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Hubbyfink woke me this morning before he left for work to show me that we'd gotten an inch or so of snow overnight. I grinned to split my face as he pulled back the curtain. He gets a kick out of my pure joy when it snows and figured I'd forgive him for rousing me with such news.

It was still snowing lightly when I finally settled in to the sofa for work -- I've been telecommuting on Thursdays -- and I've continued to enjoy seeing the white fluff outside. It's been sunny but still VERY cold and gusty. The wind and sun did a fair job of cleaning one side of the Beetle, and I bundled up like an Eskimo to clear the rest of the snow in preparation for tomorrow's commute. I was surprised by how well the Beetle sheds snow. It's so much easier to clear it than the Highlander ever was.

We're supposed to get a little more tomorrow evening and then we bobble back up into the mid-50s next week. I'm hopeful this isn't the last we've seen of snow this winter.
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We had a beautiful Christmas. Christmas Eve gave us a dusting of snow, half of a workday, and a viewing of "The Hobbit". Scott and I even drove around looking at Christmas lights for a bit.

I woke early, for me, on Christmas morning and we set to discovering what fun and unexpected gifts lay wrapped under the tree. Scott and I gave each other Lego sets: he received Lord of the Rings and I received The Hobbit. I also gave him the Lego Lord of the Rings video game. He spoiled me with a gift card to my favorite make-up store and a maid service. I love the former and am SO EXCITED about the latter. I think it was back in October that I told him the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a cleaning service because I HATE cleaning the bathroom and dusting. He really came through.

I baked our usual Christmas breakfast of gooey and drippy cinnamon rolls and we then Skyped with my family as they opened their gifts. It was complete pandemonium in Mom and Pete's living room and it was gorgeous. We then drove up to Annapolis for Christmas dinner with Scott's family. Sometimes that feels like an obligation, but yesterday's visit was a LOT of fun. Our nephew is seven and the twin nieces are five which, I think, are fun ages. I played with giant pipe cleaners and dolls with the girls and Scott geeked Star Wars with the nephew. Conversations with the adults were enjoyable as well and the time flew by.

This morning, I awoke to a snow-covered world. The weather guessers forecast freezing rain and sleet which meant I'd planned on working from home yet again. Now I get to enjoy the white death from the safety and comfort of my own sofa with two kitties for warmth. Plus, Scott just got home because it was a quiet day at work and the roads were getting dicey.
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But it's starting to look like a white Christmas... just like the ones I've never known. The flakes have gotten significantly larger in the last thirty minutes from when I first noticed a flurry and the Weather Channel is predicting up to an inch west of DC. I'm keeping my toes crossed!

And if I'm too busy with family tomorrow, I wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas and much love to you and yours.
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SCA: I received the final Virginia Doomsday report last night. Of course, this was after finally making that group's third quarter report balance after month's of banging my head against it and then walking the branch treasurer through the fourth quarter report and the year-end report. WHOO HOO! Now I get to consolidate all the branch reports into a Virginia spreadsheet and send that up to Kingdom.

Phone: Still in love, or at least like like. I've got my apps where I want them and, before working with the above exchequer, I got the personalized ringtones attached to contacts. Call sound quality is good and the microphone is, according to the recipient of my call, excellent. Not bad considering the phone was a couple of feet away from me on the sofa during the call. The only downside -- you knew there had to be a downside, didn't you? -- is that doesn't currently support the Rezound. Poop. I wanted to get a phone skin to match my iPod and Kindle. Oh well, I found a cute case that will do the trick and follow a similar color scheme as the skins on my other devices.

Bike: There are several bikey events coming up.

Stop, Swap, & Save on Sunday, February 12, 9a-2p. It is an indoor bike swap and consumer expo in Westminster, MD.

WABA 2012 Vasa Ride on Sunday, March 4, 7:30a-1p. Per the site, "four hundred riders of all ages and experience levels will gather at the House of Sweden on the morning of Sunday, March 4th for a noncompetitive ride to brave the coldness of winter and traverse DC and Maryland's terrain." There are 59-, 31-, and 15-mile routes for this event. Scott and I are signed up for the 31-miler.

Plus, the Bike Me DC Meetup group has several events scheduled such as a maintenance course this coming Saturday, a "Lost Blossom" tour of lesser known cherry trees at the end of March, and a tour along Skyline Drive, as well as spur of the moment bike tours of the C&O, MVT, and other scenic areas around the DC area. I'm looking forward to the maintenance class. Hopefully, it'll make me less of a bike hypochondriac and more empowered when I know how to fix the squeaks and squawks coming from my beloved velo.

And last, but certainly not least, Snow: Wombat is back in town and has brought inclement weather with him. His snow voodoo has faced a terrible-to-some jet stream but it may get the upper hand this afternoon. I think The Powers That Be don't want to potentially strand him so that he misses Mardi Gras as one of the Sirens of New Orleans' sailors as that troupe dances in parades for the Mystic Krewe of Nyx and the Krewe of Orpheus.
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On Sunday the Bike Me DC meet-up group convened on the Vienna branch of Spokes, Etc for a "Winter Cycling" seminar. The staff went over the usual information of which clothes and accessories will keep a cyclist warm, plus the idea of layering so one can cool off as the exertion increases the body temperature. They also covered winter bike maintenance. I hadn't thought to check the brake pads for bits of gravel and other detritus which gets washed up/blown onto the road and/or trail. They covered lights (of both the "see" and "be seen" varieties) and reflective items. I didn't feel comfortable piping up with ideas for cheaper alternatives for clothing and accessories during the seminar itself, but Hubbyfink sent a couple of non-standard-sized cyclist women in my direction for info on the products I use and where to purchase them (Novara vented windbreaker and Canari padded cycling shorts for instance...). I'm all for supporting my local bike shop(s), and trust me I do buy lots of bits and bobs whenever I succumb to bike hypochondria, but sometimes they don't offer the larger-sized cyclist the gear she wants and/or needs.

Read more... )

In other news, it's been snowing off and on this afternoon and it's been more on for the past half hour or so. The grass and cars have a decent covering and the parking lot is wet. The deeply closeted daredevil side of me wishes I'd been feeling well enough to bike in the cold air this morning so that I could feel all bad@ss on the commute home.
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Snow Day music )


Jan. 27th, 2011 10:04 am
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Hubbyfink's and my employers never close so he took the truck to work leaving me cooped up with my laptop and the cats at home. It's so quiet outside and, judging by the cars in the parking lot, Hubbyfink and one other neighbor are the only people who braved the roads to go to work today. I have conference calls this morning; afterward I'll don the ol' snow pants and puffy jacket and shovel the walk and clear off the Prius. I'd like to snap a photo of the snow angel I made on the hill across the street, but the snow is too blinding at the moment. Perhaps I'll have a better chance of capturing it on film pixels in the afternoon light.

I'm so grateful that we have power. It didn't blink even once during yesterday's storm. Underground utilities: it's a beautiful thing.
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I love owning snow pants that fit. Okay, they're actually ski pants, but the only skiing I've every done was behind a boat. Anyway, they were snug last year and now they fit perfectly. I happily donned them, a long sleeved t-shirt, wool socks, puffy down jacket, kitty hat, stripey scarf, thick gloves, and snow boots to brave the blizzard and shovel the walk. I also knocked heavy, wet snow off the tender branches of our shrubs and tree and the bird feeder as well as the truck. It felt so good to be outside that I decided to walk around the neighborhood after switching out my gloves for a dry pair.

I tromped through shin-high drifts and stopped periodically to listen to tree branches creak and break under the weight of the snow. I spotted the vulture colony weathering the storm up in the branches of a sheltering evergreen. Many cars were stuck and/or spinning out on Greenthorn. I spotted kids and dogs frolicking in the twilight. It was quite magical out there, really, and I look forward to tromping through the snow again tomorrow.

The best part? I was warm and comfortable the entire time I was outdoors. I stayed warm and dry even while flopping around making snow angels. Hee!


Dec. 16th, 2010 11:12 am
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It's the White Death. Everybody RUN!!!

Actually, the snow is rather pretty since I'm safely, and fairly warmly, ensconced at my desk. I got to work early this morning for a conference call and avoided driving as amnesia water fell from the sky. My plan for the day is to work and gaze at the snow shower until it's time to go home and take Wombiekins out for dinner.

I'm so glad I parked in the garage. I think the ice scraper and brush are still in the basement.

The kitties are being good, hence the lack of Daily Ornament Reports. It's a mixed blessing because I am actually amused to see what kind of antics they get up to, but on the other hand, it's a relief to see that nothing has been destroyed.

Speaking of the kitties, we've had both of them in bed with us every night this week. I'm happy with the extra warmth and it's so funny to see what position Oreo has worked himself into in his sleep. He's most assuredly not a dainty napper. He's like a human two-year-old who has to stretch every appendage to its fullest extent. Hubbyfink and I laugh at him a lot. And scritch teh belleh.

I'm going to get a crick in my neck from turning to look over my shoulder at the snow.
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As seen on News Channel 8:

Reagan National: 55" (4'7")
Dulles (just down the road from me): 75" (6'3")
Baltimore: 79.9" (6'8")

Good gravy.
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I couldn't stand the craving anymore and baked chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. A soft warm cookie and mug of hot cocoa are the perfect post shoveling workout repast. Okay, maybe not perfect but it sure is tasty! Hubbyfink felt like he was losing man points by "letting" me bundle up and shovel the knee-high drifts from the steps and front walk until I reminded him that this is my replacement for gym time. I haven't been in the gym (or office) since last Thursday and if I didn't get out and shovel or romp around the neighborhood daily, I'd start climbing the walls. Or putting that axe I asked about earlier to nefarious use.

The Borg campus closed at 1pm today and all non-essential personnel were sent home. I asked Bossman if that meant I could log off and enjoy a snow day. He said that if I had dug out the Prius he would have considered it, but no. Rats.

The neighbors behind us have dug out their back yard and cleared a yard-wide path to their soccer goal which they (annoyingly) store in the middle of the common area between the rows of townhouses. I'm not sure of the point for all that work, but whatever.

In gaming news, Hubbyfink bought "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" Friday and finished it last night. He LOVED it and it made a nice change of pace from "Mass Effect" which he's slogging through so he can play "Mass Effect 2". Well, he was slogging; I think he's enjoying the game more now that he's gotten some more missions under his belt. He hasn't slept with any aliens yet (that I know of, anyway). "Bioshock 2" was released yesterday and I am SO looking forward to playing that. Hubbyfink asked if I wanted for him to call Best Buy and see if they had it in stock. No, I have to wait until the semester is over. No (new) gaming while schooling. And that goes triple for when "Fallout: New Vegas" is released in the fall. (*groan*) HOW had I not heard about this?? Hubbyfink was perusing video game trailers on some website and we came across the trailer. Happy, happy shivers down my spine. I guess I know what will be consuming my life during Christmas break. Muahahah!
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National Weather Service has upped the snow accumulation amount for tomorrow and replaced the Winter Storm Watch with a Winter Storm Warning.

Details below the fold. )
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I cleaned the house and completed homework yesterday. Today, we shoveled the walk and parking spaces and cleared snow off the cars. I have eaten bacon. It's now time for hot cocoa with a splash of Bailey's while watching the icicles glitter and melt in the sunshine.
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Whoo boy, it's really blowing out there now. The winds were pretty much non-existant when I left the house at 7:15. This made cleaning the snow off the Jeepfink a fairly easy job. Wait. It snowed and I didn't stay home to telecommute? Of course not! Today was the machine circuit in the gym! I can't do the machine circuit at home, silly reader.

(Yeah, I'm afflicted. This getting up at 7am thing is getting easier, too. I practically bounced out of bed this morning. It appears your regular [ profile] melaniesuzanne has been replaced with Folger's Crystals.)

And? If I have the choice between two inches of snow and two feet of snow, I'm going to pick two inches. I would happily forego that layer of ice lurking under the snow, however. Getting out of reverse and into drive in the parking lot was an embarrassing challenge.

Ah well. Grindstone time. Happy Friday!


Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:08 am
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The sun's out, the sky is blue with a few puffy clouds, we've got about six inches of snow on the ground and vehicles, and I'm more than halfway through my workday. Hee!

Still haven't seen a plow, but the grounds crew is going up and down the sidewalks with a snowblower. When I log out this afternoon I'll shovel the sidewalk and clear off Hubbyfink's car. Speaking of Hubbyfink, he made it to both his doctor's appointment and work safely. There were some stalled cars at the 28/Waxpool exit, though, so that was fun for him.
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I was sooooo excited about the prospect of a snow day that I woke up before 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. I was up and on my work laptop before Hubbyfink got out of bed. My boss was pretty shocked to find me online so early, too. Hee!

Poor Hubbyfink has a doctor's appointment this morning and is currently clearing snow off the Jeep. I haven't heard or seen a plow come down our street yet, but Hubbyfink's sure he'll make it out. We've got about three inches of snow on the ground and it's still coming down hard.

Whoo hoo!
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Opened my email this morning to find a couple of notes from Mom. The first said, "The pool's open and ready for you; although, it may be a little chilly." Come on in; the water's fine! )
Look at all the snow piled up on the chairs! According to The Weather Channel, Memphis and its environs picked up about ten inches of snow last night. I-40 east of Memphis is a parking lot with overturned semis. Woah. TWC is predicting 6 to 10 inches for the Sterling area tonight with an additional inch or two tomorrow. I'm headed to the office right now to grab my laptop.


Jan. 28th, 2009 10:16 am
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The neighborkid is shovelling the ice-packed snow off the sidewalk in front of Sam's house, his house, my house, and the other neighbor's house. What a good egg.

Yes, I'm working from home again. Because I can. Ha ha!

Jeepfink is encased in a shell of ice from last night's sleet storm. I'm glad I cleared the snow off it before the crusting. You can't even tell that I shovelled the walk three times yesterday.
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It's bee-you-tiful outside! When I jumped out of bed, I pulled open the curtain and beheld a winter wonderland outside my window. Yay! I think conditions will deteriorate as the day progresses and I decided to work from the comfort of my living room.

Bear with me; this snow thing is still new and exciting. )

And if this painful conference call would ever end, my day would be great.
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It's snowing in Sterling. Yay!!!

In other news... [ profile] danabren says I need to learn to knit so I can make this Rat Race scarf. Hee!


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