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So, let's see: at the end of September was the Steampunk unLimited event in Strasburg, PA. The beau and I scooted up there after seeing his friend's band Hard Proof in a teensy, tiny venue called Tropicalia in DC. Doors opened at 7pm, we arrived at 8pm, and the friend's band didn't take the stage until after 10pm. We weren't able to stay for the entire set, unfortunately, as we had a three hour trip ahead of us (including the metrorail trip back to Virginia to retrieve my car). But while we were in the U Street corridor, we did stop by for my first taste of Ben's Chili Bowl. Thankfully, we got our order and seats before the drunk crowds packed the place.

So, midnight road trip into Amish country. The beau did a fantastic job of keeping me entertained and awake which was good when I needed quick reflexes to avoid a very confused buck on I-83. We got to the hotel so late that I wasn't the least bit tempted to move in, which is my usual M.O.

The event itself is fairly small but, in all fairness, this is only its second year. We strolled about in our finery and were asked many times for photographs. We hopped aboard the steam train for the 45-minute trip to Paradise and back, taking in the scenery and waving to pedestrians. I crossed paths with [ profile] danabren, who was absolutely stunning in her white and black ruffles, and picnicked with [ profile] psalite and LJ-less Kim. Courtney, Kevin, and Liam joined us for a bit on the train, but left the site before we finished picnicking.


I regret that I was unable to put letters on my sash, but was happy that enough people in attendance recognized what it was. I am now armed with embroidered lettering and will have a proper suffragist sash for the next event! The beau, though... He completed the haversack, bandolier, and leather pouch in time for this event and looked amazing. He teases that I'm his arm candy, but he was definitely the peacock this time around.

There wasn't much in the way of attractive-to-me vendors which was very good for my pocketbook, and after enjoying another chat with [ profile] danabren and having more photos taken, the beau and I retired back to the hotel for a MUCH needed nap.

Dinner was at an Amish restaurant not far down the road and was absolutely delicious if incredibly heavy -- do you have any vegetables that aren't starches? -- and Kevin, Court, Sean the beau, and I spent several hours afterward brainstorming group costume ideas for next year's Steampunk World's Fair.

Since we'd seen and done everything we wanted to see and do on Saturday, the beau and I enjoyed a leisurely drive down routes 30 and 15 for the trip home on Sunday. Since we weren't on any kind of schedule, we stopped in Gettysburg for lunch and a wander up and down streets and talked about going back to Gettysburg for a proper daytrip in the not-to-distant future.

The event offerings were small, but it was well-attended and held at an absolutely lovely venue. I would love to get up there early enough on Friday evening to participate in the Victorian ball, if that is held again, next year.

Date: 2014-10-23 05:41 pm (UTC)
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And beau finally learned to lean properly over a lady's hand without kissing it!

Date: 2014-10-30 08:02 pm (UTC)
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The Strasburg railroad was one of my very favorite day trips as a kid.


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