota dealership this weekend to test drive a Rav4. After seeing this morning's news, that's off the schedule.* I'm back to researching a replacement vehicle.

School is going well. I thought this session's class was going to kick my butt, and it is time-consuming, but I am loving every assignment. Okay, the third assignment made me want to punch the computer, but that frustration was short-lived.

*But [ profile] melaniesuzanne, only the 2009 and 2010 models are affected. Why don't you buy a used car instead? My answer, Gentle Reader, is that if I go a decade or so between buying cars, I'm not going to begrudge myself purchasing a new one that has all the bells and whistles I want. However, I may see what Carmax has in the way of recent, non-Toyota vehicles.

Whoo hoo

Jan. 12th, 2010 10:01 am
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My class (Venice Beyond Courtesans and Carnavale) was accepted for Atlantia's February University. Whoo hoo! Guess I need to buckle down and compile class notes, huh?

I was concerned about being able to balance prepping and teaching a class while working on my actual school work. I have a project due the same day as University (as well as two days prior), but I think I can make it all work.

No workout this morning as I had an 8am call. I will, however, be in the gym this afternoon to make up for lost time.

That's pretty much all that's going on: work, school, workouts. It's tiring being this fabulous.
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We're getting new windows next Monday. Except we're not. Thompson Creek asked if they could bump us up to today. Sure! So I'm in the office early and Hubbyfink will tough out the cold temps and watch the window installation. The installers are supposed to arrive between noon and 2pm. We're skeptical that they'll finish before dark, but what do we know?

Got my final grade for the drawing class and I squeaked by with an A. My 4.0 GPA stands. Whoo hoo! Digital Visualization for Interior Design starts up January 11 and is followed by Color Theory for Print in February. My textbooks for next semester should arrive next week. Gotta fill out the new financial aid stuff.

Work is going well thus far. I've been busy taming Visio. There are more hub and network diagrams in my future. Everybody else is on vacation so it's Bossman and me against the world. We can take it.


Dec. 15th, 2009 12:49 am
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The last day of the semester is this coming Saturday and it can't come soon enough. I'm so thankful that I cut back my hours and am taking only two classes a semester; I'm sure I would've had more breakdowns by now. Hubbyfink's probably thankful too, even if he doesn't know it.

During the winter break, I'm going to tackle any and all outstanding Virginia exchequer issues and make sure that my ducks are in a row before the fourth quarter/year-end reporting panic starts in January. I'm also going to work up a class for Atlantia's February University (I'll have an email to you by the end of the week, [ profile] pinkleader). And I'm going to get into the hard-core research for my new C15 Venetian ensemble.

Or maybe I'll just kick back with "Arkham Asylum", "Bioshock", and/or "Dead Space" and rot my brain with video games.

Work is being especially hellacious this week and it's only Monday. Bossman is taking the brunt of the ugliness, bless him. On the other paw, we're going to meet the 18 December deadline for getting orders in to a vendor and that's a tick mark in the positive column. One day at a time.

Hubbyfink and I are putting a plan into place so that we can spend our seventh anniversary (May 1, 2011) in Venice. I wanted so desperately to go to Venice this coming April and attend the Renaissance Society of America's yearly meeting but we simply can't swing the cost. With a year to prepare and save, though, we'll be able to do Venezia in style.

Aside from last week's unfortunate episode after filing a nail too thin, I haven't bitten my nails since November 13. I haven't had nails since senior prom (which I then bit off when I broke up with my boyfriend). I love my nails. Basilmonster LOVES my nails and constantly wants scritches. Alright, I've kicked the nail-biting habit. Now to get my weight under control, huh.
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Hubbyfink says he would recognize this person if the drawing below appeared on a milk carton or on the evening news. I'm not sure, myself. )
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It's been a lovely visit. Mom and I got lots of quality time together and not all of it was spent harvesting our Farmville crops. I even got to spend a fair amount of time with the siblings. We're all usually so rushed during these visits. I'm not sure what made the difference this time.

[ profile] beaz and Melinda's baby still hasn't arrived, but he's dropped since Friday night. She's been carrying him really high and didn't look all that pregnant, to be honest. Tonight, she looked oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-pop-at-any-moment pregnant. Funny what a couple of days will do. She's still scheduled for induction Tuesday morning.

Mom and I forced Pete and [ profile] zipmeister to go see Starry Nights. Too bad everybody else in Memphis had the same idea. Good thing we took Zippy's Ford Focus hybrid; we might have otherwise run out of gas while sitting on Walnut Grove for 2.5 hours just to get into the park. Yeah, we should've bailed. We're a stubborn bunch. I refuse to say whether or not the wait was worth the display.

It's been tough, but I've kept up with my schoolwork while out of town. Mom's cats have been just as helpful blocking the light on my still lifes as mine are. Good kitties.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 01:10 pm
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Drawing class is going well. I wound up with an A for the first week and am hoping the second week goes as well. Can't tell yet as I haven't gotten much feedback on this week's still life drawings.

I'm a-leaving on a jet plane tomorrow night for a week in Memphis with the family. The nephew-to-be hasn't arrived yet and we're all desperately hoping he'll come tomorrow. The due date is today and the induction is scheduled for next Tuesday. It feels weird that my little brother [ profile] beaz is going to be a dad. I'm happy for him, but I'm also a little sad that he's all grown up with his own family.

I'm also a little sad that Hubbyfink will be all by his lonesome for Thanksgiving. He's still trying to decide what to do with his unsupervised time.
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I couldn't sleep last night and slipped out of bed and into the craft room where I strung two necklaces. If I'd realized that I was going to *still* have trouble sleeping after that and would still lie awake for a while, I would have gotten a jump on tonight's homework. Ah well.

Instead of doing homework tonight, though, I want to make a camisia and revamp my gamurra sleeves. I really want to wear my Italian clothes to Holiday Faire tomorrow -- might have longjohns underneath since the clothes are linen -- and I'd like the smock and sleeves to look better than they do today. Hrm. We'll see how long the still life takes because, of course, I'm not pushing my schoolwork aside. Gotta keep up the best GPA I've ever had in my collegiate life.
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You know, if I were a patient person and had more time to practice, I might eventually become good at this stuff. Hubbyfink's been very supportive in keeping my spirits up when I feel like I suck. I've been practicing each exercise several times and the study which he likes the most is the one I post to my class. So far that's worked out okay, but I'll find out for sure when the first week's grades are posted this weekend.

This week's projects. )


Nov. 13th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Not much going on except for barking with bronchitis and gathering materials for my drawing class which started yesterday. I'm still looking for the right size drawing board and matte spray fixative. Hopefully, AC Moore will have those items.

My sister-in-law has started having contractions. Looks like I'll have a new nephew sooner rather than later. I decided to make the baby visit coincide with Thanksgiving and will fly to Memphis on the 24th and come back home on the 30th. Mom wants me to help redecorate the living room and assist with removing carpet from the upstairs bedrooms. It's going to be a busy visit, but the visits always are.
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Tonight's assignment was to create the cover of a magazine related to our respective fields of study. Technically, holiday decor falls under Interior Design.

Technically. )

Oh, yeah. I'm going to like art school. =)
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Got poked and prodded by the GP today. Everything looks good, no bloodwork needed, lose 20 pounds, increase anti-depressant doseage, get a special light thingie to alleviate the SAD, and go get a baseline mamogram. Yay, squished boobs.

I was in bed at 9:30 last night. Work and school completely wore me out. Happily, I got this week's discussion questions completed last night. Tonight, I have to submit the first part of an Illustrator project.

Okay, enough dithering. I have a ton and a half of work to do. It's not easy being the last design engineer standing.


Nov. 2nd, 2009 11:33 am
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Everything's back to normal and I'm fighting the post-holiday malaise. It certainly helps that daylight saving time ended; I really needed that extra hour yesterday. I also spent a fair amount of time outside between cleaning up the decorations and taking a walk with the Hubbyfink around the adjacent neighborhood. We then zoned out with the original miniseries of "V" on SyFy. Heeere, leezard leezard leezard.

Today, I have been poked, prodded, and polished at the dentist's office. So far, so good and I get to go back May 5. Tomorrow, I will be poked and prodded at my doctor's office. May as well take care of all the unpleasantness in one week.

This week's school assignments include Illustrator and Acrobat. I have to design a magazine cover for tomorrow night's assignment. Hubbyfink wanted me to make a Western Martial Arts magazine, but the assignment specifically says the magazine has to focus on our field of study. I've promised him the article title of "Remodelling your basement in three easy steps" in homage to all the work he's been doing (and still has ahead of him) in our basement.

Oh! Speaking of the basement work, Hubbyfink discovered something disconcerting after shoveling up tile: the sliding glass door leaks. We never noticed with the dark blue carpet nor with the shiny tile. But the water was quite evident on the concrete slab. Replacing the slider has joined the window replacement project. We'll also have to replace the floor moulding because of water damage. Ah well, at least we found it now and not after we'd installed new flooring and we know the culprit of the occassional mustiness down there.
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Eh. I wrote up a big post about tonight's adventures with Photoshop, but it was boring me, so nevermind. The most important thing I learned is that 64-bit CS4 doesn't have TWAIN so I can't select my scanner in the Import submenu; I have to use WIA instead, which, thankfully, my scanner/printer supports.

So, that was fun.

In actual fun news, I worked on my costume. The dress is looking pretty good. I need to play with some of the pleats and folds to get them where I want them and then the safety-pinning begins. Yes, safety pinning. It's a one-off outfit from a length of linen I'll be reusing for historical costuming purposes. Good thing I won't have to walk through any metal detectors this weekend.


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