Jan. 5th, 2015

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I rang in the new year with good friends, great food, and fun games. The beau introduced my gang to the Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game and succeeded in getting two of us addicted. Seriously. We played twice on New Year's Eve and I was jonesing so badly for another round that I put out a call to the DnD group for an impromptu game day this past Saturday. James answered the call and we three enjoyed a massive two-and-a-half hour dogfight between my Imperial forces and his and the beau's rebel fleet. In the end the Dark Side was victorious, but it was anybody's game for a long while.

The night before, though, the beau and I pulled out Betrayal at House on the Hill, which we'd been introduced to back in August. It's a survival horror game, so it's totally up my alley, and you navigate little miniature people around a board which you build as the game progresses, so that appeals to the beau. Technically, you need three people to play but we ran a game with the two of us both running two characters and we managed to get about two hours of game play from it before the Demon Lord his Mad Scientist summoned took out my Final Girl. Ah well, that's the way the dice roll.

The beau wants me to attend a gaming convention with him but I'm torn. On the one hand, I've discovered that I do have a knack for miniature war-gaming, but on the other hand I see that as being his "guy time" and I don't want to be the Yoko especially since I don't know how comfortable I'd be with wandering off to play with strangers. We shall see.


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