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Feb. 20th, 2015 12:04 pm
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Shortly after we started dating, the beau made a Star Wars Rebel Trooper Uniform complete with blaster and helmet but he's never gotten to wear it. His attendance at both conventions I attended last year was usurped by either prepping for a kart race or actually participating in kart races. This year, however, he will debuting his uniform at Awesome Con DC in May, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.


I will not be in coordinating Star Wars costume for Awesome Con as I'm working on Flame Princess v2. However, I am considering ordering a suit of Stormtrooper armor from a Star Wars costumer with whom the beau has a friendly Rebel-v-Imperial rivalry. The beau is, obviously, thrilled by the idea and is hopeful that we could make the armor adjustable enough for either of us to wear it even though I'm a little short for a Stormtrooper. He's even started working on a Stormtrooper blaster. The main reason that I want the armor, though, is for wearing when the beau completes his (dun dun DUUUUUN) original series Star Trek Redshirt uniform. That coordination gives me the giggles.

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After our stint with Mr. Campbell, PG and I wandered vendor floor and artist alleys. I accosted and was accosted by lots of fellow Adventure Time cosplayers. It was GREAT being the only Flame Princess in attendance, rather than one of several Fionnas, if I may say so. Here are some of my favorite shots:

What time is it?? )

PG and I continued wandering the floor until it was time to queue up for a photo with Ron Perlman. The photo below is actually our second photo with Mr. Perlman, who was concerned that I'd been eating too many carrots. I saw the photographer push the button aaaaaand I blinked. I knew that I had blinked as the shutter ...shuttered... and figured that oh, well, I'll have a photo with Ron Perlman where my eyes are closed. But nope. Those kind photography folks grabbed us before we rounded the area to nab our picture and hauled us back into line for a redo. I felt so bad about wasting everybody's time because of my goof, but they were all so sweet about it, and Mr Perlman grabbed Charlene and me tightly and told us "Come on in closer, ladies." Check out the size of his mitts. His hand is as big as my rib cage! And he's a total sweetheart. Absolute doll. That is my DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BLINK smile, by the way.

Don't blink. Don't even blink. )

It was way past time for lunch and as we set off in search for sustenance, I crossed paths with the female half of the cosplay panel from Friday night. She gushed over my costume and said, "You've signed up for the costume contest, yes?" I hemmed and hawed. She repeated, "You've signed up for the costume contest, YES??" Um, not yet, but I will! Pleased with that answer, she let us continue our quest for food.

PG and I retired to our room for a rest after lunch and I fretted and fumbled a bit and finally decided that YES, I would sign up for the costume contest. With that decision made, I reworked my wig a bit so it wouldn't pull so hard on my hair while PG changed out of Elle and into "Generic Princess".

Generic Princess gets friendly with Peppermint Butler )

We shopped, took lots more pictures and had lots of photos taken of us, and crossed paths with the female half of the cosplay panel who again asked if I'd signed up for the contest. D'oh! I hadn't, and time was running out. Thankfully, the cap hadn't been met and I was added to the list. Now the stage fright kicked in, heh.

The wait for the contest to start burned off most of that fright, though. It took forEVER for things to get underway, and I was #107 in the queue. Oof. There were some cool (and pretty) people in line around me, though, and we made our own fun.

So pretty. )

Walking onto the stage wasn't nearly as frightening as I'd thought it might be. In fact, when the MC announced, "From 'Adventure Time', it's FLAME PRINCESS!" the crowd went WILD. I wasn't sure what I'd do when I hit the marks on the stage, but I couldn't help but beam when I hit the mark at the center of the stage and held up my little fiery purse for everyone to see. The panelist who pressed me so hard to enter was one of the judges and stopped me to ask questions about my cosplay history and the costume. That was pretty cool of her to do, I thought.

I love this photo. )

I didn't win -- the superheroes/villains and Space Marine took the honors -- but it was a total blast being in the contest. I'm definitely doing that again! PG told me afterwards that she had heard lots of chatter from people being excited about the Flame Princess wandering around. Hee! We then snagged a VERY late dinner and I called dibs on the shower as soon as we got back to our room because if I had to spend one more minute in that make-up (it was going on twelve hours at that point), I was going to go mad.

Sunday was pretty quiet and we both wore civvies, nerdy civvies to be sure, but not costumes. I did my hardcore shopping and enabling PG to spend more money than she was comfortable with (heh heh). The ride home was pretty quick and uneventful, mostly because I passed out from sheer exhaustion and left the driving to PG. We both can't wait for the next con!
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A couple of weekends ago, [ profile] pirategirleee and I ventured off to Richmond for a comic convention. We'd initially planned to see Norman "Daryl Dixon" Reedus and Alan "Wash" Tudyk, but the two gents had to drop out due to filming schedule conflicts. In the final stretch before the con, we learned that Ron "Hellboy" Perlman and Bruce THE CHIN Campbell were going to attend. OH YEAH!

For cosplay, I built a Flame Princess ("Adventure Time") ensemble. I based the overdress on a Simplicity sundress pattern with adjustments to the neckline and a complete change of the hem while the underskirt was from a poodle skirt pattern with extended panels. This project included two firsts for me: setting in a zipper and applique. The zipper was WAY easier than I'd ever imagined it could be. Applique, on the other hand... if I never have to applique again, it'll be too soon. (And since I plan to remake the outfit, I will have to applique again.)

Flame Princess in all her cartoon-y glory. )

PG and I got to the con in time for an entertaining panel on cosplay which was fairly well attended. I asked the panelists how one goes from cosplaying for fun to participating in costume contests. The answer was "You go to the information desk between the hours of X and Y and sign up for the costume contest." Alrighty then!

After the panel, we zipped over to our room and I got to work on my Flame Princess wig. Between issues with my dress and late work nights (seriously, I left work at 8pm the night before the con and then spent another hour and a half on the phone with my boss when I got home) leading up to the con, the wig got not attention until the night before wearing it. I felt like I was in my own personal episode of "Heroes of Cosplay" especially when I had to stop working on the wig and hit the hay so that 1) the glue could dry and 2) I wouldn't be an insufferable zombie beeyotch for Saturday.

The wig, during. )

We had to be in the photo op line for Bruce Campbell at 11:30am which meant my getting in the shower by 9am to give myself enough time for the as-yet-untested make-up application, dressing, and hair. My brain fretted me awake at 7am and I got back to work on the wig. I managed to finish it up by my self-imposed 9am deadline. Thankfully, the make-up went on WAY more smoothly than I'd thought possible and I was ready well before we needed to skedaddle. PG suited up as Elle Driver and we sauntered over to the convention hall and jumped in the first portion of the non-VIP line for Bruce Campbell.

Flame Princess & Elle Driver )

The whole photo op experience reminded me of the scene from "A Christmas Story" with the department store Santa. We weren't grabbed by frazzled elves or hoisted, spun, and placed upon Bruce's knee, but everything was very rushed in that HO HO HO sort of way before we were shoved down the chute, I mean directed towards the exit. I did, however, ask Mr Campbell if I could hug him before we took off. He looked kind of alarmed which I read that as being creeped out about being touched and I told him it was okay that his answer was no. He was concerned about my body paint and said we could air hug, which we mostly did. I say "mostly" because my left breast wound up making contact with his side. I'm never washing that boob again.



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