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Back in October, I mentioned being interviewed for the local hospital system's magazine. Then in November I met with a photographer to have some pictures taken to go along with the article. I'd hoped to get copies of the photos, but alas that was not to be. However, a friend who received a dead tree version of the magazine in January was kind enough to scan the article and sent me a copy in which the picture under the cut was included.

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It hurts my feelings to see that before picture. It's hard to believe that I let myself get that large and I didn't acknowledge it. I mean, I know I was big, but I never felt big, you know? Plus, I didn't have any health problems aside from pain in my knees and my right foot. I had plenty of energy and could walk a few miles with little issue and ride my bike for miles and miles.

At the time of the after photo, I'd dropped from a size 22 to a size 12 in pants, from a 2XL to a Medium in shirts, and had shed 95 pounds. I've lost another pants size and and four more pounds in the three months since (which actually happened in December; I haven't lost anything else since then). Despite my surgeon saying otherwise, I really do think my surgery-induced weight loss has stopped and I'm okay with that. Now starts the hard job of maintaining.

Other things that are going on: I've FINALLY learned to slow down when eating so that food no longer gets stuck and I don't have to pretend to be a bulimic. I've learned what "full" feels like and how to stop eating when I reach that level despite how good the food may taste. My energy is better, but I haven't been been on my bike(s) since October, so I don't know far I can just yet. (C'mon warm weather!!) My hair is still thin and a few strands jump out when shampooing, but I have lots of baby hairs coming in to hopefully replace what I've lost over the past eight months or so. Emotionally, my self-confidence continues to be high and I'm working with a therapist to root out why I overeat and fix that hole within myself so I don't buoy back up to that starting weight.


Oct. 14th, 2013 04:14 pm
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This happened:

Things got a little out of hand with the hair dye on the 1st of October. And then they stayed completely in hand during the touch up on the 11th. It's amazing how the right tools and a little bit of experience make a process go so much more smoothly.
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I can't decide if I've been lazy or productive. Or maybe that's destructive... Sure, I've napped a bit today but I've also ravaged my closet and wound up with three dresses, one pair of jeans, one pair of crops, five pair of capris, and a whole bunch of tees and pull-over blouses. My two favorite pairs of PJ bottoms (grey with black bats and an orange/white/black camo pattern with skulls and ghosts) are getting so big that I'm on the verge of not being able to cinch them down enough to keep them over my hips. I've had to hold the pants legs when going up and down stairs for a month or so because without my tummy and butt holding the PJs up, they almost cover my feet. Heh.

I pulled out the storage cube with my collection of too-small Black Phoenix Trading Post and Think Geek t-shirts and all but four of those fit now. For the record an American Apparel XL is more like a child's XL than an adult's. No no, it's not quite that bad. But it's going to be a little while longer before I can wear my Union Jack made up of Tardises and my Pinky and the Brain as Darth Vader and the Emperor tees.

Bebe the blue Beetle had her 10,000 checkup and yearly safety inspection today. While at the dealership, I dropped in to visit my salesman who gave me a great big hug. I told him how much I love my car except for one tiny detail: it's not a convertible. He laughed and told me to come on back and take a look at the convertibles when I picked up my car. Nah, not until I covered parking. Although we don't get that much snow, I don't want any kind of pile up on a soft top.

Lessee, what else? Mmm, that's about it for the day. I'm kind of hungry but nothing sounds appealing; I'm chalking that ennui up to the heat. Remember when I said I wanted to move somewhere warmer? I'm rethinking that plan.


Jun. 14th, 2013 11:52 am
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We have officially reached the hair loss portion of the post-WLS process. Yay. I try not to stress too much because I do have a fair amount of hair even though the individual hairs are on the thin side. Sadly, I am ceasing the pinking and purpling until I feel confident that the bleaching process won't make the rest of my hair fall out. If I can't live without unnatural color streaks in my hair, Ulta carries various non-permanent potions which do not require bleaching before application.

The weather threatens to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend. Had I a crystal ball, I'm sure it would foretell of a bike ride or two. Maybe even three. And now that Hubbyfink's cleared for almost all physical activity, I can drag him along for a "short" ride.

Speaking of the Hubbyfink, we'd planned on zipping out to Colorado Springs this past March but surgery schedules got in the way. Why the zipping to CS? Well, back in September I got a bee in my proverbial bonnet about moving somewhere that wasn't so dang hot and humid as the DC area and CS looked fantastic on paper. The change-averse Hubbyfink warmed up to the idea a day later and was ready to move RIGHT THEN. We cooled our jets, though, and calmed down enough to realize that we really should scope out a place before picking up stakes and heading west. (Of course, I hadn't considered the possibility of something like the horrifying wildfire currently destroying the surrounding area... all those unfortunate people... it makes me want to cry.) So, we're flying out for a visit over Labor Day weekend and will see if it is just as good in real life.

Other locations on our short list of Places to Live After Fleeing DC include the Florida panhandle (preferably right on the coast); New Orleans (which, obviously, is even MORE hot and humid than DC but I've become sensitive to cold after this past miserable winter; Hubbyfink is not on board with this idea); Asheville, NC (again, himself is not quite on board); Austin (his entry; as appealing and vibrant as Austin is, I simply can't with Texas); and Columbus, OH (yes, really: my work team is there, the city is beautiful, and it gets four distinct seasons; Hubbyfink doesn't want to live in Ohio). We've got some negotiating to do.
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In reverse order:

** Tonight I'm flying to New Orleans with three girlfriends for a wild weekend in the Crescent City. I went down there for Memorial Day weekend last year and such a blast that I had to go back. Before last year's trip, the last time I'd spent more than a couple of hours in NO was 1992 during one of the many late night trips from U of Southern Mississippi. I'm looking forward to seeing Holly and Wombat and kids while the girls enjoy a jazz brunch at Court of Two Sisters (buffets are wasted on my tiny pouch...).

** And speaking of Wombat, he's been in town this week on one of his usual business trips and because of terrible weather his flights to Boston were cancelled last night. I booked it over to Dulles and rescued him from having to sleep on an airport chair. He was grateful and we were happy to finally save him from an airport after all the times he's gotten stuck in a DC-area airport due to inclement weather (usually snow storms).

** Before the rescue mission, I got my hair rebobbed, repinked, and added some purple streaks as well. The only complaint I have about the new highlights is that I want more More MORE. I love the purple and it will be a learning experience to see how long the highlights last.

** Before the hair appointment, I saw my torturer orthodontist who installed a new upper wire the size of a high tension power line. He apologized for the pain, but I didn't feel anything because I think my teeth were in shock. Boy oh boy did I feel it later. I couldn't chew my planned dinner of leftover Peruvian chicken and wound up sucking out the innards of a bean burrito so I could get some protein in my system. I could barely chew my calcium supplement. And the sucky part is I can't take NSAIDs anymore. I'd thought about taking one of Hubbyfink's Tylenol-3, but figured it would knock me out and I'd miss getting my hair done.

** Before tooth torture, I saw my pshrink who asked lots of questions about my gastric bypass and Hubbyfink's brain surgery. She'd been concerned about the both of us (she's Hub's doctor, too) and was very happy to hear that all was well.

And back to today: I didn't get to bed until after 1am and awoke around 7am because I heard our houseguest stirring. Now, I'm an at-least-8-hours-of-sleep kind of gal and I very nearly fell asleep during a conference call. Plus, I still have to pack. Thank goodness I'm AR enough to have pulled out outfits last weekend and left them hanging on the closet door. Most of my toiletries are packed as well. All I need is to fill my cosmetics bag and throw everything in the suitcase so I'm not panicking too, too much.

It'll be a fun weekend. I just have to get there.
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Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit. Not only did my PCP give me (and will be giving the surgeon) pre-op approval, she actually congratulated me on the decision and wished me good luck. Gobsmacked doesn't begin to describe my reaction. One more doctor approval hurdle to go, and it's really not a hurdle as my pshrink's office phoned yesterday asking if I could come in for a quick visit so she could talk with me before sending her letter. I'm not in that much of a rush and asked if we could take care of that during next week's appointment. And so we are.

Something funny during today's appointment, though. Two nurses stopped me at different times to talk with me about my pink hair and asked how I got the color to last so long (the pink washed out of that nurse's hair after a couple of weeks) and how I got it to be so vibrant (the other nurse's hair turned purple instead of pink). Heh.
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Saturday was my fortieth birthday and it was a busy, busy. I slept in, of course, and after dismantling the cemetery in the yard, I jumped on my bike and rode west. My plan was to ride forty miles for my fortieth year. I fell short by three and a half miles, unfortunately. But! I made a quick grocery stop on the way home and rode with fully loaded grocery panniers for the last couple of miles. That's got to count for something.

I was pretty tired when I got home but I eventually rallied enough to make a Seven (minus one) Layer Dip for [ profile] flonzy and [ profile] azpapillion's party. I rushed through my shower and ironing of my costume and took my time applying the sugar skull makeup. It took a full hour and because I am a doofus, I forgot to take photos. Bah.

The party itself was a TON of fun. Nearly everyone was in costume and looked fantastic. Flonzy spent all day slow roasting ribs and the BBQ was to. die. for. The side dishes were yummy and the cake that [ profile] carthew made for me received rave reviews for both looks and taste.

Cake! )

Sunday wasn't a good day. The pain that I'd been experiencing last week abated some on Saturday and came back with a vengeance Sunday morning. I woke up just after 3am and spent the next four hours crying on the sofa. It got so bad at 7am that I woke Scott -- who wasn't wearing his hearing aids and was on another floor -- with my sobbing. He bundled me up and took me to the ER where I got an antibiotic and a shot of dilaudid. I finally slept comfortably and he took a woozy me home. Mid-afternoon the pain was back and the prescribed percocet didn't touch it. We went back to the ER where another doctor ordered a CT which showed nothing physically wrong. I spent the rest of the day alternately wincing and crying. Good times.

Monday and Tuesday was the storm. I worked from home -- mostly because I wasn't going to drive on percocet -- and Scott was chased out of his office early afternoon on Monday. The power never flickered but the wind was pretty frightening. On Tuesday afternoon, I saw a neurologist who ran an EEG and a nerve test. Aside from a little carpal tunnel in my right wrist -- which I developed in my 20s -- the nerves seemed okay. He suggested I see an orthodontist to rule out my teeth causing the pain.

Wednesday was my day off. I set the ghosts back out in the yard and tree, added a few new elements, and carved pumpkins. Trick-or-treating started just after 6pm and wrapped up at 8:15pm. It was a really light night. Normally we have trick-or-treaters knocking on the door until almost 10pm. I was happy, though, to turn out the light at 9 and slip into PJs for a couple of hours before bed.

Today I'm back in the office and looking fabulous because this happened. )

And I love it!
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I decided to dress up today in a button-down blouse, pencil skirt, tights and heels. The only comfortable parts of my ensemble are the tights and heels. The skirt is riding up to an almost embarrassing length and the cotton sateen shirt is wrinkling like it was made of linen.

First world problems, oh the humanity!

Going back and forth on what to wear to this weekend's combo Halloween/Birthday party. First choice was a Rockabilly Catrina Calavera. I've got the dress, floral headband, and makeup all set. On the other hand, I spied my beautiful veiled top hat this morning and started thinking I might want to dress up in my Wilhelmina Murray drag (a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). I'd just need to press my jacket and skirt and find the red scarf. It's got to be somewhere in the garb closet. Hrm.
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I've been stepping up my wardrobe and reading a lot of fashion blogs for ideas on accessorizing like a grown-up while still having fun. There are a few trends that I just can't do, though.

  • Mixed metals - Okay, I sort of do this since I will wear non-silver jewelry with my white gold wedding and engagement rings. But wearing necklaces or bangles of different metals? It makes me twitchy. I do have a "silver" watch with a "gold" strip that is such a comfy watch I wear it all the time and I've been able to put up a mental blind spot about that piece.
  • Boots with bare legs - Can't can't can't can't can't. I almost did it yesterday (full disclosure: I had knee socks on under the boots) when I thought my dress was longer than the top of the boots. I balked at my visible bare knees and wound up wearing patterned tights with non-matching shoes (which is a trend I am sloooowly starting to embrace.
  • A different purse for every outfit - I don't want to spend the time moving everything from purse to purse to purse. What a colossal waste of time.

Some trends I have embraced:

  • Layering - The best part of the cold months is the ability to layer. A couple of blouses; shirt and cardigan; blouse, cardigan, blazer. Scarves. Oh, the scarves. And cardigans.
  • Animal print - Almost a neutral for me at this point. I have heels, flats, scarves, and blouses. I won't go the animal print pant route, though. That way lies Kardashian and Real Housewife.
  • Pumps with bare legs - At some point, nude hosiery fell out of vogue and women started wearing pumps without stockings during the warm months. I happily fell into that trend since I'm so warm-natured. Granted, this probably wouldn't fly in a conservative office but considering that most of the folks in my cube farm wear capris/shorts/sandals during the summer, I obviously do not work in a conservative environment.
  • Patterned tights - It started with barely visible patterns on dark tights and has moved to chevrons and lace-patterns and fishnets (although the fishnets are worn with boots so I don't feel like a showgirl). See above about office environment.
  • Big honkin' watches - With my larger frame, larger jewelry is more flattering/visible and I have begun collecting larger and men's style watches. Fun and funky.

I did say this was shallow.
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This just in: It's still raining in the mid-Atlantic region.

I have black fingernails. This makes me extraordinarily giddy as I have wanted to paint my fingernails black for ages but I thought the color would make my short nails look terrible. I threw caution to the rain and slathered the polish on yesterday (took three tries and the application is still pretty bad) and I am quite pleased with the result. My fingers actually look longer than they did with flesh-colored or clear polishes.

I have boots! ) They are paired with brown tights, a denim skirt, a botanical-pattern-on-navy-background shirt and a dark cream cardigan. I'm dressed a little warmly for the outdoors, but I am perfectly comfortable in my ice box of a cube.

I want to add colorful tights to my fall wardrobe. Right now I have black, brown, and shades of grey tights, some with patterns. I see turquoise and raspberry and forest green, maybe even some gold if I'm feeling especially flashy. Then I'll just need to find the gumption to actually wear colorful legs.

And for our last story of the morning, I have started taking Lamictal. My new pshrink thinks this treatment will stabilize my mood swings. I am pleased that the list of side effects include loss of appetite and weight loss since I have been eating everything in sight for the past three weeks.
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Got my bottom braces tightened Friday afternoon. My front bottom teeth have straightened out but I have an underbite again. Dr Izadi assures me that this is a normal process and we'll get the bottom teeth pulled back behind my upper teeth in time.

I worked from home for a few hours after my appointment and spent the evening transferring laundry around, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, and moving camping gear from the dining room to the basement. Hubbyfink took care of dismantling some furniture in the basement in preparation of a dump run on Saturday morning. The house looked -- and felt -- so much better after our impromptu cleaning frenzy.

Saturday was post-Pennsic mani-pedi day with [ profile] psalite, [ profile] pirategirleee, and Abe. I have dark, dark purple toenails with adorable white and blue flowers and blue dots on my big toes. I chickened out of getting the same color on my fingernails. Maybe next time. Of course, every time I get a manicure, I tell myself that I'll get the dark color "next time". After some pool time, we roamed the aisles of Target enabling and not enabling each other to buy stuff we didn't really need. We're good buds like that.

On Sunday, I finally watched [REC], the Spanish-language horror film upon which "Quarantine" was based. Okay, more than based: "Quarantine" was a shot-for-shot English-language remake. To be honest, I liked Jennifer Carpenter's performance better than the Spanish actress, but I may be biased towards Carpenter. I also just barely made it to the first matinee showing of the "Fright Night" remake. Mmm... shirtless, leather-pantsed David Tennant. I found the movie slightly disappointing, though. The cast was good, the revamped storyline was okay, the CG effects were pretty bad. Sooo... it was better than "Cowboys and Aliens".

When Hubbyfink got home from his afternoon activities, I talked him into a "short" bike ride with me. I've decided that my favorite time to be on the W&OD is after 5pm on the weekends. Most of the families with dogs, the Lance Armstrong wannabes, and the dawdlers have finished their excursions and the trail is mostly clear. We rode up to Carolina Bros BBQ at Ashburn road (5 miles) and took a break. After I caught a second wind, we hopped back on the bikes and headed for Leesburg. We got into the city limits and rode until mile post 32.5 where we turned around and headed back to Carolina Bros for another break. We were just past Loudoun County parkway (about mile 17) when my legs decided they'd had enough. I fought through the wall and pushed myself over Rte 28, under Church, and into our neighborhood. My legs felt like jelly and I was huffing and puffing, but I did it. And we did it really fast, for us anyway. According to my tracker, we rode 20 miles in an hour-forty, averaging 12 mph. I need more training, though, before the Backroads Century next month. We're biking the 30 mile "extended quarter century" this time. I bet we're up to a full century by next year. Or at least the metric century.
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Ah! There's my beloved LJ. Poor dear, being pecked to death by ducks.

Another grand weekend in this neck of the woods. Light housekeeping, shopping (eeee! cute clothes!), BSG marathons, and long walks in all kinds of weather. Oh, and giving Hannah a heart attack when I stopped by to feed her kitties, not realizing that she'd returned home the night before. Oops.

Saturday's walk gave me all four seasons in five miles. The sky was clear and the sun was blazing when I started out. I thought for a short while that my earmuff headphones were going to be overkill, but then I got on the trail and was hit by a strong and chilly headwind. Good times. I continued on my merry way for another half mile and the sky clouded up and a quick hail storm popped up. That was a new one for me! I've walked in sun, rain, fog, freezing mist, and snow, and now I get to add hail to the list. My hat brim did a good job of protecting my face, but I took an occasional piece of ice to the bottom lip and that wasn't pleasant. Happily, the hail storm ended in another half mile and the weather was back to blazing sun and strong wind. But that wouldn't last for long because the sky clouded back up and the rain came pouring down close to the 2.5 mile mark. And that's how the second 2.5 miles back home went as well, minus the hail, thank goodness. The other bikers and walkers/joggers on the trail were in fairly good spirits and we all gave each other bemused commiserating looks. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Thai horror films on Netflix.

Sunday's walk was much calmer, weather-wise, and because it was so nice I decided to push my range. So far, the farthest I've walked is a little over five miles. What's another mile at that point? I didn't care how long it took me, and if I needed to rest at some point that was okay. I cruised on past Ferndale and continued on up to Elden Street. Whoo hoo! Turned back around and headed back home. I still managed my 4mph pace, but I was dog tired when I got home. Oh, and my poor feet. They aaaaaached. But they used to ache like that when I walked three miles and then four miles and then five miles. All of those distances are easy-peasy now. In another month or so six miles will be just as easy.

In the shopping vein, I found lots of cute tops and dresses at Tarzhay. I am SO happy that I can fit in their standard sizes now. That makes shopping even more fun! And I'm absolutely thrilled that the weather was warm enough that I could wear one of my new sundresses today.

In complexion news, the skin is still flaking, but I no longer look like I'm recovering from a bad sunburn. All active zits are gone but there are a few lumps and bumps under my skin. I'm using the Retin-A every other evening so that I don't burn my face off. So far, so good.

And now it's time for me to skedaddle so I can catch the next showing of "Insidious". I love Monday night movie dates even if they're with only me, myself, and I.
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I'm in a good place right now. I'm the smallest I've been in ten years. The Retin-A is doing its magic on my complexion. Yes, my skin is peeling like crazy, but the moisturizer [ profile] greta_k recommended is working as advertised. I feel like the beautiful, powerful woman I am. It feels good.

Hubbyfink and I are in a good place together. We're a month away from our seventh wedding anniversary. Good heavens! How'd that happen? Seven years, holy cow. It feels like the blink of an eye. We adore each other and both want to ensure each other's happiness.

Work is good, too. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy but not so many that I feel frantic. I'm happy with where I am.

I wish I could bottle up this feeling and apply it liberally when I'm in the dumps. For now, I'll simply be grateful for the many blessings in my life.
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Hubbyfink had a rough day yesterday and I suggested we check out "Paul". It turned out to be a very good idea. We laughed and clapped and howled. We also realized that we were the nerdiest viewers in the auditorium because most of the obscure, and even some of the obvious, references to other movies were completely missed by other folks. Of course, I ribbed Hubbyfink for not picking up on the music cue at the roadhouse, but he was too busy taking in other references during that scene. So, if you're a nerd and aren't bothered by foul language, go check this film before it disappears.

I had no reaction to the Aveeno Positively Radiant daily scrub last night. Yay, I have a cleanser! I also started the Retin-A treatment with no ill effect beyond my skin feeling reeeeally tight. So far, so good.

What else is going on? Playing with makeup application and colors. Continuing my walking workouts. Trying to be on the straight-and-narrow, food wise, and occasionally splurging. I had quite a set-back last week because I really indulged during Mom's visit. Still, my jeans keep getting baggier in the waist. I can't wear regular size pants and capris from Target yet because I'm still too bootylicious, but the Womens size bottoms correspond with the Lane Bryant size bottoms I wear.

The weather is so chilly, but I'm looking on the bright side (I am Mary F'ing Sunshine, after all) and seeing this as an opportunity to wear my adorable cold weather clothes one last time instead of grumbling about how much I want to wear my adorable warm weather clothes.
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Hubbyfink's birthday was Friday and it was a fairly low-key event. He's not into big to-dos and he didn't want to go anywhere. He was, however, beyond thrilled with his gifts: Jousting in Medieval and Renaissance Iberia by Noel Fallows and the blu-ray box set of "Battlestar Galactica". We watched his two favorite episodes "Exodus," parts one and two.

We spent a lot of the weekend watching BSG. There was also a little shopping, a lot of walking (Hubbyfink even joined me for the 5 miler on Saturday), and a Sunday matinee of "SuckerPunch". Ah, "SuckerPunch". What an apt name. We were expecting parts of the movie to encompass more of the screen time and were a little bit disappointed with what was served. Hubbyfink was actually brought pretty low by the ending. I wasn't bothered as it was fairly typical of the effed-up movies I usually watch.

In skincare news, the itchy rash is gone and it appears the culprits are the Aveeno Smart Essentials facial wash, daily scrub, and night time moisturizer. I can wear the Smart Essentials Daily Moisturizer and Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer, thank goodness, without issue. The Positively Ageless eye cream doesn't hurt my skin either. Still looking for a night time moisturizer and a cleanser that don't burn my skin and/or make me wake up itchy. I've got a couple of cleansers to try this week; hopefully one will be a winner. Night of Olay moisturizer doesn't burn my face upon application, but I wake up with itchy cheeks and neck. And yes, my daily moisturizer doesn't hurt me, but I don't want to sleep in SPF. More research indicated.
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In an effort to increase my confidence and self-appreciation, I've been taking steps toward improving my appearance as my body changes shape and size. I've been dressing up a lot more at work -- despite the fact that nobody really sees me during the work day; whatever -- and I've been watching tutorials on make-up application (Makeup Geek is my current fave). I've also got an actual hair style as opposed to simply letting my mane grow and then getting it whacked back when the hair gets to the limp and lifeless stage. In addition to the excess weight, I'm also shedding a barrier against other people which means I feel more visible. May as well make the best of that visibility, eh?

God. I sound so shallow right now. But, I've spent many, many years feeling like a sow in lipstick because that's what someone my size (all those sizes) should feel like. Screw that mentality. No more hiding. No more ducking. I love myself and if I want to feel pretty, I will. Conversely, when I want to feel schlubby, I will own that, too.

Relatedly, my cosmetics collection now rivals the size of my perfume collection. Oof.

In other news, I spent nearly all of Saturday cleaning and reorganizing the craft room. I don't think it's been cleaned that well since I moved everything out of the room to paint it a year ago. Ouch. The dust: it was epic. The sneezing fits were pretty darn epic as well. I replaced the creaky old TV/DVD combo with a little HDTV and Blu-ray player and added my oooold VCR so I have a place to watch old videotapes. I also replaced the yucky green roman shades (I must've been smoking the bright blue crack to have thought those ever looked good) with the cordless, white cellular shades from the bedroom. So much better! Plus, the white will look fantastic when I complete the curtains for the craft room. With all the cleaning, window treatment installation, reorganization, and the five mile walk to Ferndale and back, I collapsed into bed (after a MUCH-NEEDED bath) shortly after Hubbyfink got home from University.

On Sunday, I started the bedroom and bathroom clean up. These endeavors weren't nearly so epic as the craft room, but Hubbyfink was pretty impressed with the depths to which I was cleaning. Hubbyfink was even inspired to clean out his overflowing dresser. I got the bedroom dust-free and the bathroom gleaming with just enough time for me to shower and primp before meeting [ profile] pirategirleee and [ profile] psalite for a much-needed (and deserved) sushi dinner. I slept the sleep of the just last night.
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Kinda gross, but not too oogy. )

Next up, filling my script for Retin-A. I've never used this before. Doctor gave it to me for acne and said not to tell the pharmacist it's for wrinkles. Well, it's not for wrinkles; it's for acne. But to be honest, I'm not going to miss the acne OR the tiny lines under my eyes and on my forehead. ;)
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I have been on the Jenny Craig program for twenty-five weeks. In that time, I have lost 31.5 pounds and 19 inches. I'm the smallest I've been since Hubbyfink and I have been together. I have energy and good health and a waist. I'm so happy. I'm also only 16.5 pounds* away from the halfway point of my weight loss journey.

A few extra details. )
I am psyched and pumped and so incredibly motivated.

*D'oh! I miscounted on my facebook brag post.
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The purple dress I wore on Saturday was made of a light wool gabardine lined with a light cotton broadcloth (I know, I know... I didn't have enough of the correct fabric). However, my dress was extremely heavy due to the volume of fabric in the skirt. My shoulders and back ached after wearing the ensemble for only six hours. I am, obviously, unused to wearing this type of garment.

The purple dress also has a moderately-sized train to match trains depicted in period artwork. I have learned how to walk with trains and overly long hemlines; although, going up stairs is still problematic. What I marvel at is how these ladies of the past were able to navigate the narrow stair bridges of Venice in these voluminous gowns. Plus, they were tottering about on chopines and getting in and out of gondolas and the period equivalent of vaporettos. The mind boggles. Or at least mine does. I'd have been in those canals more often than Lord Byron, I guarantee.

In other news, I made my back and shoulders ache even more and added my thighs, butt, and abs to the chorus of "ow" with the 40-minute advance workout on the Valarie DVD. I did about 35 minutes of the workout -- there were five minutes of squat- and lunge-jumps that I just can't do yet -- and didn't feel like I'd die. So, that's improvement. In all honesty, I did pause the workout a few times so I could catch my breath, blow my nose, or gulp some water. But, I did the majority of it. I'll do the 20 minute workout tonight, take a break tomorrow, and do the 40 minute killer again on Wednesday. There are two cute, spring skirts hanging in my closet that I purchased four years ago and I've never been small enough to wear. I am going to wear them this spring.
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2010 Daily Ornament Report - 1 down; located behind the comfy chair.

I've finished decorating. The trees are trimmed, the banister is bedecked with garland, and the stockings are hung with care. Now I just need to wrap gifts and stash them beneath the boughs (and hope like the dickens that Oreo will leave the presents alone!).

Yesterday was full of social engagements. I spent the afternoon in the company of SCAdian friends at Ponte Alto's "Meet Us Under the Bridge" event. It was a laid back affair with various musicians providing backdrop instrumental and vocal music as friends visited, played games, shopped the silent auction offerings, and noshed on the yummy dayboard offerings. I won the chess tournament. Of course, there were only two entrants and we were pretty evenly matched in skill, or lack thereof. [ profile] ballistabob said that we both showed flashes of brilliance, but neither Sian nor I recognized our flashes enough to follow through with any of our set ups. We decided to play best-two-out-of-three and the final game was a blood bath. I had my queen, a bishop, a rook, four pawns and my king against Sian's king. I told folks that I like to play with my food. :)

After racing home and dolling up, I headed over to Kerry and Jill's new home for their annual Christmas party. I love their house. Lakefront, three fireplaces, lots and lots of windows, it's so beautiful! Met some great people and did a fairly good job of sticking to the veggie tray. I did give in to a couple of coconut meringue cookies, though.

Hubbyfink was sadly unable to attend anything yesterday as he woke up with laryngitis. He sounds better today but isn't 100%. I'm feeling kind of warm, myself, but I'm not sure if I'm coming down with something or if my face is still inflamed from the microdermabrasion facial I had this morning. It wasn't a relaxing treatment by any stretch of the imagination. I'm hopeful that I'll see some improvement in my skin over the next few days. My complexion has been looking its worst since my teenage years over the past month or so. It may be time to make an appointment with an actual dermatologist.


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