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My bags are mostly packed. According to my packing list, I am missing three garments (which are hanging on the drying rack in the laundry room). The rest of my clothes are packed into my nearly overflowing suitcase. Yes, I have overpacked clothes, but my suitcase can handle it and this gives me an abundance of choices when I don't feel like wearing a particular something one day. I'm not so flush this year that I can zip down to Fashion Bug and buy a whole new vacation wardrobe because I hate my clothes.

I need to pull out my kites -- they're stashed somewhere in the craft room -- and put those with all the pool floaties. I need to remove my bike mirror and stash that in my bike bag which will get stashed in my bike basket with the helmet. The camera is in my laptop bag. Need to verify that all power cords are stowed there as well.

My plans for the evening include laundering our bath towels and bed linens and vacuuming so we can come home to a clean house. Also need to determine which cosmetics will go. BPAL's "Sea Rat" will definitely be on the list as that's become my October beach scent.
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It's Friday, my Christmas decorating and shopping are almost done, and I got two sizable boxes of BPAL and Trading Post goodness. OMG, the Snow White atmosphere spray smells so good, as does the Snow White soap and this year's formulation of Snow White perfume. Can you tell I'm in Snow White heaven here?

You can bet your sweet bippy I'll be ordering back-ups of the yumminess.
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It's been a whirlwind of a day. Weigh-in, blood draw, post office, recycling center, and podiatrist all before 10:30am. The weigh-in was surprisingly good despite my binging on spoonfuls of peanut butter this past week. Eleven pounds in five weeks? Hells to the yeah! Plus? I am six inches smaller. HALF A FOOT, PEOPLE. As the Kool-Aid Man would say, "Oh YEAH!" The blood draw was quick and fairly painless. Good phlebotomist, you get a cookie. My GP will have all my numbers ready for my yearly check-up next month. The podiatrist gave me some bad news: I have plantar fasciitis and a heel spur. My left foot is taped up (the tape around my ankle is driving me INSANE) and I have to sleep in a splint. I need to call my insurance to see if they'll cover custom orthotics, joy and rapture. It could be worse, I suppose. This is going to make walking on the beach in a week and a half interesting.

In BPAL news, yesterday was like BPAL Christmas. I received packages from two decant circles: Dawn scents and Halloweenies. Sadly, those multi-hued imps of precious oils must remain spread out on the dining table until my body chemistry is back in whack next week. It took me a few hours to figure out why my beloved Coconut + Hibiscus shower gel topped with Tiki Queen oil REEKS today. Stupid chemistry.

Let's see, what else? Oh! Hubbyfink has been tending to our bikes. I cannot wait to pull mine out and hit the trail this weekend when the weather behaves like it should. Tomorrow, we're supposed to break the record high of 94F. Loverly.
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I just figured out why I'm so nuts about collecting perfume. I love the various memories and images the scents trigger in my mind.

I got a perfume this week (Clarimonde) that reminds me of the dressing room my Aunt Trish had when I was a kid. When I sniff the oil on my wrist, it feels like I've sneaked into her room to look at her perfume bottles and cosmetics. The smell of hairspray still hangs in the air because Trisha and Mom were doing their hair only a little while ago. There's a little bit of powder and a green-floral scent which is the mixture of aromas from Trisha's perfume collection plus a little bit of humid Floridian air.

It's too bad the perfume is turning to powdery death on my skin. I loved those few minutes of being transported back to childhood.
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Hubbyfink and I spent Saturday at [ profile] sutragirl and [ profile] snolan's home for the meeting portion of the La Belle Compagnie Summer Gathering. In a stroke of genius, I remembered to bring my BPAL collection for an impromptu sniffing by my friends. [ profile] sutragirl, [ profile] shalmestere, [ profile] chargirlgenius, [ profile] smiep, and [ profile] ichseke all walked away with new-to-them bottles of perfume. Hee!

When not stinking up poor, long-suffering [ profile] snolan's dining room with gothic perfume, I sang a couple of songs with [ profile] shalmestere, dined on delicious Mediterranean foods and brats, imbibed one of [ profile] thatpotteryguy's potent strawberry daiquiris, and pruned myself nicely in the hot tub. Anyone who says that history buffs are boring has obviously never met my friends.

Today, I am off to the Maryland Renaissance Faire with [ profile] pirategirleee. No, we are not dressing up. I am much more comfortable being a tourist. Oh, and meals on sticks. Mmmmm. Anyway, time to sign off so I can get ready for a day in Sherwood Forest.
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Last night I attended my first choir practice after our summer hiatus. We had one soprano, three altos and two tenors so I wound up joining [ profile] psalite on the soprano line. My high Fs weren't too awful; they didn't make anyone wince, anyway. Singing that high isn't necessarily comfortable, but it wasn't hurting my throat. I always forget how much fun it is to sing with a group.

Hubbyfink has a new love: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He picked it up while I was in Memphis and was playing it before I left for practice and when I got home two and a half hours later. Addict.

And speaking of addiction, this month's BPAL update is tempting me in a terrible, terrible way. I have enough perfume. I do! And yet...


Jul. 2nd, 2009 11:13 am
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I think I've been swaplifted and it's ticking me off. The seller had wonderful feedback (and we'd had a good transaction when I sold her a bottle a few months back), but it's been over two weeks since I paid and she hasn't responded to private messages. Grr. Another couple of weeks and I can report her to the swap mods.

I cancelled last night's call because I simply wasn't up to reading ten pages of notes to a disinterested audience. It also didn't help that most attendees of the call are on leave this week. Everybody has the notes in email and they can or cannot read those notes as they please. No skin off my nose.

With my newly acquired "free time", I sewed the bodice lining to the skirt, sewed the armholes and made six of the twenty-four lacing holes. I need to finish the lacing holes so I can don the dress and mark the hem. The dress should be done tonight. I am hopeful, anyway.

I'm also hopeful that I will stop feeling like death warmed over toast sometime this week. I left work early yesterday and crashed out for a couple of hours. Hubbyfink's concerned, but I know it's just a really bad allergy attack (all physical signs point to that, anyway). The Zyrtec will eventually kick in and do its thing. In the meantime, my abs are getting a decent workout from marathon sneezes and coughs. Whoo hoo.
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I ordered the April Fool perfume set ("Le Mat") from the Black Phoenix Trading Post and spent tonight decanting 5ml bottles into sample vials for a small group of folks from the [ profile] sca_bpal community. I admit, I felt a little like a drug dealer with my labels and vials and pipettes all laid out across the coffee table. Hubbyfink just rolled his eyes at my little operation.

I had the weirdest reaction to one of the scents. So as not to color anybody else's interpretation I won't say which oil it is, but one smells just like a sushi restaurant on my skin. That is so bizarre and not entirely pleasant. I found only one of the three to be a must-have; I shall stalk the forum as people start trading away their samples which don't work on them just as I'll trade away the leftoves in the bottles which don't work on me.

No, seriously: sushi.
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I left home this morning without applying perfume to my wrists and neck because 1) I was in a hurry and 2) I couldn't decide which scent to wear, and I've felt naked all day. Well, I was just resting my chin on my hand and was able to smell Carnaval Diabolique, the perfume I wore yesterday. Huh? Both wrists, which have been lying on the wrist rest in front of my keyboard, have apparently absorbed the leftover CD from said rest. Ha!
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My two bottles of "Snow Bunny" and "Black Opal" arrived yesterday with free imps of "Bayou," "Hellfire," "House of Night," and "Phobos." I already have an imp of Phobos, (description) ) so the duplicate goes in the trade box. The other three are brand new to me and I need to decide if they're keepers or traders.

Bayou (Spanish moss, evergreen and cypress with watery blue-green notes and an eddy of hothouse flowers and swamp blooms.): I am soooo not an aquatic scent person but I am a floral person. This oil is hitting me hard as the smell of late summer in the south. The air is too heavy for any kind of movement and all one can do is drape oneself across a porch swing. I like this, but not enough to wear it.
(ETA: Thirty minutes later, it's turned into soap. *cough*)

Hellfire (A scent celebrating Sir Francis Dashwood's Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, also known as the Hellfire Club. A swirl of pipe tobacco, hot leather, ambergris, dark musk and the lingering incense smoke from their Black Mass.): Wow! This one socked me in the memory banks. No, I've never attended a Black Mass. When this oil is wet, it smells like the party room in the Southern Mississippi Sigma Nu house. Wow. I can smell the stale beer and cigarette butts. As it dries, it sweetens. The leather's faded and the tobacco is, suprisingly, lightening the scent. It's almost floral. How weird. I don't want to like this, but... I kind of do. I'll keep it for further experimentation.

House of Night (A sorrowful graveyard bouquet of somber blooms, funereal boughs, dismal green and laden with grief.): I don't like "green" scents because they make my nose itch. The green note in this is very faint behind the flowers -- which I find more shouty than somber -- but it's just enough to make the tip of my nose tickle. This is very pretty, but I'm nowhere near gothy enough to pull off this perfume. Trade pile.


Jan. 26th, 2009 10:14 am
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I had a jam-packed fun weekend, and I'm pretty much shattered by it. If ever I'd thought I might be an extrovert, this weekend confirmed that I'm definitely, absolutely not. Oh, everything went well: I had a grand time Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday; but being "on" for so long left me feeling hung-over and fragile. I'm working from home today so I don't have to be around people.

(Note from Saturday, [ profile] psalite has been well and truly enabled with BPAL perfumes. Ha ha. Coldie and I loaded her up with a dozen or so imp vials. Coldie and I also swapped imps and bottles between ourselves: my Knecht Ruprecht and Blue Moon 07 for her Chaos Theory IV: CDLXIX and Hexennacht 08. Sweet!)

It's the fiscal end of year for local exchequers and I spent much of the weekend cleaning reports for people. I'm kind of nervous that I've heard from so few; this week could be madness as procrastination catches up with folks.

There's a light covering of snow out front and we're supposed to get some showers or flurries later today and tomorrow. Wednesday looks like it'll be nasty weather-wise. I can't wait!
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Hi folks,

There's going to be a MnS at the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA this Saturday. We'll be meeting in front of the Starbucks stand downstairs in the middle of mall at 3pm and then hunt for a safe place to whip out the perfumes and start sniffing.

I hope the locals can make it! You're welcome to attend even if you don't have perfumes to share. We love introducing newbies to the wonders of BPAL perfume. :)
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...and it was grand.

Friday night the 'fink and I met [ profile] dmn4nr and spouseling and K & J for dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. Mmmm... steaky and lemondroppy goodness. And for once they actually had key lime pie when I was ready for dessert. Got home about 10 minutes after the BSG premiere but caught up quickly with the DVR.

Saturday morning I took off for the not-quite-wilds of Pennsylvania to retrieve [ profile] danabren and meet [ profile] woodwindy at the east coast BPAL mecca. I had a couple of false starts, though. Since the air temp in Sterling was a mere 3 degree farenheit (the coldest I've ever been), both the Prius and Jeepfink were cranky. The Prius wouldn't stay in gear; it kept slipping from drive into neutral. When I couldn't make it to the end of the street without it slipping three times, I decided I shouldn't take that particular vehicle on my three-and-a-half-hour sojourn. Blessedly, Jeepfink started but the brake light stayed on through much of northward trip. The brakes were fine, if a little mushy; I made sure to keep extra braking distance between myself and other vehicles.

But! The meat of the trip: BPAL! Shelly had prototypes of the new Lupercalia blends and I fell in love with only a few of them. I was disappointed with the Ode to Aphrodite line and surprised to like many of the Shunga line. Shelly didn't have any of the Lupercalias in stock so I managed to escape the shop with dropping a fairly small chunk of change instead of the significant chunk I'd planned upon. We wound up hanging around the shop for several hours as it seemed that Shelly really needed some folks to talk with. She was in bright spirits when we finally headed out for our late Sonic lunch.

[ profile] woodwindy and her friend headed home after our quick lunch with everyone piled in the Jeepfink, and [ profile] danabren and I hit the kitchen stores at the local outlet mall. She talked me into a set of three springform pans for $10. I don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll be ready when the day I need them comes around. I got her a light-up, burbling goldfish; she got me a mouse-shaped cookie cutter.

Our enthusiasm for shopping finally waned and we rushed back to [ profile] danabren's neighborhood for sushi. Post roll, million dollar roll, and godzilla roll, ahoy! And lots and lots of hot tea. [ profile] danabren said she'd turn me into a geisha yet. I lamented that I should've picked up those chopsticks at the kitchen store for my hair. She gave me a look. I laughed and said, "Oh don't worry. I know that only maiko wear chopsticks in their hair." She rolled her eyes.

We parted company after dinner, and my drive home through the countryside (I decided to forgo the interstates and beltways) was uneventful. Did you know that "Ski Roundtop" is the Gettysburg Round Top? I hadn't put the proverbial two and two together until I passed the visitors center exit and then saw the ski routes all lit up on the mountain. Neat!

Yesterday, I was mostly sluglike. I did a little bit of straightening around the house and Hubbyfink and I put away the laundry which has been languishing in baskets for over a week, but that was it. It was delightful.
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It's Friday and that means I'm working from home. I think the office would be warmer, though. Man, I cannot WAIT to replace these drafty windows this spring. Even with the storm windows installed, there's still a draft.

I wandered the house looking for my UUNET sweatshirt and when I couldn't find that, I donned my "Ti" sweatshirt. Mmmm... it's all pomegranate-y. Oh yeah. I slathered myself in Swank before going to the 12th Night site last week and I hadn't washed this sweatshirt yet because I only wore it for a couple of hours. Mmmm... pomegranate.

Another thing I cannot find is my phone charger. I know I charged the cell last Thursday night but the charger isn't on the CD tower and isn't in the TV cabinet. It's probably someplace obvious like the dining room table, but because I'm not expecting to see it there I can't see it there. Blast my obliviousness.

BSG starts back up tonight and SciFi is running a marathon today so we can get remember where we left off. Hubbyfink said he was going to work a half day so he could watch the marathon. Despite getting to work at o-god-thirty in the morning, though, his "half days" usually have him getting home around 4pm.

Tomorrow is my third BPAL pilgrimage to Palmyra with [ profile] danabren. ([ profile] dawnhutchings, you still interested in going?) We get to sniff the Lupercalia offerings, yay! There may be Sonic and there WILL be sushi. It'll be freaking cold, but we'll smell good and have full bellies.

Oh, and our high-end cable channels have been gone since Wednesday. We figured we wouldn't be able to get a tech out here to fix the attenuator (which has been the problem every single time we've lost cable channels despite CSR "Steve"'s certainty that BOTH cable boxes have gone bad each and every time) before the FiOS install. The "Big Love" season premiere will have to wait until Wednesday night.
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Hooray for receiving a swap package and a not-quite-expected retail package. Various yummy-smelling perfume samples from [ profile] hlinspjada (about whom Hubbyfink laments: "why couldn't you trade her for some Viking stuff I'd find useful??") and two bottles for me and one bottle for [ profile] danabren from Dark Delicacies arrived this afternoon. Holy speedy shipping, Batman.

I think I scared Hubbyfink and Margie with my 180 turn in attitude: *grump*grump* I hate everything and everybody. OH, perfume!!! *hearts*

Never before have I been so thankful for a slightly TMI ) so that I can actually sniff the new arrivals.
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BPAL reviews!

The Gibbous Moon: (LE 2007: Moonflower, Madonna lily, orris, white ginger, cucumber, hyacinth, and Irish moss.) HYACINTH. Great heaving waves of hyacinth. And since I love hyacinths, I think that's pretty darn awesome. After an hour or so, it turns into a fresh, green scent like the smell of freshly cut flower stems in water. Definitely not a fall or winter perfume -- it's way too soft -- but this will be woooonderful next summer.

Upa Upa: (LE Atomic Luau Lounge 2008: Spiced rum, coconut, pineapple, and vanilla.) I wanted to smell like a fruity umbrella drink during these dark and dank days of late autumn. Unfortunately, the spiced rum slapped me in the face and Hubbyfink actually jumped away from me when I waved my wrist under his nose. This spice HURTS. My wrist may have started itching, but I think that was psychosomatic. Trade pile.

Read more... )

La la la

Nov. 25th, 2008 12:53 pm
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You know, I'm not even going to go there. Instead, I'll revel in my ability to work from the comfort of my own sofa. Plus, there are many BPAL decants winging their way towards my greedy clutches. So, a couple of good things.

We're still trying to nail down Thanksgiving plans with Hubbyfink's family. Mom, Mimi, Chris and Charlie Bear are already at Aunt Trisha's cabin in North Carolina. Pete, David and John are heading down tomorrow. I kind of wish we were going down, too, but I'm happy to miss the long drive. Plus I get to see everybody in less than a month. Yay! And there's the trip down to Williamsburg I'm making with some girlfriends this weekend. I've heard how beautifully historic Williamsburg is dressed for the holidays; I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself.

Oh em gee

Nov. 16th, 2008 11:41 am
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If everyday could be like yesterday, I would be very happy, if broke and slightly damp, woman.

[ profile] dawnhutchings and I retrieved [ profile] danabren just before noon and arrived at the East Coast BPAL Mecca about an hour later where we met [ profile] woodwindy and her friend (whose name escapes me). We browsed, we sniffed, we bought. A lot. Scents I expected to love disappointed me, but perfumes I expected to feel meh about made me fall head-over-heels. I was smart this time and brought little dot stickers so everyone could map out on their arms which scents they had tried and, most importantly, where they had tried them. Like a doofus, I didn't use my own stickers and as I huffed the crook of my elbow I lamented not knowing what perfume I'd applied there because it smelled SO GOOD. Next time.

It still amuses me how large a role personal body chemistry plays in whether or not certain oils "work". [ profile] woodwindy and I must have similar chemistry because we both make grabby hands at the amber scents. And [ profile] dawnhutchings and [ profile] danabren are similar; one perfume that made me wrinkle my nose and cry, "Dirty ashtray!" made both of them say, "OM NOM NOM!"

Next on the agenda was Sonic. We arrived at the height of a hurricane, and like idjits, we actually ran around in that incredible wind and rain trying to figure out how best to enjoy our Sonic experience. We finally found the lee side of the building, parked cars next to one another, and then everyone piled into Jeepfink. Cheese coneys, poppers, mozarella sticks, ocean waters, shakes and cherry limeades were the orders of the day. Mmmm... Sonic. We continued trading and swapping perfumes with each other.

We parted company with [ profile] woodwindy and her friend, and met up with [ profile] danabren's mom at the local gem show. With only an hour until closing, we snapped up some pretty good deals. I was able to cross three family members off my Christmas list with that trip. Whoo hoo!

Back to [ profile] danabren's house where we decanted bottles of the Yule scents for the decant circle as well as some of our personal stashes for one another. Aside from my not realizing the rectangular labels I'd brought were clear ("I can't read!"), the process went smoothly and was actually pretty fun. Although, I'm glad we weren't trying to decant the entire Yule line. Crazy-making that would have been.

And then, there was sushi. We feasted upon Sakura roll (I don't remember the ingredients), another roll (I don't remember the ingredients), Godzilla roll (crunchy crab meat roll topped with eel -- I made my O face a few times), and Scorpion roll (half spider roll, half something roll, topped with eel). Oh yeah, baby, YEAH. Red Bean, Green Tea, and Mango ice creams rounded out the most amazing and delicious meal. We thanked the chef profusely.

[ profile] dawnhutchings and I retrieved our belongings from [ profile] danabren's and hit the road towards home. We can't wait to do it all again in either February or March.
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A couple weeks ago I tested Vampire Tears and hated it. I decided to try it again today and loooooved it. Yay, body chemistry wonkiness! I've got No. 93 Engine (description) ) on the other arm today -- if I'm working from home, may as well give perfumes a test run -- and all I can say is, in the words of [ profile] danabren, NOM! The perfume smells "white" to me, as in a white light or fields of white flowers. It's soft and gentle and feminine without being sugary. I think it's going to give Mouse's Long and Sad Tale a run for being my favorite scent.

In non-scent related news, I'm surrounded by a riot of color today. The orange-leaved trees are glowing again today. The front of the house is bathed in orange light while the back of the house is blue because of the nearly cloudless sky. I picked a marvelous day to work from home. The windows are open and the four-legged carpet-dwellers are pleased to have a brief return of smell-o-vision.
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I'm wearing BPAL's "Devil's Night" because, well, it is. Every year I remember how much I love this scent and wonder why I wear it only once a year. Ditto "All Saints", which will be worn Saturday. I must convince myself that it's okay to wear those scents on days other than the ones for which they are named. For what it's worth, I don't have any bottles or imps of "Samhain". I'm trying to decide among "Bat", "Brides of Dracula", "Burial", "Grandmother of Ghosts" and "Phantasm" for tomorrow.

What? Stop looking at me like that.

I want to make this for our yard some year. Methinks the HOA and/or neighbors would have issues with it.

For those braving the Haunted Forest tomorrow, bring cash! There's no ATM on site and it's a fair distance from town. It's going to be chilly tomorrow, but not bone-crushingly cold. Perfect for bonfires and hikes in the woods!


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