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July: Spent a week in Alabama (and a couple of days in Memphis) with my family and bestie. Got in lots of lake time and deck time and even a little pool time. Jumped off a 20 foot cliff into the Tennessee River and water skied for the first time in over fifteen years. Aside from the 24-hour stomach virus which ravaged each member of the household, it was a fabulous trip.

Ran into the ex at the shrink's office. She was running behind schedule, he was early for his appointment, and the staff didn't realize that they'd scheduled us for the same afternoon. Oh well. The brief conversation was polite.

Rode my bike the 9.5 miles to the beau's house, impressing the heck out of him. He assumed he would need to drive me back home, but he was very wrong. Rawr.

My probably-original-to-the-house hot water heater sprung a leak the day before I left for a week-long business trip to Dallas. Luckily, I caught it early and was able to drain the heater and dry the basement before catching my flight. I ordered a new water heater during my last day in Dallas and had it installed when I got home. W00t.

And then most of my SCAdian friends went to Pennsic and started posting pictures from Pennsic and I tried not to give in...
    war wagon
August: I gave in and scooted up to Pennsic for a long weekend and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I got to see almost everybody on my Must See list, especially Her Majesty Calontir, [ profile] wombatgirl. The only drawback to the weekend is that rained pretty much the entire time, but that did make it a lot easier for me to say good-bye to the modern middle ages and get back home to modern conveniences such as not having to don shoes to make a privy run.

The beau is still laughing about my lack of impulse control, I'm sure. However, getting to see far-flung friends and driving a VW Beetle Convertible as a "War Wagon" made it a worthwhile trip.
The next weekend [ profile] psalite, [ profile] pirategirleee, and I ventured to the wilds of Manassas for the Prince William County Fair where we took in a demolition derby, ate fair food until I (almost) got sick, rode the ferris wheel and tunnel of terror, and walked away with enough kettle corn to choke a family of mules. I even checked off another post-WLS bucket list item: mechanical bull riding! Wow, is that ever harder than it looks. I mean, I've got some pretty powerful thighs from all my bike riding, but I lasted only 32 seconds before sliding off the side of the bull. Ah well.

A group of friends started up a DnD campaign and I spent an evening wearing my reading glasses and retainer while rolling up my gnome sorcerer character. The nerdineth ith thtrong with thith one.

Also, I started a long and painful root canal process which wouldn't end until November when my dental benefits ran out for the year.
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