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This whirlwind weekend consisted of the Richmond Wizard World Comic Con and the Virginia BrickFair Lego Convention just down the road in Chantilly.

Neither the beau nor I cosplayed this con and it was weird not being dressed up. Being in street clothes did make it easier to navigate the vendor area and artist alley and race to panels without stopping multiple times for photos, but I did miss the attention. And Sean, whose first comic/sci fi con and cosplay experience was only two months ago, also admitted to missing the attention. Heh. We're so shallow.


My reason for not dressing up was so that I would look like myself when I had my photo op with THIS GUY.

Yeah, that's Billy "Fool of a Took" Boyd, aka my most favorite Scottish actor EVER. There were posted rules prohibiting kissing the celebrities, but I noted there was NOTHING about licking them. I was good, though, and did not lick the Boyd. Nor did I bother him with fawning, gawking, or fangirling when he strolled up next to me at the hotel registration desk to check in while I was getting a second key card for my room. His panel was highly entertaining and he stated that his band Beecake was working on a US tour for this autumn. Time's running short, and they're feeling the crunch, but hopefully it comes to fruition. I told him that I hoped they would put the DC area on their schedule since I didn't know about Beecake when they toured the east coast in 2009.

Aside from trying to play it fairly cool while in the presence of the Boyd (but having a pretty big adrenaline let-offs after the photo op and autograph which made me weak and wobbly [Sean had to keep me upright after we got a few feet away from the booth]), the con was extremely low-key for the beau and myself. Sean attended a panel on working with various costume-making materials such as worbla and eva foam, plus did a little shopping which included stocking up on Star Wars Lego minifigs and a couple of Star Wars tees. I purchased a Stormtrooper-themed baseball jersey and some postcard-sized Adventure Time character sketches. Nothing else needed to come home with me. Watching, rather than participating in, the costume contest was also stress free and there were lots of great costumes which paraded across the stage. Sean and I spent a fair amount of time over dinner and on the drive home tonight brainstorming costume ideas for next year's contest. Heh heh heh.

And speaking of dinner, we had an amazing meal at a place called Pasture which is located only a block away from the Marriott. When I found it online that afternoon, I thought the tapas-sized dishes looked amazing and the craft beer list would please Sean. I got a delightful surprise when we entered the restaurant and I spotted the Boyd himself eating dinner at the bar. Sean suggested I send him a pint (ha. ha.), but I was respectful and left him alone. Merely glancing at his back multiple times through dinner counts as leaving him alone, right? Oh, and the food was gorgeous and Sean was VERY happy with the beer.
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This past weekend was my second visit to Awesome Con in downtown DC and this time around I knew a bunch of folks going and actually met up with everybody except for one. This was also the first comic/sci-fi convention the beau attended and he didn't know what to expect. I guess there's not as much programing or celebrity run-ins at gaming conventions...

He dressed as a Star Wars Rebel Trooper and I wore my Stormtrooper pin-up duds. (Gotta brag for a moment: he made his shirt [it was the first garment he'd made aside from silly pants and t-tunics during his SCA days and it gave him the confidence to make the British military tunic I have featured previously], the vest, and both of our blasters; I have GOT to get a close-up of my Stormtrooper blaster!) Before we even got in the main convention hall, he had people taking his photo because while Stormtroopers and Jedi are a dime a dozen at cons, there are few Rebel Troopers wandering about. Well, except for this con because the Rebel Legion was in attendance. A group even accosted him at one point with a "Why aren't you at your post, soldier??" It was all fun and games until the leader noticed my Stormtrooper dress and ordered the others to fire at me.

Star-crossed lovers.

Aim for the dress! )

I actually did a pretty good job of not buying all the things, but I did score some artwork and a pair of panties feature Admiral Ackbar's face and the text "It's a trap!" on the front. I also got Rob "Pinky" Paulsen's autograph to bookend Maurice "The Brain" LaMarche's on my "Pinky and the Brain" DVD box. My con mission was accomplished.

We realized that we were done for the day around 3:30 and said our fond farewells to friends and limped our way to the metro for the (interminable) ride back to Virginia. Despite being exhausted, the beau said he had a great time. Of course, I had a good time; I almost always do. We then slept the sleep of the overtired in preparation for a second day of costumed fun.

More photos from the day. )


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