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November: After the frenetic pace of October, November seemed downright sedate. I wore my suffragist sash to my polling place on election day, but people were much more interested in my purple hair. Le sigh. My Aussie aunt came to town and I got spend about an hour visiting with her just before she headed down south to meet back up with Mom and Pete.

Things really picked up towards the end of the month, though. In one Saturday, I spent the afternoon playing DnD then raced over to Manassas to stroll through the Festival of Lights with [ profile] pirategirleee and then raced over to Springfield with the beau for a friend's birthday party at a trampoline place. That Festival of Lights stroll was called the Snowflake Stampede and was a fairly lovely way to spend an hour or so in the frigid air. PG and I didn't run -- which should be obvious with my repeated use of the word "stroll" -- and geeked about Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, and cosplay while taking in the gorgeous light display. The trampoline adventure, on the other hand, was quite the workout and I had the unfortunate discovery that I have an old lady bladder or something very close to it. Nearly every time I bounced, there was a little TMI. ) A good time was had by most until the beau turned his ankle when he landed badly on the trampoline basketball court. Poor dear.

I got tired of the upkeep of purple hair and went back to blonde with an unfortunate turn of green hair for a day or two. I'd accidentally grabbed a box of ash blonde color and all that greenish-blue base on top of the purple went mossy. UGH. I mean, it might work on some folks, but completely clashed with my coloring. A warm, golden blonde box brought my hair back to normalcy.

Thanksgiving was a quiet evening with the beau's folks and some family friends. Dinner was delicious and we capped off the evening with a rousing game of Ticket to Ride. I didn't mean to stomp everybody into the ground, but I got some lucky breaks with my railroad baron skills.

The weekend after Thanksgiving was the perfect time to get folks together for some physical activity and I chose LASER TAG. Oh my goodness! It was my first time playing and it was SO MUCH FUN. Actually, everybody had a blast, if you'll pardon me, and couldn't wait to do it again.

I closed out the month by decorating for Christmas because, in my world, one is allowed to pull out the Christmas stuff AFTER one has celebrated Thanksgiving.

Aunt Jan 11-2014

snowflake stampede


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Today has been a beautiful day. I slept in despite the cats' best efforts and finally crawled out of bed around 10am. I donned my walking togs and hit the neighborhood streets for a three mile walk. The scent of roasting birds hung in the air which made the walk more pleasant than usual. Got home and grunted and groaned my way through arm & leg exercises. Hubbyfink was amused and slightly impressed. After a small breakfast, I showered and dressed and then got to work on making sides for today's meal.

The corn casserole was halfway through its baking cycle and the potatoes were boiling merrily when Hannah arrived with a turkey breast, gravy, and her grandmother's dressing. While I smashed potatoes, Hannah sauteed green beans with shallots and then carved up the turkey breast. We three sat down to the groaning table and feasted upon delicious holiday favorites. Conversation topics ranged from dog shows to lederhosen to inducing turkey-comas in felines.* After filling to satiation, we doled out leftover containers, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and returned to the table for pecan pie. We watched a couple episodes of "Drinking Made Easy" until Hannah took off to induce turkey comas in her own carpet-dwellers.

At this point, the kitchen and all dishes are clean, both cats are napping, and we're watching Punkin Chunkin' on Discovery. I'm thankful that we have a warm, cozy home and good jobs which allow us to furnish that home and fill our pantry and fridge. I'm thankful that we're both healthy and able-bodied. Most of all, I'm grateful for my sweet Hubbyfink, my loving family, and my precious friends.

*I, of course, had to experiment upon my own four-legged carpet-dwellers. Results: Despite Oreo's eating a quarter of the amount of turkey as Margie, he's been far more sluggish. I guess Margie has built up a tolerance even though it's been at least two years since her last turkey meal.


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