Jul. 9th, 2013 01:09 pm
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Vacation was absolutely wonderful. I got to visit with people whom I haven't seen in nearly twenty years, spent quality time with my father and stepmom, enjoyed best-friend [livejournal.com profile] zipmeister's new house (which is STUNNING), and lazed about Mom's lake river house. Really, I couldn't have had a much better week off.

Except that the trip from northern Virginia to Germantown, TN and from Cherokee, AL back to NoVA was AWFUL. The 850 mile trek from door to door normally takes between 11.5 and 12 hours. It took fourteen. FOURTEEN. The trip from AL to NoVA should have taken about 12.5 hours. It also took FOURTEEN hours, most of which was in blinding rain. We stopped for the night just inside the Virginia border so as not to fall asleep at the wheel.

I forgot to make a "Post-op month 3" post on the 29th. At that point, I'd shed 50 pounds and was starting to shrink out of the capris I purchased earlier in June. While on vacation, I misplaced another 5 pounds and bought my first size "L" shirts in FOREVER. Talk about a ego boost. I have officially hit the in-betweenie range of pants, unfortunately. I need a 14W to accommodate my baby-makin' hips and I can't find that size in my local Tar-zhay. I'm pretty sure a Lane Bryant 14 would be too big and I REALLY don't want to have to go to LB for ANYTHING anymore. Straight sizes will gap in the waist while pulling across my hips and butt. Allow me to sigh and staple my wrist to my forehead for a bit.

At this point, I'm only a few pounds away from what the WLS forum people call "one-derland". I haven't been under 200 pounds in... oh, I have no idea. At least 15 years. I'm about to bounce out of my skin with excitement and joy.
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Five more hours and I am OUT OF THE OFFICE FOR WEEK! Yeah, doggies. Tonight, I'm getting a pedicure and then throwing some dirty clothes in the laundry and then packing my suitcase and not succeeding in going to be early. Tomorrow, Hubbyfink and I rising at the crack of dawn and hitting the road for Germantown, TN. WHOO HOO!

Can't wait to see Mom and the rest of the family. Can't wait to see [livejournal.com profile] zipmeister, his beau, and their new house. Looking forward to seeing Daddy. And can't wait to see Mom and Pete's Alabama lakehouse. They've made so much progress since we saw it last year that I probably won't recognize it!

Sadly, we are leaving the bikes behind has 1) neither of us wants to strap them to the back of the Beetle [and I can't drive Hubbyfink's manual Golf which has the trailer hitch and bike rack] and 2) we're going to be in Memphis for only three days and will spend the rest of the week in Alabama where there's a mile and a half [or maybe more] of gravel road between the lake house and the paved road. Yes, you have to "turn off the paved road" to get to Mom's vacation home. Sorry, Zippy.

I'm wrapping up my projects and/or giving my teammates updates on and the locations of my planning documents in case something pops up next week. I've slashed and burned my inbox from 260 to 79 so that the server won't bounce my messages. I've turned off call-forwarding and set up my out of office notice. I've got one more conference call to coast through and I'll spend the rest of the afternoon bouncing in my seat like a kid on the last day of school.

I'm not excited AT ALL in case you couldn't tell.


Jun. 14th, 2013 11:52 am
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We have officially reached the hair loss portion of the post-WLS process. Yay. I try not to stress too much because I do have a fair amount of hair even though the individual hairs are on the thin side. Sadly, I am ceasing the pinking and purpling until I feel confident that the bleaching process won't make the rest of my hair fall out. If I can't live without unnatural color streaks in my hair, Ulta carries various non-permanent potions which do not require bleaching before application.

The weather threatens to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend. Had I a crystal ball, I'm sure it would foretell of a bike ride or two. Maybe even three. And now that Hubbyfink's cleared for almost all physical activity, I can drag him along for a "short" ride.

Speaking of the Hubbyfink, we'd planned on zipping out to Colorado Springs this past March but surgery schedules got in the way. Why the zipping to CS? Well, back in September I got a bee in my proverbial bonnet about moving somewhere that wasn't so dang hot and humid as the DC area and CS looked fantastic on paper. The change-averse Hubbyfink warmed up to the idea a day later and was ready to move RIGHT THEN. We cooled our jets, though, and calmed down enough to realize that we really should scope out a place before picking up stakes and heading west. (Of course, I hadn't considered the possibility of something like the horrifying wildfire currently destroying the surrounding area... all those unfortunate people... it makes me want to cry.) So, we're flying out for a visit over Labor Day weekend and will see if it is just as good in real life.

Other locations on our short list of Places to Live After Fleeing DC include the Florida panhandle (preferably right on the coast); New Orleans (which, obviously, is even MORE hot and humid than DC but I've become sensitive to cold after this past miserable winter; Hubbyfink is not on board with this idea); Asheville, NC (again, himself is not quite on board); Austin (his entry; as appealing and vibrant as Austin is, I simply can't with Texas); and Columbus, OH (yes, really: my work team is there, the city is beautiful, and it gets four distinct seasons; Hubbyfink doesn't want to live in Ohio). We've got some negotiating to do.
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Yes, yes, the user icon is the Hernando de Soto bridge in Memphis, but it's also the Mississippi River. Work with me, people.

Thursday night through early Monday afternoon found me in the Crescent City, herself: New Orleans! My companions were [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee (who visited the city last year), [livejournal.com profile] psalite (who was our NO virgin), and LJ-less Ellen (who visited back in the early '90s). We did the full-on, jackhole tourist experience in addition to treading lesser trod paths.

Let the photo extravaganza begin! )

The weather all weekend was gorgeous (which was completely out of the usual for this time of year). All the people I spoke with were characters with fantastic stories to tell. The bike infrastructure (yes, I still keep a weather eye out for such things) appears to have grown even more, and I wanted so badly to join all the cyclists pedaling through the Quarter and uptown. I fell in love with the city again and I want so badly to move south. Must begin negotiations with the Hubbyfink.
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In reverse order:

** Tonight I'm flying to New Orleans with three girlfriends for a wild weekend in the Crescent City. I went down there for Memorial Day weekend last year and such a blast that I had to go back. Before last year's trip, the last time I'd spent more than a couple of hours in NO was 1992 during one of the many late night trips from U of Southern Mississippi. I'm looking forward to seeing Holly and Wombat and kids while the girls enjoy a jazz brunch at Court of Two Sisters (buffets are wasted on my tiny pouch...).

** And speaking of Wombat, he's been in town this week on one of his usual business trips and because of terrible weather his flights to Boston were cancelled last night. I booked it over to Dulles and rescued him from having to sleep on an airport chair. He was grateful and we were happy to finally save him from an airport after all the times he's gotten stuck in a DC-area airport due to inclement weather (usually snow storms).

** Before the rescue mission, I got my hair rebobbed, repinked, and added some purple streaks as well. The only complaint I have about the new highlights is that I want more More MORE. I love the purple and it will be a learning experience to see how long the highlights last.

** Before the hair appointment, I saw my torturer orthodontist who installed a new upper wire the size of a high tension power line. He apologized for the pain, but I didn't feel anything because I think my teeth were in shock. Boy oh boy did I feel it later. I couldn't chew my planned dinner of leftover Peruvian chicken and wound up sucking out the innards of a bean burrito so I could get some protein in my system. I could barely chew my calcium supplement. And the sucky part is I can't take NSAIDs anymore. I'd thought about taking one of Hubbyfink's Tylenol-3, but figured it would knock me out and I'd miss getting my hair done.

** Before tooth torture, I saw my pshrink who asked lots of questions about my gastric bypass and Hubbyfink's brain surgery. She'd been concerned about the both of us (she's Hub's doctor, too) and was very happy to hear that all was well.

And back to today: I didn't get to bed until after 1am and awoke around 7am because I heard our houseguest stirring. Now, I'm an at-least-8-hours-of-sleep kind of gal and I very nearly fell asleep during a conference call. Plus, I still have to pack. Thank goodness I'm AR enough to have pulled out outfits last weekend and left them hanging on the closet door. Most of my toiletries are packed as well. All I need is to fill my cosmetics bag and throw everything in the suitcase so I'm not panicking too, too much.

It'll be a fun weekend. I just have to get there.
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Plane tickets, hotel reservation, and ground transportation are booked for [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee, [livejournal.com profile] psalite, LJ-less Ellen, and myself to spend Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans, whoo hoo! PG and I had such a good time last year, we decided to do it again and bring along a couple more girlfriends. We'll be staying in the Wyndham French Quarter on Royal between Canal and Iberville, a couple of blocks down from last year's hotel.

We're leaving Thursday night which give us ALL of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to run around like maniacs and take a cheesy tour or two. We missed out on shopping down Royal last year and will have to make up for lost time this year. I need to make arrangements to see Wombikins and Dr Holly and retrieve the promised and coveted Laissez Boys poker chip (it's good to have connections... s'how I got a Muses shoe and a Sirens bottle without having to brave the crowds of Mardi Gras. ;) )

Eating and drinking my way through the city will be seriously impacted, but I'll still be able to nibble bits and pieces of yumminess. Will most likely give the brunch at Court of the Two Sisters a pass since it really and truly would not be cost effective. Maybe the girls could feast while I do something with Wombat and Holly. Hmm... that's an idea.

So. Excited.
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Two weeks ago, I was the Dallas suburb of Richardson attending Juniper routing protocol training and meeting the Texas-based part of my work organization. The class itself was poorly taught, but my team mates and I -- who took a similar course this summer in Columbus -- caught on to more of the hows and whys during the lab practicals. The best part of the trip, by far, was the ability to schmooze face-to-face with people who I've known for years via email and conference calls. Oh, and since my Columbus team mates and I shared not only a hotel but also a rental car, I got to know Dennis and Ryan a lot better. There were a LOT of late nights: the final night in town was the first time we returned to our rooms before 11pm. There was a lot of drinking and a LOT of eating. Everything truly is bigger in Texas. We even caught an IMAX showing of "Skyfall" and it was fantastic.

I got home late on the 16th and wound up missing Holiday Faire on the 17th because I slept most of Saturday. Sunday and Monday were spent catching up on laundry and getting the house back into some semblance of shape before heading off to the outskirts of Murphy, NC, on Tuesday for the yearly family Thanksgiving reunion.

Hubbyfink must've bent space while I napped Tuesday morning because we made EXCELLENT time to Trisha's cabin. Our 10 hour drive took only 9.5, and that was with a 30 minute lunch break! I kept the speedo under 80 (most of the time) through the Smokies, so Hubbyfink must've been HAULING through the Shenandoah. Not only did we arrive at the cabin before dark, we arrived a full thirty minutes before the rest of my side of the family.

The days were cool and sunny while the nights were cold and clear. We built a couple of bonfires; visited and shopped the picturesque main street of Blue Ridge, GA; played our typical cut-throat game of Scrabble; watched the Macy's parade; watched the Redskins trounce the Cowboys; played Legos (I contributed the turkey to the cause) and puzzles with the little ones; hiked Trisha's mountainous "neighborhood"; and set foot in exactly one chain store for groceries. Everyone loved my little car and I even let Mom drive it to and from Georgia.

We got home not-too late Saturday night and caught up on our DVR'd shows while the cats showered us with oh-thank-god-you're-home-we-missed-you-so-much affection.
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Tomorrow afternoon [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee and I jet off to New Orleans for the holiday weekend. I haven't spent more than a few hours in the city since college and she's never been there. We shall nibble on beignets at the Cafe du Monde. We shall experience delicious cajun cuisine with Holly and Paul. We shall boogie down Bourbon and cha-cha up Chartres. We shall tour a cemetery or two. We might even get our drink on and behave like coeds.

I spent two and half hours last night digging through my closet to come up with four suitable day outfits and something suitable for the evening. The sad part is that half of the components were fresh purchases yesterday afternoon. There will be a severe scouring of the wardrobe in the near future because so much in my closet is "meh". Happily, some of that stuff still had tags attached and can be exchanged for better fitting / more appealing clothing.

But I think that what I've assembled will be suitable for two and half days of fun, sun, and humidity. I'm even packing my swimsuit for a quick dip in the Mississippi. I kid. The hotel's supposed to have a nice pool. Maybe we'll even have a little bit of down time to enjoy it.

I do believe this is my first ever girls' getaway vacation that wasn't an SCA event. I am so psyched!
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Hubbyfink and I spent the first week of October in the company of a few Ravenstreeters + Ravenstreet in-laws in a slightly less than gorgeous house on the Pine Island section of the Outer Banks. The weather was beautiful, if chilly, and I spent a tremendous amount of time on my bike.

Before we got to the beach, though, Hubbyfink and I stopped in Charles City, VA, on the banks of the James River for the first ever Virginia edition of the Warrior Dash. He ran a 5k full of obstacles including rope ladders, cars as hurdles, fire, and mud pits.

Oh, so muddy. Oh, so muddy.
Scott after completing the Warrior Dash, 10/1/11.

He had a blast. I'm still trying to get mud off my shoes. After he was hosed off, I scrubbed him with baby wipes until he was clean enough to put on fresh clothes and get back in the Highlander. We then raced down to OBX.

I did not keep the same beach schedule as last year, partly because the pool heater was broken and didn't warm the pool until nearly Thursday. Boo hiss. But most of my days found me up at 8:30, breakfasting, shower-dress-makeup, and then heading out for a ride. On Sunday, I got in two rides: one to the Harris Teeter about five miles up the road and then another five mile ride in the afternoon with [livejournal.com profile] psalite and Kim.

Riding through scrub, 10/2/11. Riding through scrub, 10/2/11.
The trail is pretty narrow and has some sandy (read: slippery) spots. Plus, there are beach bunnies and sand kittens you have to watch out for.

I spent the late afternoon hanging out on the crow's nest of the deck to the beach, watching the ocean waves crash against the shore. While lost in thought, I noticed a flash of movement on the southern side of the deck. Before I could figure out what it was, a small fox with dinner in its mouth padded out from under the deck and continued north along the ocean side of the dune. I tried to snap a photo, but my phone's camera wasn't fast enough. That evening, I pulled out a puzzle I'd brought (but had never put together) and set to work with [livejournal.com profile] carthew on assembling the dratted thing. It took nearly the entire week to put together (others finished the rotten thing in the wee hours of Thursday morning) and almost everybody put at least one piece into the puzzle.

Read more... )

The full set of trip pictures starts here.
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My bags are mostly packed. According to my packing list, I am missing three garments (which are hanging on the drying rack in the laundry room). The rest of my clothes are packed into my nearly overflowing suitcase. Yes, I have overpacked clothes, but my suitcase can handle it and this gives me an abundance of choices when I don't feel like wearing a particular something one day. I'm not so flush this year that I can zip down to Fashion Bug and buy a whole new vacation wardrobe because I hate my clothes.

I need to pull out my kites -- they're stashed somewhere in the craft room -- and put those with all the pool floaties. I need to remove my bike mirror and stash that in my bike bag which will get stashed in my bike basket with the helmet. The camera is in my laptop bag. Need to verify that all power cords are stowed there as well.

My plans for the evening include laundering our bath towels and bed linens and vacuuming so we can come home to a clean house. Also need to determine which cosmetics will go. BPAL's "Sea Rat" will definitely be on the list as that's become my October beach scent.
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We spent the past week with my family in Germantown, TN; Cherokee, AL; and Greers Ferry, AR. It felt like we were constantly on the road, probably because we were. Arrived at Mom's house on the 2nd, spent the day at their lake house -- actually, more time was spent in the lake rather than the house -- in Alabama on the 3rd, and watched my brother [livejournal.com profile] beaznuts nearly set his neighborhood ablaze by shooting fireworks in his side yard on the 4th. On Tuesday, Mimi took me to one of the import warehouses where she she scores the bits and pieces she uses for her jewelry business. Afterwards, I followed Mom on what seemed like a "Policewomen of Memphis" tour to get a hitch installed on the Highlander. Mom and I walked along the Wolf River on the Wolf River Greenway Wednesday morning. I was completely turned around and directionless; thank goodness I had my phone and the MapMyRun app. Aside from feeling lost, I thought it was such a neat trail! I can't wait until next summer when Hubbyfink and I take our bikes on that trail.

After cooling down and cleaning up, Hubbyfink and I headed into deepest, darkest Arkansas to my father's lake house in Greers Ferry which is located in the Ozarks. We spent the evening being eaten alive by bugs on the deck and watching sheet lightning beyond the mountains. After a hearty breakfast on Thursday, Daddy took us out on his boat. I'd wanted him to take us up to the dam, but the water on that side of the lake was way too choppy. After the boat ride, Hubbyfink and I took off to explore Heber Springs and got a good view at the dam from the overlook. I spent the rest of the afternoon unconscious trying to sleep off the chest cold which had plagued me all week. It didn't work.

The 'fink and I were up early on Friday and drove the 3.5 hours back to Memphis to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] zipmeister, his boyfriend John, and our friend Jim for sushi lunch at Sekisue. Nom nom nom. Hubbyfink dropped me off at Mom's house so he could see any new offerings at Outdoors, Inc. and so Mom and I could meet up with Mimi for mani/pedis. After getting pretty toes and fingers, Mom and I met the 'fink and stepdad at Genghis Grill for some Mongolian BBQ goodness.

Sadly, there was no BBQ meal at the Germantown Commissary, a full-contact Scrabble game, much pool time, much visit time with [livejournal.com profile] zipmeister, or much rest during this vacation. There was lots of yummy homemade BBQ, sister time, lake time, and couple time during this vacation. There were also pulled muscles, a wonky eardrum (mine, not the 'fink's), and an unceasing cough. We were pretty beat when we got home Saturday night.

Pictures. )

Didn't get much in the way of photos, but those sum up the trip.
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Planned Activities for Memorial Day Weekend
Prime basement walls
Paint basement walls
Replace kitchen faucet
Ride bike
Compile BPAL sales list

Accomplished Activities for Memorial Day Weekend
Rode bike x2
Swam x3
Ate sushi
Watched "Scott Pilgrim vs the World"
Deadheaded peonies and snipped shrubberies in front yard

Hubbyfink did procure primer and rollers for the basement so we might actually get that activity done sometime this summer.
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Hubbyfink and I spent the past week in the company of my SCA household in a gorgeous house on the Corolla/Pine Island section of the Outer Banks. It was exactly what we needed. And happily, unlike last year, the weather was absolutely perfect this time around.

My beach schedule went something pretty much like this: wake at 8:30, breakfast, two-mile walk on the beach, swim for an hour, shower & dress, lunch, shop, snack, play games or fly kites, dinner, play games or watch movies, bedtime around midnight. Pretty fantastic if you ask me. I was happy to see that the anchor was still out in the surf and sad to see the dessicated remains of a sea turtle up near the dune. I adopted a beach bum wardrobe of cargo capris, tee-shirt, and flip-flops. I got a LOT of sun. Kim/Cassie and I finally had our mini golf face-off and she handily beat me. Hubbyfink, Nicole/Sian, and I explored every Sound Feet Shoes from Corolla to Nags Head looking for Vibram Five Fingers shoes for him and Keen sandals for her. [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee and I got an Old-Timey picture of us as pirate wenches with cutlasses and bottles of rum. (Must scan that...)

We also saw lots of dolphins playing and hunting in the surf. As I stepped into the water on Saturday, I saw three dark dorsal fins pop up out of the water about a hundred yards from me. My heart stopped. It restarted when I realized the fins belonged to dolphins. (I mean, yes, I am the one who wants to do a shark dive, but I want to be prepared for the sharks, you know? Also, I don't want to be the only one around the sharks. I don't need to be the fastest swimmer; I just need to be faster than you.)

The stars were absolutely amazing. We could even see the Milky Way. There was no moon and the brightest object in the sky was the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. On Saturday night, [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee, [livejournal.com profile] duchesssimone, [livejournal.com profile] francesca_la, and I strolled up the beach as the Big Dipper rose from the horizon. It was HYOOOGE. We couldn't keep our eyes on the stars all the time, though. We needed to watch the beach as well so as not to step on the angry little crabs. When we turned around to go back to the house, we spotted fireworks waaaay down the island. I still don't know if they were in Duck or Kitty Hawk. It was pretty much the perfect way to end vacation.
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Hubbyfink and I spent last week in the company of family and friends in Germantown and Arkansas. There was many a cookout, lots of time spent splashing about in the pool, playing with nephews, and a couple cut-throat games of Scrabble. We spent a fair amount of time with [livejournal.com profile] zipmeister. Mom and I spent an even fairer amount of time shopping. Johnny's twentieth birthday was last Tuesday and he enjoyed a pretty rocking party, complete with brand new ping pong table.

Last Thursday, we visited my dad in Arkansas for the day and then dropped in on relatives in my "hometown" of Heth (which is less a town and more a railroad crossing in the middle of absolutely nowhere). Hubbyfink met my 94-year-old great uncle Vance and great aunt Bernie and second cousins JoBelle, Bess, and Sid. I haven't seen any of them in about twenty, maybe twenty-five, years.

JoBelle now lives in my childhood home. Memory lane. )

[livejournal.com profile] zipmeister, his boyfriend, a couple other friends, and my brother [livejournal.com profile] beaznuts came over on our last night in town and we all stayed up very late playing Munchkin. My brother fell under Munchkin's spell and spent much of the following day searching for it in local comic book/game shops. Now he's trying to teach Mom and his wife how to play.

We got an extra day of visiting, thanks to the way the 4th of July fell on the calendar, and I am grateful for that. It still wasn't enough time with loved ones, but that's what "next time" is for.
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We're unloaded, unpacked, and being adored by the kitties who are very happy that we're home and we've brought foreign smells with us. I'm already making a packing list for Ravenstreet Beach Vacation v2010 which will happen a week earlier. Whoo hoo!
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Yesterday was yucky and drizzly, and Hubbyfink and I decided to take off for some out-of-beach-house couple time. We drove up to Timbuck II to have an old timey photo of us taken at Miss Kitty's Olde Time Photography. It's adorable! I'll scan it and share when we get home. We continued up the coast until we got to the four-wheel-drive area and turned around. Hubbyfink was grateful for not taking the Prius off-roading. We drove around the Currituck Lighthouse which isn't on the rocky outcropping as I'd assumed most lighthouses would dwell upon. It's in the middle of a small pine forest. Huh. We then drove back down to Duck and took a look at SoundFeet where Hubbyfink tried to buy another pair of Frog Feet Five Fingers. Unfortunatley, his size in the style he wants is back-ordered until November.

We broke out [livejournal.com profile] carthew's "Wii Resort" and had an absolute blast virtually pummelling the stuffing out of one another with the Swordfight game. I schooled Sir Tash who then schooled me in return. MissyAnne also schooled me pretty soundly. Hubbyfink was delighted that HMA trounced rapier when he repeated beat [livejournal.com profile] ballistabob. I stomped Hubbyfink seven times and let him win the last two times. Gentle egos and all that. :)

[livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee made Chicken-n-Dumplins and Banana Pudding for dinner. It was DELICIOUS and the perfect antidote to yesterday's dreary weather. After dinner, a small group headed down to the theatre room for "Doctor Horrible" while another small group of us set up "Star Wars Trivial Pursuit" in the dining room. We chose poorly. After four rounds of questions, the girls revolted and said we wanted to play "Cranium" instead. The guys wisely acquiesed and then beat us despite [livejournal.com profile] duchesssimone's creative and sometimes embarrassing puppetteering.

We capped off the evening with the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the theatre room. There were bubbles, glow sticks, feather boas, and a lot of alcohol. A grand time was had by all.

Oh hey, there's some bright orb in the sky which is causing objects on the ground to cast shadows. I must investigate.

Oh hey

Oct. 15th, 2009 12:31 am
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It's raining. Pouring, actually. And it's not going to stop until Friday if we're lucky. We have cocoa, tea, too many movies to watch in a lifetime, two game consoles, a pool table, scads of nibblies, and a whole lot of alcohol. I think we'll manage.

And my hair is blue. Well, splotchy blue. It makes the blonde look silvery and that's rather cool. [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee's blue streaks looked much better than my failed streaks-cum-splotches. You can tell she's a beautician's daughter. Thankfully, the blue goop washed right out of her hair. I hope I'm as lucky.
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Yesterday was glorious. The sun was out and the air temp was in the 70s. I wore myself out swimming laps in the pool as Hubbyfink practiced his swordwork on the deck in the morning. We all spent much of the day running between the pool and the surf and back again. Unfortunately, none of us thought to apply sunscreen early enough so everyone was sporting a little pink by dinner.

We broke out the margarita fixings last night and [livejournal.com profile] psalite, [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee, Hubbyfink and I boiled ourselves in the hot tub for a while. The night before we pulled out Rock Band at [livejournal.com profile] carthew's request and spent the evening pretending to be musicians. MissyAnne's pretty good on the bass guitar and Sir Aelfred brought down the house with "Aqualung". Much fun was had by all.

Hubbyfink got to play a little bit of "Halo" on the big screen in the theatre room. He found it disorienting but fun.

Today has been overcast and very, VERY windy. MissyAnne, Psalite, Livia and I checked out cute beach shops while [livejournal.com profile] allasondrea, Francesca, and PirateGirleee took off in search of yarn and bead shops. I found a place that does old timey photos; Hubbyfink and I will be getting a photo of us in old fashioned bathing costumes. :) I bought a bat-shaped kite and took it out for a fly this afternoon. I suppose it's kind of cheating to fly a kite in storm force winds (the red flags are out today), but I have nothing against shooting fish in a barrel.

We've had some close and not-so-close encounters with wildlife. I spotted a deer grazing between the pool deck and dune fence. She wasn't bothered by all the humans pointing at her from the higher deck off the dining room. She was quite content to graze in the lee of the dune and rest in the high grasses. We spent half an hour or so whale watching yesterday afternoon. We're assuming it was a humpback, but it never came close enough for us to get a good look and it never breached. It did slap the water quite a lot and those of us with binoculars could clearly see the fluke.
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The Ravenstreet Beach Vacation v2009 began when Hubbyfink, [livejournal.com profile] pirategirleee, and I arrived at the house in Pine Island, Corolla, NC around 6pm. We've already shared a lot of laughter, alcohol, and pool and hot tub time. This is going to be a grand week.
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Graduation was grand. We hollered and cheered for Johnny when he walked across the stage. Bellevue Baptist Church, in which the ceremony was held, is frickin' hyooooge. Seriously. We walked in and the foyer looked like a fancy hotel complete with concierge desk and a bookstore/gift shop.


We all retired to the Exeter Chilli's for a celebratory dinner. I forgot, when I ordered my margarita, that this Chilli's is big on Happy Hour and that Happy Hour lasts long into the night. This means that for every margarita -- or beer, as Hubbyfink discovered -- one orders, two appear on the table. Three and a half margaritas later, I could barely see straight.

So drunk.

Of course, I'm now sporting these *spectacular* scrapes on my left shin and right knee plus bruising on my right bicep from falling off the curb en route to Mom's car. I was laid out flat and still don't know how I managed not to faceplant into the asphalt. In my defense, the sidewalk drops half a step about four inches from the curb and there's nothing marking that drop. Pete, who drank iced tea all night, nearly tumbled after me when he raced forward to try to catch me. Mom and Pete wanted to drag me back into the restaurant to complain but I (1) didn't want to make a scene and (2) was drunk. Instead, I crawled into the back of Mom's car after making sure I hadn't torn my dress and then had a little cry.

Hubbyfink forced advil and lots of water on me when we got back home and Pete found the hydrogen peroxide. My shin is stinging like nobody's business and the muscles in both legs ache. Hubbyfink is sleeping in the once and future guest room tonight so I can take over our bed in the den and kick my legs as much as I need during the night. This wound will make the pool interesting tomorrow.

On the bright side, I have four containers of Pancho's cheese dip for [livejournal.com profile] courtney_d_h and myself and a spiffy little cloth cooler in which to transport those dips back to Virginia. Mmmm.... Pancho-y goodness.


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