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Special weather alert for Loudoun County, VA:



My commute home is mostly north and east. I may not have to pedal with a tailwind like that!


Nov. 30th, 2011 09:52 am
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Gratuitous icon post for [ profile] danabren.
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This one's for [ profile] danabren: Praying Mantis Valentine.
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While answering the comments to my last post, I looked at the icon I used in that post (and this one) and had a brain wave. During my next walk, I should pretend that I'm in a Doctor Who episode and spend the whole time running away from pretend monsters. It's the Doctor Who Companion Workout!
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I found these delicious confections while Mom looked for a birthday cake for Johnny last week. Behold the glory that is the hamburger & fries cake )
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My playing with ringtones has successfully gotten the Muppet version of "Habanera" stuck in my head. My earworm, let me share it. )
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Wipe out in front of the fully-staffed nurses' station because you lose control of your platform sandals. Yes, I skinned my knee, but my ego is waaaay more bruised. Dork.
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I gave the nav system a test run today to see how it would work in an area I knew. It did fairly well, to be honest. However, I noticed something odd about the voice giving directions: the vowel sounds are way off. Like pre-vowel shift off. Waxpool is "Wexpole" and Greenthorne is "Grenthurn". Of course, when I reached Sherwood and Holborn the voice pronounced them perfectly. Hubbyfink says my navigator must be Chaucerian.
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Saw this site on an LJ community and HAD to share: I don't need anything from that site, but I'm way too fascinated with the nail jar and urine sample candles.

I think [ profile] pirategirleee needs the Shaun throw pillow.
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In the midst of homework and exchequer reports, I took a break and attended Ponte Alto's Tournament of Love and Beauty on Saturday. I was the royal liaison and after making sure that the royals were taken care of, I wandered off until my stint at retaining began. I got to hang out and visit with [ profile] courtney_d_h which is something we haven't been able to do in far too long. We geeked about music and books and her recent trips to Oslo. Huh. Topics medieval people could have discussed, I suppose. I shopped a bit and purchased a gorgeous salt cellar and a corked bottle from [ profile] thatpotteryguy. I met a new friend (hi, [ profile] snarlingbadger!) and got to see Oh Laurel, My Laurel ([ profile] carthew) for a few minutes.

At one point during the afternoon, [ profile] belfebe stated that she hoped someone would stalk Their Excellencies and shake their booty at them so that she could retire as Baronial Bard. That comment struck my funnybone and I ran right over to Baroness [ profile] azpapillion, told her what Bel had said, and promptly turned around and shook my booty at her. She laughed and looked expectant. I told her I didn't actually have a song prepared for the bardic portion of the competition; I wanted to make sure she'd been shaken at. I then scurried back over to Bel and the fellow retainers who were rolling with laughter.

An hour or so later and it was time for court. Their Excellencies call up Bel to discuss the results of the various A&S competitions. "For Baronial Bard, we have chosen Lady Pippa Morosini." There may have been a comment about an inspired interpretive dance, I can't remember. What I do remember is that I, and everyone who knew the booty-shaking story, howled with laughter. Lady Sian, the court herald, asked if there could be a repeat performance. I really shouldn't have, but I obliged and made Their Majesties laugh. I guess I have that "entertaining" part of being a bard down, huh. I am happy to report that after all that silliness, Sian was made a companion of the Order of the Garland.

During Royal court, [ profile] dawnhutchings and [ profile] smiep were made Companions of the Opal (service order), Cassie was given an Award of the Fountain (service award), and Her Majesty gave [ profile] psalite and me Undines (an award for excellence in service to the Queen) and gorgeous tokens. I was VERY honored (and tickled pink) by the Undine.

Hubbyfink had finished loading up Jeepfink during court (because he is not a court junkie), and we booked it for home because I was about to fall over. Do expect more inspired interpretive dances from the Official Booty-shaker of Ponte Alto. (My Laurel will be so pleased. *snrk*)
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Every time OK Go's "Here it Goes Again" comes up in my exercise mix as I traipse along on the treadmill, I find myself wanting to reenact their music video. I'm sure that The Powers That Be would not be amused.

On the flip side, watching the video has sapped some of my grumpiness.

And in related news, a woman complained to me yesterday about the quality of the music being played in the gym. I chuckled and responded that the playlist seemed to be a greatest hits from my college days.

Oh my gosh

Oct. 21st, 2009 05:20 pm
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[ profile] wombatgirl! I was kidding about the whole "Only X more shopping days until my birthday" thing... Thank you soooo much for the pile of spooky birthday swag. I admit that I'm a bit afraid of the gooey brain candy; but having eaten [ profile] danabren's gummi bat last year, I'm sure I can stomach nearly anything. ;)

Thank you so much, Gwenfink!

And if anyone else is keeping tabs, there are only six more shopping days until my birthday. ;)
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If I'm going to be an Art School Chick I guess I have to start wearing only black, paint my fingernails black, dye my hair all sorts of colors not found in nature, and listen to (more) emo music. Hubbyfink has drawn the line at clove cigarettes.
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So. Hubbyfink and I are watching "Blue Planet: Seas of Life" and there was a bit where a crab ate a starfish and was then pounced upon and eaten by an octopus. I turned to Hubbyfink and exclaimed, "It's like a seafood turducken!"

Do people even eat starfish? I can't imagine there's much worth eating... Nevermind. I just remembered that Samantha Brown ate a fried starfish on a stick when she was in China. The "Bizarre Foods" guy has probably choked one or two down as well.

And? Baby squid are freaking adorable! Adult squid give me the willies in the worst way, but newly-hatched, not-quite-sure-how-to-swim-yet baby squid? Too cute for words.
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I am able to list my Major Accomplishment on this week's report as "Not taking hostages."
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"Xanadu" is on ABC Family and I've discovered what's been missing in my life: knee-high roller skate boots. Aw yeah.

Idiot box

Feb. 17th, 2009 11:38 am
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I've begun watching TV with purpose again, rather than just having it on as background noise. Two of my shows -- Big Love and Battlestar Galactica -- are back and two new shows -- United States of Tara and RuPaul's Drag Race -- have grabbed my attention.

Big Love keeps getting better and better. This season is keeping me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns and new developments. And Nicki! Oh, Nicolette, it's a SPOILER. ) I can't wait to see what happens next Sunday. (More SPOILERS in comments.)

BSG is continually jumping the shark and I still love it. There's a lot of hand-waving of plot points going on, but I don't care. I won't be surprised it the finale sucks wind; most finales do (I'm looking at you, Sopranos).

I caught a bit of the third episode of the United States of Tara Saturday night. It's a Showtime series about a woman (Toni Collette: the most talented actress of my generation) with multiple personality disorder and how she and her husband and children deal with the alters. Hubbyfink visibly twitched when I gave him that description, but he (and I) actually enjoyed the episodes we've watched. I'm not entirely sure when it airs; we're watching it On Demand.

My new love right now, though, is RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo. Queens from around the world vie to be an International Miz Thang and the competition is fierce. Catty drag queen drama is the ONLY kind of drama I want to see. The only drawback to this show is it has made me experiment with more make-up, and drag queen eye-makeup is not necessarily the best model for the workplace. Ah well. If you see me wearing false eyelashes long enough to provide a breeze everytime I blink, you'll know what happened.

ETA: Oh! How could I forget Top Gear?? New season for US viewers started last week. Hubbyfink perused the Top Gear webshop and found a t-shirt I need in my collection. )I think anyone who's been a passenger while I was behind the wheel would probably agree.
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Icelandic "Sweet Transvestite"
Finnish "Beds are Burning"
Ukranian "Highway to Hell"
Cantonese "YMCA"
Chinese "Jive Talking"

And the creme de la creme: ABBA in Hindi!
"Dancing Queen"
"Super Trooper"
"Mama Mia"

All tunes lovingly swiped from this page.
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The cashier squeaked in surprise when lunch totalled $6.66. I've always known that Thursdays are bad to the bone.


Jan. 8th, 2009 02:45 pm
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And peevishness! And gratuitous icon posting!* Mayhap I should lay off the raspberry Lipton PureLeafTM Iced Tea for a while...

*I modified a ThinkGeek t-shirt which might need to join my collection.


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