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The 2014 edition of the Steampunk World's Fair was held in lovely Piscataway, NJ, over May 16, 17, and 18. I didn't know exactly what to expect and I enjoyed just about every moment I was there. Granted, I don't consider what I've made or worn up to this point as "steampunk" and view my participation in the steampunk scene, such as it is, as a neo-Victorian verging on quaintrelle. This will, hopefully, change with the plots and plans I have brewing for next year's ensembles, but more on that later.


We wore "casual" clothes Friday night and met up with friends in the bar area of the Embassy Suites (our hotel) before cruising through the merchants in that hotel and then braving the rain to wander the halls and ballrooms of the Radisson (the main event hotel). I'd wanted to check out the Golbin Market; maybe we'll get to do that next year. The beau and I found many lovely accessories that we either snapped up right then and there (excellent choice!) or made a mental note to purchase the next day (poor life decision on a few items).

SaturdayMorning   JTR-2

The beau and I donned our neo-Victorian finery -- including THE HAT -- for strolling about on Saturday morning. We got SO MUCH attention, or rather I got so much attention, because of the magnificent hat. I was delighted to have my picture taken and to assure new costumers that it was entirely possible to make such a confection themselves. The look of awe on people's faces when I said that it started as a plain, flat straw hat from Michael's was priceless. After strolling and shopping and stopping for photos, we retired to our room for a light repast and a nap before the beau donned his uniform and had all eyes on him!

SaturdayFinery   S&H&BFG

How snazzy did that turn out? All the gorgeous sparkle of the brass buttons and unit insignia -- South Wales Borderers -- as well as the braid work on his cuffs garnered a lot of attention from the male con-goers. A merchant and new friend even loaned the beau a BFG for a couple of photo ops.

Ferrotype scan   TARDIS

We missed an SCA tea due to having a ferrotype photograph made by The Devil's Darkroom. That was an educational experience! The photographer does all of the processing on site in her portable darkroom. The photo capture itself took only a few seconds -- we thought we'd have to sit as still as possible for up to twenty minutes -- but prepping the metal plate and developing afterwards took quite a while. The result was totally worth it and I'm SO glad we sat for this authentic photograph. (The lenses in her box camera are 150 years old and her preparation/development methods are authentic; the plate is aluminum rather than tin, though.)

After our session, we just made it to The Steampunk Family's "tea" -- read: Gin -- party where I learned that Phineas makes an INCREDIBLY strong G&T. Oof. Courtney pried the refreshing beverage from my hand and dragged me out for more shopping -- which is when we found the T.A.R.D.I.S. -- while the beau got in a little guy time.

Saturday evening was SUPER low-key because everybody was pretty much wiped out. I changed into a walking suit and the beau changed into a slacks/button-down/waistcoat/bow-tie ensemble for dinner. We strolled another lap through the vendor areas and decided that our feet had had enough and it was time for floating in the hotel pool. We chose wisely.

No pictures from Sunday as we breakfasted, packed out, and took a victory lap through the vendors in street clothes. The beau and I chattered at each other about ideas for next year's Steampunk World's Fair on the entire drive home. We are absolutely making steampunky gadgets, and at this point, I'm looking at a minimum of four outfits with the addition of a fifth if a big group cosplay comes to fruition. Oof. I mean, YAY!

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looks like a lot of fun

and may I say how wonderful your chosen avatar pic is? hawt!

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Hopkins was closing up some labs and I got a whole bushel of wonderful brass fittings, couplings, greeblies, nurnies, and fiddly bits. When you start the gadget-making, let me know if you need some assorted cruft :)

Date: 2014-06-03 09:37 pm (UTC)
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Thanks! I've completely revamped my idea for the wings. Wait, did I already tell you this on FB? If not, I'm thinking canvas bat-wings with either a metal or wooden skeleton coming from a backpiece with lots of gauges and pipes and whatnot. Sean's got a couple of small battery-operated motors which he thinks could mechanize them enough for a little flapping action. The main drawback is that I won't be able to walk the halls of the main con hotel and could only fully extend the suckers when in the courtyard between the two hotels and the stage of the costume contest. Ah well. *staples wrist to forehead*


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